Thursday, September 28, 2017

LION Oral Care Systema Malayisa

Oral Care Event One Utama

First time ever LION Oral Care Malaysia having caricature on bottle. It's happening at One Utama. Live caricature on bottle is more complex if compared with drawing on paper. Anyway, it's happy ending.

Caricature On Bottle

Due the bottle is transparent, it's harder see clearly. Plus the surface is curve, harder than usual. And the marker is hard to control neither. It's giving me a challenging during this tasks. 4 whole days strike on One Utama.

The setup, I special request client to do so. It's more comfortable drawing in this way. Especially drawing something out of paper (flat surface). Many people buying toothpaste toothbrush. And many people purchase the products because have a caricature session drawing on bottle. Drawing caricature on bottle is special than on paper. It's fun seeing your transparent face on bottle. It's a memorable gift. Anyway, hope everyone love it.

很特别的促销活动,似颜绘在水瓶上。感谢LION Oral Care Malaysia的厚待。

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