Sunday, April 29, 2018

Live Digital Caricature Drawing At Wembley Hotel Penang By Triton Lim

Friday Night Event

This all happened too fast and to rush. My last time live gig was here, Sulwhasoo Parkson Gurney Plaza Malaysia 2013. Quite missed the experience that time. I wish m everything going fine.

Live Digital Caricature Event

Thanks for the event organizer having, Triton - Caricature Artist Malaysia. For this live digital caricature event. And the first time sit together with OLY caricaturist.

Sitting and using same table sure will bring problem during drawing. I told organizer early. But... Anyway, with the moving hand definitely will shake the table all the time. While my stroke will go off from the screen most of the time. Same thing happened during Konica Golf 2015 Event last time. While that time shaking happened with the wooding stage. Every one walk by, shaking happened. Making hard to steady the hand for drawing on tablet screen.



Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Screen Print "Save Rhino T-shirt" Manual Hand-pulled At Home By Triton Lim - Screenprint Artist Malaysia

Idea by Screen Printer Malaysia - Triton Lim

Screen print on dark garment with water based ink, it got to pull few time, then only it will look white enough. Majority water based ink currently. Anyway, the 1st collection of Triton Lim, Screen Printer Malaysia, already released. If you would like take it to your store merchandise, kindly contact us.

I wish I could have an front line experience with Rhino. Somehow it is so sad watching the news about Rhino almost gone in earth. What we are people doing this? What we are...

Silkscreen或是Screen Print

我觉得都可以,本地多数人认识silkscreen。但其实screen print为早期名称。故以选择screen print来作为内容的名词。挺亲切的。绢印在黑色布料,会比一般白衣来得多工,颜料也不一样质料。

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Ipad Pro Digital Caricature Drawing For A Boss Farewell Gift By Triton Lim - Caricature Artist Malaysia

Caricature Surprise

Your boss are going to leave the position in the company... What surprise are you going to present? First sketch, 2nd sketch, 3rd to determine that's sketch is OK? Errm...actually, by experience. Some how, people love Cartoon style, that's fine. Some how, people love good Caricature style, that's fine. Some how, people love Real Face In Big Head Small Body, that's fine for them too. My point is, there are many artist, or may be called freelancer, or professional, or doodle, or others. Find the right one and suitable for you.

Thanks for ordering here. A simple gift. A simple surprise. That's would enough for your boss. Gift caricature drawn by Digital Caricature Artist Malaysia, Triton Lim. A lot of hardwork behind. And Triton are happy draw for people who really appreciate the value of creation. If look back of my past, I definitely emphasize to client what is "Caricature", what "Independent Artist" & "Freelancer" differences. I got nothing to say since after that when majority peers, and consumers behavior changes dramatically. What exactly change actually? Attitude of user. Attitude of Tech User. Attitude of a human being.



Monday, April 2, 2018

Permaset Ink Screen Printing On Light Garment By Screenprint Artist Malaysia - Triton Lim

1st Collection Screen Print

From idea to sketching, then inking, then screen print method, and wa...lah appear on t-shirt. Tough path to get know and use screen printing. Crazy. But what to do, when sales services turn you down at the door step. Giving answer NO, that couldn't be done, must giving AI. Piss me off. That's why I studied screen print. I'm sad that local sales services/customer services, they are lack of knowledge in screen printing. When they can't give you the answer, they will properly say NO, you got to giving me AI. Sad, right.

What to do? Would you be change?


本地很多人称它为silkscreen。很多时候,服务员不明白也不懂绢印制作过程,就回答顾客,办不到,一定要AI File。这也是导致我去学习绢印的一大原因。