Sunday, September 29, 2013

Hand Painted Mug

Hand Painting Mug.
Paints are permanent and dishwasher safe once baked.
Own it yourself? Or present to your love one. To your friend who are getting marry.
Special gift. With unique. Totally different.
Plus this is 100% hand painting.

It's totally different media and different technique to draw a mug.
How to handling the mug. How to apply color. How to baked with certain heat.
This all need step by step. Totally can't rush.
Once go wrong, all wrong. No undo. Have to redo. Redo with the new mug.

This is a couple wedding mug. One pair. Not separate. With the lovely words. Stick together. Love forever.


Monday, September 16, 2013

Gift for TNB PJ

Gift for TNB staff.
Rush hour order.
It manage to bring a happiness to hers staff who is going transfer to other branch.
Please read my blog careful. Do not rush without see the signboard.
No last minute order. Always remember.

In 100 people, only 20 people still can't get the requirement I need.
These 20 people somehow make trouble.
Email nonsense. Calling nonstop. Even calling at midnight.
Those are well rich background. But with bad attitude problem's client.
Those might think you are work 24 hours.
Those might think they are rich, manage to pay with whatever they want.
Show no respect. No further communication will.
I wondering should I show those people who email/sms me bad words...


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Wedding Gift in Water Coloring

Wedding gift for this lovely couple.
What you waiting for? Still old fashion??
Try caricature for your friend's wedding gift.
Or even you can use it for your own wedding.

This artwork piece only draw one. No more further.
Because this is original hand painting with water coloring.
Whole world only one piece. Priceless. Remarkable.
Hand paint by Triton.


Monday, September 9, 2013

Simves Property Malaysia

Others commissioned job required.
While received this kind of job. Careful must.
Enough information get from client.
Get all balance before handling the final.
You can't sleep well if happened get no payment after giving client the final output.

This job is not same like what I draw for caricature jobs.
Totally different. Edit edit edit. Time consuming. Take a month.
Serious you must take this job. Deposit and balance always.
Below the video is make by me. Showing you the artwork used at the client website.

自做剪接。简简单单的video log。