Saturday, September 29, 2012

100% Social Expert, Shelly Ling


100% wife. 100% social fashion person.


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Amazing Spiderman's Caricature

Acrylic paint for The Amazing Spiderman on canvas pad.
This is an original caricature painting.
Secret show you how I paint. Haha...actually nothing secret.
I'm still mastering acrylic here. Show you how fun to hand painting.
Original painting, you really can feel the texture.
The real effort painting with my blood and sweat.

Yeah, this is it. Acrylic paint. The Amazing Spiderman.
I push myself to paint in acrylic after met with Scenario Artist Master in One Utama.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Live Caricatures Kose KLCC

Kose promotion held in KLCC. Huge crowd. But slow buyer purchase.
I like the kose stage than last time. Look class. Me look class too.
Thanks for Kose again. Thanks for Jaze(from Kose) who is the first person looking for me.

Some how, parents don't want to draw. So they give it to the child.
Some how, people loving it. Whole family member love to having caricature.
No doubt, people who do dress up nicely with make up hair style properly.
Caricature drawing will be look good.

Mom and son, second time having caricature.
First time was in Mid Valley Kose promotion. They love it so much.


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Live Caricatures Matta Fair PWTC KL

Discover HK having free caricature to public.
Can you imagine. It's free. Crowd queue up and wait for their turns.
You know when people spread to another person and yelp "It's free."
People quickly come and wait. Can you imagine the situation.
I have nightmare while I was sleep.

There are Malay caricaturist too.
I love this part. People can easily identifying different caricaturist having different style.
Some of them just doing caricature for freelance. Because they have full time job.

That's me. Drawing nonstop these 3 days.
I'm glad knowing some people here from different countries.

As a 3 day unstop drawing caricature, finally my hand get pain.


Art Festival in New Era College

Art festival held in Metro Point Complex in Kajang.
It's organized by New Era College.
A part to show art and craft to public.
A part to show students artwork to public as well.
Different city different people. Art sense also different.

Some how I was thinking, Malaysia have few art college.
Lim Kok Wing, The One, MIA, Dasein......
Students/public only know which art college is the best. Can learn what what what.
After school can get what what job.
But, how far they build art awareness in Malaysia?
Teach public how to respect? Teach public how to appreciate an art? I seldom see one.
That's why art culture in Malaysia slow then overseas.


Teaching students how to draw caricatures.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Gift Caricature for Sapura Malaysia (1)

This is high professional art work print. Gift for a boss.
Color pigment more sharper than normal. Paper using more high quality. Texture. And good quality natural wood framing as well. This is digital art. Hand drawing. Then coloring in PC. And printed by high-end quality printer color. I'm really happy work with good personality client. They seen know what we are. What we do as an artist. No doubt, with no much question. Proceed drawing until finish product. With trust.

View my latest gift caricature for Sapura Malaysia (5) here.


Monday, September 3, 2012

Lydia Shum in Porcelain

Learning something different. Drawing on Plate.
The color media totally different what I used. It is expensive with the brand.
Good to try. Good to learn. Never learn never know.
One day I went for KL Klang Valley art shop just look for certain porcelain pen.
No one art shop got it. What a shock!

本地art shop很奇怪的,它们不会进完全部product的,因为市场因素。