Monday, March 26, 2018

Kid Sketches Hand Drawing Image Turn Into Silkscreen Print On T-shirt By Triton Lim

Kid Creation T-Shirt Collection

Child creativity most of the time, we as adult can’t imagine what they trying to say. As a supportive parents, we should not try to control or try to tell the kids, “this” “these” “that” can’t be done. Let them be, what ever they like to draw, what ever they like to tell. Let them express. Let explore them with silkscreen technique here Malaysia.

Wear It On

Kid growing fast. Kid easy forgetting what they had done in the early age too. It’s proud parents can wear kid creation every day. Let kids creativity remind adult nothing can’t be done. As long you believe on your child. “Proud to have you.”

In junior Loke collection here, all artwork reserve original taste. With some help for additional add-on, and screen print apply on garments.



Tuesday, March 20, 2018

How To Screenprint Hoodie At Studio Puchong - Triton Lim Artist | Screen Printer Malaysia

Hoodie Thickness

First, hoodie material totally different with normal t-shirt. This is commissioned job for Secondary School Graduation Day used. A group of students need to wear hoodie for dance performance on stage. White screen print on dark hoodie, required more step than normal. After all done, need to be cured. All hoodie are using water based ink here. Silkscreen Malaysia, some how there are a black spot there. You got to careful when look for professional screen print services. Some always say "Can...can...can..." At the end, turn up something. I really don't know why Malaysian people like that. Me so call Malaysian too. Feel insulting the way treating people.


Screen Print早期名称。中文也有不同,台湾翻译“绢印”。中国翻译“丝印”。特别吧。在似颜绘,看见黑色地带。在绢印,也看见黑色地带。天呀。

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Silkscreen T-shirt Collection Of Triton Lim With His First Own Creations

#01 Collection Start From 17 March

From beginning, he took few class. After that, a lot of hard work runa nd test error by himself. Then result came. So Triton decided to have his own collection as you see now. Loving animal and wilds. Bringing life on t-shirts. 从草稿到丝印,从拍照放上这里及考虑价钱,从点点滴滴到这里,好漫长的过程。今天他会绢印,都是因为他跑了很多家店,问讯绢印手工画作的稿子,都说不行,吃了很多门钉子。所以他今后拼个老命,都要把绢印给学好。现在你们看见的这些#01 Collection,都是手作画稿转换去绢印诞生出来的。


Silkscreen is hard. And he took a lot of time and hard work to get it well. He promised he must have his own collection. Keep the original feel is what he always look for. He love animals and wild so much. While this is meaningful for him. Even shop cart page all photo and text is done by Triton. All hard work been dedicated here. Give support to local Silkscreen Malaysia Artist: Triton Lim.


目前此collection都是以预购方式进行,因为本身觉得有剩余的存货会很浪费。请多多支持本地“绢印创作家:Triton Lim”吧。