Thursday, February 23, 2017

Gift Caricature For Corporate

Photo of the person playing important role

The most important part in custom-drawing caricature is, photo given by client. This is important, so that author here can recognize the person easily. Always remember, given more photo of the person is helped. Author do not know your friend as you do.

What I realize, most of the client, is smart. But lazy to spend some little time to understand the difference of "Caricature" & "Portrait". So they rather "tembak ABC" & choose whatever artist for the gift caricature order. This is sad. I feel SAD, for the person who received the gift. SAD, is not about the gift received, but is the heart of the person who present do not put effort there.

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很多时候顾客不是分不懂“caricature”与“portrait”之间的差别。而是懒。也不在意其差别,因为都是送人而已。别无大碍。所以这种情形,一般caricature artist懒得理你跟你分析什么是caricature和portrait。只要顾客愿意付钱,画个像话的头交货过关就好了。还理得你什么未来市场的趋势等等。

而Triton Lim Artist,一直坚守本身原则。做好自己,同时灌输顾客于caricature的知识。

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Canvas Bag Paint

Chinese calligraphy + canvas bag paint

Worth to learn after T-shirt paint. These all is related on each other. From sketching to final paint. From paper to fabric material. Without fundamental, hard to go beyond. Today we was learning Chinese calligraphy with painting on canvas bag. The most happiest is you get your own unique canvas bag at the end.

The day on the class

I remember the day I came in, majority elders. Ha..ha.. I quickly take a seat and get ready.

I wish to learn canvas bag since long time ago. But hardly get proper tutor here. Even hardly get proper art material such color for fabric. The 3rd photo, is the teacher of the day. She having mine canvas paint bag, and taking photo together. Caricature artist Malaysia - Triton Lim Artist, wish go beyond and further beyond.