Friday, August 18, 2017

CIMB Classic Media Press

CIMB Classic Media Press 2015

After LPGA, this is the other golf tournament held in Kuala Lumpur Golf & Country Club. You may click on this original link here. Or click on the photo below to view in original size. And this is the second time too work with Konica Minolta Malaysia. Live digital caricature with Konica printer technology. Thanks having me, Triton Lim - Caricature Artist Malaysia.



Thursday, August 17, 2017

Sime Darby LPGA Malaysia Media Press

Live Digital Caricature with Konica Minolta Malaysia in Sime Darby LPGA 2015

First time live digital caricature with Konica Malaysia using theirs printer with AirPrint support. Full of crowd. Especially those who love golf so much. They can arrived at 6am and even more early.

Found this article in Konica Minolta Malaysia website. Or click on the photo below to view in original size.

This is what happened during last time in Sime Darby LPGA. Anyway, thanks to Konica Minolta and the event organizer who looking for me.


首次使用AirPrint经过konica printer机打印我画出来的似颜绘。这都是Konica的一些报导。欢迎大家浏览。

Sunday, August 13, 2017

TARC Media Press

Tunku Abdul Rahman University College (TARC) Media Press

This media press published 3 years ago back. You may click on this original link here. Or click on the photo below to view in original size.

This is what happened during last time in TARC there. Anyway, thanks to Serene. Find that a bit nervous speaking with many many student in front. haha... Ya without Serene, don't know what happened.



Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Final Chapter of Memory Sketching

Promise to Yourself

Once you promised something, you got to keep doing. No matter what blocking in front of you, try harder until you reach the destination.

Other person don't care what or how practicing make perfect. But you told yourself, you keep doing, you keep doing, you will reach the target. Always remember you did for yourself. Not because how people seeing you. Don't forget, any trouble you make, you get strong. And never loose who you are and what you fighting with at the first point.



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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Wedding Gift Caricature

Wedding Gift Caricature Once In Your Life

Once photo submit not hit requirement. We will keep asking for the best photo. In order to get a great final piece caricature. It's must. Always remember author here do not recognize your friend as you do. More photo given is helped.

Author planning to have something special. Tutoring people draw. Draw the person which are going presenting to special one. This properly will help people understand how it process from starting until the end. Stay tune for updated here.

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顾客花多点时间寻找适当caricature artist及交上理想照片,是最好不过了。要是照片不理想,多数情况下不接单,以免不必要麻烦发生。希望大家谅解。

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Saturday, May 6, 2017

Gift Caricature For His Son

More and more improved in Triton Lim Youtube Video Channel

Basically I had over over and over highlighted photo submission must hit my requirement, in order to get a great caricature. Imagine the person you know, far better than me. That's why provide more will helped. This video actually included some of my experience inside. Hope you understand more about Triton Lim working environment here.

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这youtube video录制个人的一些经验谈。游览更多有关caricature artist Malaysia - Triton Lim Artist的youtube channel吧。

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Caricature vs Portrait

Few second of differences Caricature vs Portrait

Finally I had make a short video of differences caricature vs portrait. Only few second of it, but it took few hours or days to complete it. Choosing Obama because he is a lovely character here. Both in big head size, the characteristic both would tell what is the differences.

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录制一小段“caricature”与“portrait”之间的差别。希望都过简单的表达,让本地大众能更了解caricature和portrait之间的差别。游览更多有关caricature artist Malaysia - Triton Lim Artist的youtube channel吧。

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Be You

From Caricature to Silkscreen

Majority peer fighting for cheaper price. And majority less artistic element. And majority less Chinese population doing this. Most of time I SICK with this. Who caused this culture in Malaysia? Answered is our self.

No matter how, I realize that in silkscreen Malaysia, they are many many way to produce a final piece artwork. They are many many kind of businessman. So the conclusion what I saw from Caricature to Silkscreen is:

  • respect peer without harm. No matter how bad or how good they did, NON of my business.
  • provide good decision making for user is priority. And delivery right info about the Art of Caricature/Silkscreen.
  • treat ours profession as master kungfu. Arrogant, pretended, dishonesty will not long last.
  • be the one I want to be. Liked the picture above, they are so many type of Rice, be the one who of yourself, do not bothers other, people will know your taste at the end.



Friday, March 31, 2017

Facebook vs Reality

How FB influence in life?

Nowadays FB changed a lot, if compare with old time. It's seem now more on advertisement social platform.

For me, NO. Triton Lim Artist - Caricature Artist Malaysia, rather choose to build up the relationship with followers. Rather than push 100 advertisement on social. Somehow, FB recording every single behavior we click on the platform. They are few points that FB changed a lot if compare with old time:
  • FB have limitation news publish in timeline. Not every friend's news update will pop up in timeline. Because FB now try having advertisement in every 5/10 news in timeline.
  • People/user blind to add friend until 5000. For what? If you don't know the people you add. Or if you do not put effort to build relationship in between.
  • FB page changed a lot in the original theme. This is because FB try to confuse/or make people view difficulty on your FB page. So that you will open an Ad account and having FB advertisement with them.



Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Art Expo Malaysia

My 2nd time visit art expo Malaysia here

This is important to explore art from others country. Even though it not may related to caricature. Some how it give you some inspiration from thinking. Why how such talented artist can go out from own local country. This is what Triton Lim Artist - Caricature Artist Malaysia should get more improved. Especially in such bad economical year 2017.

Money vs creativity

A lot of person visiting here. And a lot of exhibitors from others country come over here for theirs artwork show. But exhibitors less at this time if compare with first time I visit here. After few hours visited here. I found out not many local artwork publish here. "cry... economic bad".

I got something eventually. A least each of item here aim for selling point to public/market. They are balance money elements with creativity elements. Me, now I totally don't have such level yet. But at least I know what should I do. And get improve next.



Sunday, March 19, 2017

Batman T-shirt (hand painted)

Hand painted Batman t-shirt

You never know until try. New material on surfaces. New techniques than normal caricature drawing on paper. Drawing in raw, giving original feel on the t-shirt. Draw by caricature artist Malaysia - Triton Lim Artist. He learned what ever is related, to jump out of caricature drawing on paper.

In progressing

After paint, and let it try and iron. After iron, the ink is permanent stay inside t-shirt fabric. Then wash and hang it for dry.

While making something on your hand, it feel good. It feel is it produced by your own. Good idea for you to present some one with something special. This you should try at home.



Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Lavile KL Property Launching

2 days launching day

Thanks LAB event for hiring Triton Lim Artist - Caricature Artist Malaysia here for your client property launching event. This is high class property held in Cheras Maluri, near Sunway Velocity.

In second photo, the kid staring on the artwork so long, I took a photo of her. Yeah, silent standing. But it was represent so much meaning on the mind of the kid. Everyone deserved the best to explore. While parents should understanding the need/situation of kids. Then the bright future will then.

Drawing for VIP guests

First day opening, a lot of VIP guests arrived. First day only reserved for VIP. So there is huge performance on stage too.

When come to second day, there are open for public. Definitely more crowd, a lot person queue for the caricature drawing too. I think this is great organized. Guests are happy to have caricature, fun to sit in couple, draw in couple. Kids and adults loving it.

Lavile KL

感恩lab看起,谢谢你们。这是一个有时以来第一次的property project。很好的安排。贵宾也高兴。这样就好。

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Gift Caricature For Corporate

Photo of the person playing important role

The most important part in custom-drawing caricature is, photo given by client. This is important, so that author here can recognize the person easily. Always remember, given more photo of the person is helped. Author do not know your friend as you do.

What I realize, most of the client, is smart. But lazy to spend some little time to understand the difference of "Caricature" & "Portrait". So they rather "tembak ABC" & choose whatever artist for the gift caricature order. This is sad. I feel SAD, for the person who received the gift. SAD, is not about the gift received, but is the heart of the person who present do not put effort there.

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很多时候顾客不是分不懂“caricature”与“portrait”之间的差别。而是懒。也不在意其差别,因为都是送人而已。别无大碍。所以这种情形,一般caricature artist懒得理你跟你分析什么是caricature和portrait。只要顾客愿意付钱,画个像话的头交货过关就好了。还理得你什么未来市场的趋势等等。

而Triton Lim Artist,一直坚守本身原则。做好自己,同时灌输顾客于caricature的知识。

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Canvas Bag Paint

Chinese calligraphy + canvas bag paint

Worth to learn after T-shirt paint. These all is related on each other. From sketching to final paint. From paper to fabric material. Without fundamental, hard to go beyond. Today we was learning Chinese calligraphy with painting on canvas bag. The most happiest is you get your own unique canvas bag at the end.

The day on the class

I remember the day I came in, majority elders. Ha..ha.. I quickly take a seat and get ready.

I wish to learn canvas bag since long time ago. But hardly get proper tutor here. Even hardly get proper art material such color for fabric. The 3rd photo, is the teacher of the day. She having mine canvas paint bag, and taking photo together. Caricature artist Malaysia - Triton Lim Artist, wish go beyond and further beyond.



Saturday, January 28, 2017

T-shirt Painting Class

Improve myself

After few years master in caricature, especially live caricature, is time to improve myself. Taking extra knowledge. Let it's used and apply on caricature.

Different from live caricature

T-shirt paint totally different material from live caricature on spot. Totally different. There is no shortcut always during learning stage. Everything have to test and run. Never test never know. Somehow I told myself, what people do understand or do not understand about caricature. Is not my worry should have on it. You have to keep yourself survived. That's important.

What other artist do promote on their caricature business, it's not my concern too. I rather keep myself focus and improved myself. Rather than keep this annoying part in my life. At the end, I do believe public will know how to choose the better services they should have know in heart. This is what caricature artist Malaysia - Triton Lim Artist stated about.



Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Royal Client Appreciation Day

Appreciation Day

My first time ever done this. Why? errmmmm..... I know I just a non-body corporate business guy here. I do this just a sign of appreciation for those who hired me in theirs events. Those client I never met before, hired me and love my live caricature entertain as well. Beside saying thank you, I prompt up an idea, handmade appreciation gift. To saying thank you from my behalf. "Thank you".

Without Them Without Triton Lim Artist - Caricature Artist Malaysia

People love what you did. People love what you did for the entire event. People love what you react to current event market need. Without you, I can't be here and running high tech tools in your events.

From sketching the gift here, until coloring the calligraphy. Step by step, photo stick on the artwork. And get it framed. Look easy. But when get on hand, wow, it took several hours. Can't imagine, right? I never expect what is the feedback from client, when they received parcel. I just do what I felt right. I like to say "Thank you" again (If you reading my post here often).



Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Sketching Day in KLCC

Sketching Day

It's called "memory sketching day" too for me. Practicing for better drawing skills. Yes, it is. Do you keep this for your day life work tasks? This is what I keep doing, Triton Lim Artist - Caricature Artist Malaysia. While you might say crazy I am, looking around you, who else caricature artist Malaysia doing such practicing?? Ooo...yeap, just ignore what people saying. This is smart century, whatever you see, whatever you search on Google, it may not true as you saw. Believe me, go out explore yourself.

Dramatic Changed

As long you keep practicing, as long you keep move forward. You will see something is generate and build by your own. It's kind of developing inside your soul. This is called self drawing style. No one can take from you. No one can understand you. Only you. That's why sketching day is really important.



Wednesday, January 4, 2017

2015 & 2016 Review

It's been a tough year for me. So much thing didn't finish. So much plan haven't done so. What I really missed is, 2015 Year Review I didn't give it write and post on blog. Oh my... So I decide write my 2015 & 2016 review in one here.

Since 2015 ipad brought in, I been frustrated with the new technology. Everything got to study by myself. Asking product info from Apple retail shop, no one know. Then in 2016, I'm been busy with official website, how to build, what should build, everything take a lot of time. It's totally out of my control. I did sad. "Anyway, in generally..."

I'm feel satisfy:

  1. live digital been brought in with new technology & improved again
  2. calligraphy been put a lot of effort
  3. stamping technique catching up
  4. shirt painting technique catching up
  5. giving back appreciation for royal client starting up
  6. skill in live caricature black & white totally improved
  7. official website done
  8. work for healthy way, which didn't giving cheap for get a job out there, NO WAY!!!
  9. video in youtube channel increased
  10. instagram content improved
  11. run facebook advertising campaign

I'm feel sorry:

  • blogspot haven't much udpate
  • social app too much to take care
  • time spent on web host and web developer
  • stage painting haven't really start
  • skin painting haven't really confirm
  • own product for sell haven't really confirm
  • teaching haven't really start

Expectation of myself:

  1. master stage painting
  2. master fabric painting
  3. master stamping technique
  4. having product for sell
  5. caricature education to public

**I think so far is all above, I do hope if any readers/followers here, if you felt that you want to say something to me, please write in here. Thanks from Caricature Artist Malaysia - Triton Lim Artist.

2015 & 2016的综合回顾录