Friday, September 29, 2017

1st Silkscreen Class Attend

1st Time Ever

Accepting new things it was not easy for me. But when I truly understand the elements of screen printing. Finally I make a decision to take a class. Whatever class available here Malaysia. Even though there are no one proper course here. Hopefully can learn what still have here.

Silkscreen Malaysia

Actually Screen Printing is the default name of this, but majority Malaysia people called it Silkscreen. It's good to you all know. It's totally new era for me. New experience for me. Everything is totally different with my caricature. One thing is sure very important, that is the fundamental of sketching. As long you have strong sketching, you will quickly catch up how to process your ideas into silkscreen.

The process, from 0 to 100, everything you need on hand by yourself. It's no easy for me at the first time. While it involved chemistry and electricity equipment. Some more the ink is really important to produced a super soft hand feel on cotton materials. I got to say I thankful my wife understand my passion to further my caricature into silkscreen.

Screen Printing丝印,是个很传统,同时是个很重要学习打印很重要的一环。希望这学习能在我的似颜绘上发挥作用。

Thursday, September 28, 2017

LION Oral Care Systema Malayisa

Oral Care Event One Utama

First time ever LION Oral Care Malaysia having caricature on bottle. It's happening at One Utama. Live caricature on bottle is more complex if compared with drawing on paper. Anyway, it's happy ending.

Caricature On Bottle

Due the bottle is transparent, it's harder see clearly. Plus the surface is curve, harder than usual. And the marker is hard to control neither. It's giving me a challenging during this tasks. 4 whole days strike on One Utama.

The setup, I special request client to do so. It's more comfortable drawing in this way. Especially drawing something out of paper (flat surface). Many people buying toothpaste toothbrush. And many people purchase the products because have a caricature session drawing on bottle. Drawing caricature on bottle is special than on paper. It's fun seeing your transparent face on bottle. It's a memorable gift. Anyway, hope everyone love it.

很特别的促销活动,似颜绘在水瓶上。感谢LION Oral Care Malaysia的厚待。

Monday, September 25, 2017

Body Perfect Sdn Bhd Private Event

Private Event in Boulevard Hotel KL

This is the other private event held in Boulevard Hotel Mid Valley. It become memory place here already. Thanks for Body Perfect Sdn Bhd Malaysia having me here for live caricatures. Due private event, not much photo can show here.

Private Session

They are few activity running on that day. All is for theirs member. Something like member's day. While start drawing, majority women, come line up for caricature drawing. Draw finish until the end of event.

Caricature Artist Malaysia - Triton Lim Artist, always bringing easel stand to anywhere, moveable and easy start drawing live caricature. On that day, I suggested set up at the corner. As usual set up everything. Then people start lining up. Why no drawing on table for me? Definitely NO. Drawing on table like interviewing people during events. The other issue, drawing on table not smooth as drawing on easel stand. A lot of event organizer, didn't take this seriously. And some caricaturist not taking this seriously too. So after year and year, it become habit Malaysia here. And become such low standard art culture caricature Malaysia here. What to say. I'm sad almost. Agreement always happen one buyer one seller. But, what client get at the end? Besides earning money...

从开始画到尾,100%女人。年轻的、中年的、大年纪的…从画画过程可以体会到人的岁月年华。谢谢Body Perfect你们。

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Private Birthday Party St. Regis KL

Birthday Party for Kid

This is private birthday party, held in St. Regis KL. Wonderful luxury place, pool side, rest room, wonderful place. Anyway, thanks to the family who having me here for live caricatures. And I wish your baby happy birthday too.

The place for me putting easel stand, just beside the main door. It's lucky that easel stand adjustable and moveable. It's classic. And professional for drawing live. It's been honor I using her for 5 years already. I'm sure they are a lot of caricature artist local using normal table. That's true, they are a lot of caricature artist Malaysia here with so many many many style and pattern. Advise client choose wisely. Always.

Private Session

Because of private party, I only can show my artwork here. Respect client. Respect artist. Always in both way communication. Caricature Artist Malaysia - Triton Lim Artist, always advise people look for his website information, if you are interesting to have live caricature. Overall, guests here were excited with caricature draw. Especially kids. While eldest relax sit down here for a exaggeration caricature draw. This is cool to have live caricature, beside having photographer or clown activities.

主人家为孩子办生日会,亲朋戚友远道而来,送上祝贺的同时,享受当下的美好时光。除了拍照,似颜绘是种艺术上的纪年品。当下Triton Lim Artist画家的艺术品。谢谢你们。