About Me ♥ someone who is passion to caricature

I'm Triton. I'm born in Kuantan, Pahang. Grew up in Sungai Lembing. After secondary school, S.M.K.Sungai Lembing, further study to University Technology Malaysia Kuala Lumpur (UTMKL). Then begin my journey life in KL mostly. Currently stay at Puchong.

I'm a caricature artist Malaysia/independent caricaturist since 2010. My journey of caricature life everything start from zero. Zero experience. Zero technique. Zero marketing. You may not believe what I gone through until currently. But this is real.

I'm a low profile person. Happy meet with sincere, honest and respected people.

About This Blog ♥ journey from zero to expertise in caricature

Caricature culture Malaysia a bit slow if compare with others countries. No much info you can search in Google during that time I started my caricature journey. Really frustrated about it.

So, I started to write about the caricature life of mine. I write the works I done. People I meet. Story about others caricaturist. Story about others, not necessarily caricature industries.

I want others caricaturist Malaysia to relate to my posts, I also want businessman, teachers, students, and everyone else in between to read this blog. A kind of inspiration or lesson to theirs journey to mastering their own life.

Press Media
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2012 Dec, featured in Reach Out.

2012 August, featured in Smart Info Magazine.

2012 Jun, featured in The Star, Metro Business.

2012 Jun, featured in Red Tomato Media.

2012 May, featured in The Star

2012 April, featured in Bridal Trend Magazine (Issue 9)

2011 October, Interview by TV2

2011 September, featured in Mint Magazine

2011 July, Interview by BFM89.9. Audio interview here. Video interview here.

2011 Tropicana Life四格漫画比赛,冠军。






2010 Tropicana Life四格漫画比赛,季军。



2009 Adcom春丽电脑插图比赛得奖者。

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