Sunday, December 31, 2017

2017 Review Of Triton Lim Artist

It's tough year. Tough than 2016 for me. What happened to Caricature Artist Malaysia now?

The most thing I afraid was, human kind will lost. Compared with those oldies century time. How many people will introspection everyday? How many people honest nowadays? How clean is it Malaysia now?

The critical moment below drive me crazy about what is going on to the people now. And it is effect on my career too.


  1. Giving cheap on caricature non-stop happened
  2. Selfishness on own interest without stating clear what is caricature to the audience
  3. Event organizer becoming unprofessional, using WhatsApp for direct inquiry
  4. Traditional art is rich, because selfish, people care only benefits, and fear to teach


  • Having new line, in order get rid of giving cheap among caricature Malaysia
  • Having less using in social platform

Friday, December 29, 2017

Self-Reflection on Social Platform 2017

What do you think FB & WhatsApp nowadays 2017?

Below content is in Chinese. About how personal feeling about FB & WhatsApp rule the life if not proper use.


从开始以认识新朋友为主。越来越多以个人产品销售滥用。从看见销售时尚衣服到保险保健美容等等。(早期刚似颜绘开始,个人也以日历在FB推广过,后来觉得很不实在,不该用个人FB做任何商品买卖的地方,就后来也没过了。自我反省很重要。)其后FB增加Business Page功能,慢慢地Page的news feed不在个人FB出现了。这促使FB Page User付费广告宣传的新一功能,才能直接让更多FB user知道您的商业资讯内容。现在一二连三现场直播功能,个个以销售产品为主、或第一级新闻等等。很多短片广告插入时节也陆续增加。暴力、不雅、血腥的视频…直接让你视觉感官上受到大大的刺激。但对于政治实事报道,的确很管用。很多电视台不播放,偏偏FB人人宣传。的确很好的。话说是很好社交平台,多少人看得明、看得透。


Drop comment易如反掌。但是很多是网民,你可以说虚凝的、也可以虚假,不在完全的了解情况下,每人都以个人感官出发点,就轻易的drop comment批评赞美之类。人的思维个个不一。但偏偏不在实际情况下沟通表达心中话。透过drop comment不是一件好事。


莫名其妙,官方网页注明了,"Limited Message Reply in WhatsApp",还是直接收到WhatsApp询问“你收多少钱…?”,“how much..”,“how do you charge...”。而且没人头照、不懂是谁还是spam,多么危险。不懂他们这些询问朋友,是怎样询问大公司的呢?还是对职业区别有高低之分,任由你们去乱发WhatsApp,乱乱unproper way inquiry?我真的不懂他们…

相信很多caricature同行的,都是这样情况下被询问。久而久之,变成不良文化了。Event organizer也不专业化了。最后受罪是client。

到底他们从哪里得了这样的怪病,WhatsApp用途也滥用。“Email prefer, email prefer, email prefer...”,结果又是收到不官方的内容询问。试问方式,哪里有这样的人、做出这样不恰当的方式…谁敢冒冒然touch press一个button。因很多数时候专注于处理稿件,如电话不通,email是最好联系方式。


FB推广商业内容最好透过FB Page缴交广告费来实践。

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Gift for Lovely Couple

Manchester United Football Fans

Gift caricature for a lovely couple, who are going to have a wonderful wedding night soon. Something unique and exaggeration. Giving them a proper couple manchester united dress. Even socks and shoes. There is a standard rules there for photo submitting here. Once photo ok, sketching & coloring will start to go, until end of product. Anyway, thanks to the customer who bought from me. Finally the gift safety delivery to the client.

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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Screen Coating In The Dark

When the Chemical React In The Darkroom

Screen coating is the basic step how to the image on to block. Good screen coating provide good exposure good image burn. It's look simple, but it's all involved some technical skills in screen printing field. Screen coating scared of dust and light. That's why it have to done in the dark room. For preparation exposure in the next step. Become a good Screen Printing Artist Malaysia, I think it's still far far my current level. Much more to learn.

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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Gift Caricature for Unique Friend

Modern Baju Kebaya OL

Having Malay dress draw is a challenge. Having not to hard not to soft dress up is the best choice ever. And giving her the good quality "Tudung" too.

Packaging for Shipping

When come to packaging, it's take a lot of time to make sure the item inside is fixed and not shaking. Finally it's completed and having local delivery services shipping out the order. Anyhow Triton Lim Artist, always asking client giving the real photo, the original person photo, will help artist identifying and knowing the person figure well here. Draw based on 1 or 2 similar photo, it's not going to help.


Sunday, October 22, 2017

Silkscreen Print Envelope

Hand Drawn Image

After linocut last time, this time using silkscreen block. The most important, you have to create the image which going to burn on silkscreen block later. With the limited light source, the image have to drawn very dark. Then only OK for burn the image.

SpeedBall Screen Print

SpeedBall is common ink sold at art shop. And it is easy to use. Easy to clean off too. No smell. Eco-friendly as well.

Screen Print Envelope, what Triton Lim - Screen Printer Artist, learned recently, he try to apply on the envelope. Which use during live caricature. This is good artwork to have. Great way to produce envelope by yourself. Rather just send the digital file for print. Hand manual screen print, you will find the artistic feeling on it. You can't find it in digital print artwork. Everything is control by your hand, knowledge, and technique.


Tuesday, October 17, 2017

EcoWorld Sanctuary Dinner Party

Sanctuary Dinner Night

Thank you EcoWorld Sanctuary Kota Kemuning, for having Triton Lim Artist live caricature here with your VIP guests. View more the article here, Malaysia Tatler.

Celebrating New Property Launch

The Eco Sanctuary environment here are so huge and calm, loving this place. And the property are big too. Full of guards. Cool.

While VIP guests having dinner at downstairs, Triton is rolling at upstairs. One of the room, where is so pretty and big. First experience having live caricature at such high class property launching dinner party night. Wish EcoWorld provide the best service forever. As you can see, standee bring along with, almost movable in the room space. That's why author never practice draw on table with guests.

高尚级的晚宴,谢谢EcoWorld Malaysia的邀请。感谢各位VIP Dato Datin。

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Linocut Printmaking Malaysia

First Linocut of Triton Lim Artist

He was so fascinated about those artist can linocut so nice and printing so nice manually.

Sheet Of Linoleum

It's totally new for Triton Lim Artist - Caricature Artist Malaysia. This linocut happened before he started silkscreen. This two handmaking theory almost same, but difference method of printmaking process.

Linocutting tool with several different blades, this is how the linocut image from. It's involved hand strength, more patience, more focus, more time spent, more details need to be careful. After all, he did apply on the envelope, which used for live caricature. This is great handmade artwork which produced by manually. Totally difference feelings if compare with digital print.

Linocut中文被翻译为麻胶版画,说实在不懂对不对。总之,这门手艺考手力,和图像转变能力。。。 从似颜绘突然接触Linocut,的确有点难消化。是需要时间。

Monday, October 9, 2017

Berjaya Property Bukit Jalil Launching Day

Berjaya Property Bukit Jalil

Thank you for the event organizer having me here. This is property launching day here. Beside clown, tattoo spray, kid fun, caricature is one of it.

Launching Day

This is premium property launching day. As usual, people start curious about what is caricatures. Later on people line up for caricature drawn.

This is part of activity of the day here. Nothing more. Caricature Artist Malaysia - Triton Lim Artist, just draw his best as usual. While I believe what event organizer picking up a caricature artist, this is yours choice as client to understand who artist is it, rather than just picking up based on prices. Same thing as purchasing a property. I'm sure every one does having survey first before really invest.


Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Live Caricature For Accenture Malaysia

Double Tree KL

Second time here again for live caricature Accenture Malaysia. Thank you Accenture Malaysia having me. First time was worked with Bella Skincare.

Private Event

Due to private event, not much can show you here. Sorry about that. Anyway, there are a lot of foreigner. Korean, India, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Philippine and so on. They all are IT talented people. Something couldn't really understand what they really talking about.

Caricature Artist Malaysia - Triton Lim Artist, consider independent artist. Therefore, a lot of things handle by himself. Therefore, anything by email would be great. You know some time he can't pick up phone on time. Leaving email would be great for him.

感谢Accenture Malaysia,让他有再次的机会回到此地。

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

HP Spectre x360 Digital Caricatures

Troika Sky Dining KL

Good experience with HP device. After Surface Pro, after Konica Printer job tasks, it's good to explore more local digital device involved more in art sense. First time ever here Troika Sky Dining, so high the building.

HP Pen

HP Spectre x360 is Microsoft System. Basically it's almost liked Surface Pro. The stylus pen almost the same. But better a bit then Surface Pro.

About live digital caricatures with using client model, I always request the model 2 weeks before the event show. Due I need time to learn on the device. And get use on the stylus pen come along with. Always always always. No matter what circumstance, this is priority. Before I say YES to the job accepting. This is me, Caricature Artist Malaysia - Triton Lim Artist, how I co-operate with secure both party. I want get used on the device, you want get the great caricaturist. YES! YES! YES!

感谢event organizer。各有各的数码器材配件,都有不同的人群使用。人们的选择,永远他们自己做主。我只能说,寻找足够资料,才是最好的前奏。

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Silkscreen Exposure Unit

Ultra Light Buld

After 1st class of silkscreen, I attempted to build a exposure unit. Search so many electrical shop for these UV light. Almost non of them selling this kind of light buld in Malaysia. I was so upset and I cried. I even can't sleep proper every night that time. I felt I'm sorry to my wife. Done so many thing & research so many info, non of it came out.

High Spend on Equipment

About silkscreen, once you decided to start as a career, it's involved so many process, and so huge equipment invest. Huge money dump into the water. Far larger than my caricature. I'm scared. I unconfident. Helpless. I never thought that, searching UV light bulds in Malaysia, is not easy. Every money spent came out nothing result.

Black tube UV, finally found it in one of the small shop. That time I was not sure is it ok for silkscreen use. I have no ideas. I bought it and tested it for a few time. Turn out nothing. Image burn no good on emulsion. Something wrong in the middle UV buld or paper I'm using for exposure. I did ask my teacher, they are not sure too. Only try and error said to me. My question is, is it necessary UV light buld needed for exposure? Or just a stronger white light buld will do?


Friday, September 29, 2017

1st Silkscreen Class Attend

1st Time Ever

Accepting new things it was not easy for me. But when I truly understand the elements of screen printing. Finally I make a decision to take a class. Whatever class available here Malaysia. Even though there are no one proper course here. Hopefully can learn what still have here.

Silkscreen Malaysia

Actually Screen Printing is the default name of this, but majority Malaysia people called it Silkscreen. It's good to you all know. It's totally new era for me. New experience for me. Everything is totally different with my caricature. One thing is sure very important, that is the fundamental of sketching. As long you have strong sketching, you will quickly catch up how to process your ideas into silkscreen.

The process, from 0 to 100, everything you need on hand by yourself. It's no easy for me at the first time. While it involved chemistry and electricity equipment. Some more the ink is really important to produced a super soft hand feel on cotton materials. I got to say I thankful my wife understand my passion to further my caricature into silkscreen.

Screen Printing丝印,是个很传统,同时是个很重要学习打印很重要的一环。希望这学习能在我的似颜绘上发挥作用。

Thursday, September 28, 2017

LION Oral Care Systema Malayisa

Oral Care Event One Utama

First time ever LION Oral Care Malaysia having caricature on bottle. It's happening at One Utama. Live caricature on bottle is more complex if compared with drawing on paper. Anyway, it's happy ending.

Caricature On Bottle

Due the bottle is transparent, it's harder see clearly. Plus the surface is curve, harder than usual. And the marker is hard to control neither. It's giving me a challenging during this tasks. 4 whole days strike on One Utama.

The setup, I special request client to do so. It's more comfortable drawing in this way. Especially drawing something out of paper (flat surface). Many people buying toothpaste toothbrush. And many people purchase the products because have a caricature session drawing on bottle. Drawing caricature on bottle is special than on paper. It's fun seeing your transparent face on bottle. It's a memorable gift. Anyway, hope everyone love it.

很特别的促销活动,似颜绘在水瓶上。感谢LION Oral Care Malaysia的厚待。

Monday, September 25, 2017

Body Perfect Sdn Bhd Private Event

Private Event in Boulevard Hotel KL

This is the other private event held in Boulevard Hotel Mid Valley. It become memory place here already. Thanks for Body Perfect Sdn Bhd Malaysia having me here for live caricatures. Due private event, not much photo can show here.

Private Session

They are few activity running on that day. All is for theirs member. Something like member's day. While start drawing, majority women, come line up for caricature drawing. Draw finish until the end of event.

Caricature Artist Malaysia - Triton Lim Artist, always bringing easel stand to anywhere, moveable and easy start drawing live caricature. On that day, I suggested set up at the corner. As usual set up everything. Then people start lining up. Why no drawing on table for me? Definitely NO. Drawing on table like interviewing people during events. The other issue, drawing on table not smooth as drawing on easel stand. A lot of event organizer, didn't take this seriously. And some caricaturist not taking this seriously too. So after year and year, it become habit Malaysia here. And become such low standard art culture caricature Malaysia here. What to say. I'm sad almost. Agreement always happen one buyer one seller. But, what client get at the end? Besides earning money...

从开始画到尾,100%女人。年轻的、中年的、大年纪的…从画画过程可以体会到人的岁月年华。谢谢Body Perfect你们。

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Private Birthday Party St. Regis KL

Birthday Party for Kid

This is private birthday party, held in St. Regis KL. Wonderful luxury place, pool side, rest room, wonderful place. Anyway, thanks to the family who having me here for live caricatures. And I wish your baby happy birthday too.

The place for me putting easel stand, just beside the main door. It's lucky that easel stand adjustable and moveable. It's classic. And professional for drawing live. It's been honor I using her for 5 years already. I'm sure they are a lot of caricature artist local using normal table. That's true, they are a lot of caricature artist Malaysia here with so many many many style and pattern. Advise client choose wisely. Always.

Private Session

Because of private party, I only can show my artwork here. Respect client. Respect artist. Always in both way communication. Caricature Artist Malaysia - Triton Lim Artist, always advise people look for his website information, if you are interesting to have live caricature. Overall, guests here were excited with caricature draw. Especially kids. While eldest relax sit down here for a exaggeration caricature draw. This is cool to have live caricature, beside having photographer or clown activities.

主人家为孩子办生日会,亲朋戚友远道而来,送上祝贺的同时,享受当下的美好时光。除了拍照,似颜绘是种艺术上的纪年品。当下Triton Lim Artist画家的艺术品。谢谢你们。