Sunday, August 24, 2014

Birthday Party in One World Hotel PJ

Thank you Elly having me live caricature in your kid birthday party. Wonderful afternoon time in One World Hotel PJ. Caricature draw for your relatives, friends and kids. Fun, laugh and tears happen among here.

I love this big family. All family member helping each other to decorate the birthday party feel. Amazing job. No need hire any decoration people for this task. Wonderful. Each of them family member are so close relationship. Warm & Love in between each other.
My "Baby" work for me so close. Without him, I don't know what to do. Important for caricaturist to have a easel stand for their own event tasks. Professional caricaturist should have at least one in life.


Monday, August 18, 2014

Gift for International School

Good to present gift caricature for them. Remarkable. A team of the school. Each one of them have a important role in the school. We try group them in one big member family. With same sport shirts, one destination. All together. All in one purpose. Make the school better. And provide good fundamental knowledge to the students.

All the time, why we Chinese culture friends have a difficulties to accept what is "Caricature" here? The main reason, we don't want get in trend. We don't want to find out what is "Caricature" all about. Stay and live in own world.

Some how I was asking who we are actually. We keep buy and buy new tech, smartphone, LCD... But our brain and thoughts still live in old way. Isn't it the way you want to live on in now age? Are we grow enough??


Sunday, August 17, 2014

Gift for a Birthday Girl

Headache when looking a present to your birthday's friend?

A piece of caricature artwork for your birthday's friend. Totally good idea. And the most surprising gift to your friends. An artwork come from an artist. Which it does not produce every time. So it is the most collectable birthday item in your life. One only in the world.
Big Bang, the popular Korea Singer Star. That's cool to have in a caricature. Drawing Big Bang big challenge for me, even I can search the photo from the Google, but a lot still not clear. And theirs face and dress up always change.

I'm wish the birthday girl "Happy Birthday" here.


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Wedding Caricature Invitation Card

Have you ever try something different in your wedding?

Yes. Wedding Caricature Invitation Card. Something unique something special for your wedding. A decade we use normal wedding card, high premium paper card, a nice envelope, why we try to break it the traditional. Make it something more interesting more fun for your wedding?
When you send the invitation card to your friends. It's must be SUPER funny/laughing for them. It's big surprise when they see your caricature in front of the cover. You can keep the photo and the cover of the invitation card as memorial item as well. What a wonderful idea, right?

Do not hesitate try to contact me about this wedding entertain for you. Once in your life. Must be special must be fun must be give something well to your friends and family relatives.


Saturday, August 2, 2014

Gift Caricature for International School Director

Thanks Yvonne. Thanks Yvonne look for me caricature drawing for your School and your Directors.

I like the Baju Kebaya Nyonya. The pattern look sweet. After I studied some of while. Mix with others element to draw the nice dress of Baju Kebaya Nyonya. And the background, KLCC Twins Tower, spend a lot of time. Eye seeing look easy, but there are a level by a level for draw the tower.
Each time drawing gift caricature I learn something new. Especially how to handle those difficulties question and nonsense inquiries. Why western/foreigner people can accept caricature well. Why not Malaysian local people? First, do you understand what is "Caricature"? Have your read my FAQ?

Actually drawing caricature is one of my part in my life. Drawing caricature for living. Drawing caricature to earn money. The progress should be fun. But come to those certain people try to knock you down, you got to strong. This is real happen in ours society. Strong and stand wise meanwhile keep yourself draw in free of mind. Don't let those negative energy influence you.