Friday, May 27, 2016

The Difference Between Artist and Designer

What is the difference between Artist and Designer

In Malaysia, majority designer born to be accept command instructions from superior/clients. This giving more client push command order to the designer. Causing poor creative ideas in job environment. Some how it effects to local artist/caricaturist too, who receive order instruction from the client.

Let me tell you what is the difference between artist and designer:

  • Artist establish emotional feeling between the artwork with the audience. Designer create a piece with fixed idea, message, or an action to communicate people to do something.
  • Art is a taste of artist. Different artist variety taste. Design is an opinion. Opinion with same purpose at the end to the consumer.
  • Art create a different message to variety range of audience. Design send the same message to everyone to do something.

Somehow, most of the Malaysia artist/caricaturist, become following designer path. Many of them lost the fundamental being an good artist. They started generate a robotic artwork pieces to the client. This is not a healthy sign. If you are reading my post here, please be a good artist. Think about your future.

Triton Lim, Caricature Artist Malaysia. He refuse to follow client order instructions, rather than NOT been himself. He hope this will giving a good education lesson for clients and others caricaturist. Be yourself. Be yourself, an artist is.