Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Poker Couple

Gift for parents who love gambling.
I try to give them a good and humor theme about this caricature artwork.
So I give them king and queen of poker theme. Instead just gambling.

Please look at my previous previous previous job, if you want see me how step by step drawing one caricature until end product.


Sunday, July 29, 2012

Gift for Young Indian Couple

Birthday Gift to surprise his girlfriend.
Keep this original well. In case you want add on something.
Still can use it. Frame it as well.


Friday, July 27, 2012

Would You Marry Me?

Using gift caricature to propose to your love one.
How many of you done this before? After dinner showing you big menu.
Inside menu, it's the caricature surprise.
Congratulation to both of you. Wish you marry well soon.

Actually he been survey in market and Google as well.
Looking a caricaturist. Drawing caricature for propose use.
Finally he came to me. In very last minute too.
I encourage people survey first. Different caricaturist have different style. Even charges different also.


Monday, July 23, 2012

Birthday Celebration, Grandma on T-shirt

This is rush hour job.
Huge family. Warm heart. Sweet.
Yeah, you can try something different for your birthday. Special!
Caricature on T-shirt. "Grandma always in my heart."
That's why I always keep remind yours keep my original well.

Not easy to find a good shirt manufacturer.
Me worry what will come out at the end. Thanks god. Everything go smooth.
Wish Chermaine's grandma here, Happy Birthday.


Thursday, July 19, 2012

Gift Caricature, I love Pig

Online order job...from this funny guy.
I love this. Fat fat, Q Q, and with a small pig. Lovely...
I definitely want to keep it and frame it nice.
Each time finish one piece of caricature and hand on to client, just felt like "Mother delivery son to school. Son, You must take care your own of your path ya..."

要好好保存这些来自我Triton lim的作品哦~

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Gift Caricature, Sport Man

Online order job from one local international company.
Every caricature got a story behind.
This guy love sport. And his career something related to chicken too...
And most of the time, the body also according to the real person.
That's why I ask for full body picture.


Sunday, July 15, 2012

Gift Caricature, Knitting Hobby

Online order job.
I love this little Q women. Me also like my drawing so much.
Yes, it is. One of the factor how to become good caricaturist.
You must love your art so much.
And also when final artwork came out, you will felt like it so much.

Some how, lot people still think that artist same with graphic designer job.
For me, I strictly clarify here. I'm caricaturist. I'm not caricature designer.
Which follow client need, edit here edit there.
No. I'm not doing this. I'm caricaturist. Not caricature designer. "New word caricature designer..."


Thursday, July 5, 2012

Catch Henry Lee Live in Times Bookstores

It's honor can meet up with Taiwan Stone Artist, Henry.
Live in Times Bookstores Pavilion KL. Thanks Times for giving me RSVP too.
I knew this cat, dog, animals paint on stone. But didn't know who is the master.
Finally, It's really great moment. Yeah...and get a signature from Henry too.

Why Triton going to meet those artist?
Why not. You must go out and meet those talent master artist.
Try to learn, try to know what a person pass through theirs life.
Art is a part of life. That's why me got to step outside. Know something fresh.
Be yourself. Not be an artist yourself. Art is all about you.

You know what? I met a few people here where I'm in live caricature birthday party at Full House last year and pet project this year. Thanks god. They remember me. While I'm almost can't remember them...haha..

Here is a little bit background of Henry:
Founded in 2005, Henry Cats & Friends™ (HCF) is an original brand presented by Henry Design & Associates (HDA). The brand takes its inspiration from the ingenious artist Henry Lee and his enchanting creation—the hand-painted Artstone Cats (Henry Cats). In 2000, Henry accidentally created the unique hand-painted art piece in his desire to present a heartfelt gift to his foreign friend. After years of hard and painstaking work, the artist finally mastered the knack of painting images on stones to a perfect blend of aesthetic creation and versed handicraft technique...

庆幸透过Times Bookstores知道有这样的活动,让小小的大马人民对艺术有一定的改观与认识。

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Fuyoh Art Market in Publika

Fuyoh for Jun. Happened in Publika.
While still got chance to join. I must come in next Fuyoh to see yours guys.
Good place for art people. Good place hand with people loving art.
There is a little boy 4 or 5 years. Wish to learn caricature drawing.
Proud with him. As you know, every kid in certain age have their drawing level.
Most of the time, they follow their instinct. This is how to teach children.
Let it be them self. Be fun. I'm just guide them most of the time.
The boy is really "Q". He ask his mom sit still. Me laughing almost...
It's fun can see the kid grow up like this.
And this is wonderful moment you never had before. Son drawing caricature to mom.


Sunday, July 1, 2012

Caricaturist Malaysia, Triton interviewed by The Star

Featured in The Star, Metro Business.
You can look for bigger size here.
Actually this is English version from Red Tomato interview.
Unfortunately, no personal website contact in this page.
But you can always search my name, Triton Lim, in Google.
Share to your friends. Let more people know about caricature.