Saturday, July 25, 2015

Live Digital Caricature by Triton Lim Artist

My 1st video broadcast with my speech recording. Only in few second. Hahaha...Great experience. I'm on air. This youtube showing you what is "Live Digital Caricature" by Triton Lim Artist, Caricature Artist Malaysia. How is look like. How it work on your event.

Is it new in Malaysia? Yes. New. But in Malaysia, live digital caricature is slow than others countries. Because technology investment, expensive in Malaysia.

蛮有特色的video制作。记得share给你身边朋友。Live digital caricature,可以说是掌握我第一阶段了。接下来,还有更多的节奏要掌握。更多资金要花费。

Farewell Gift Caricature by TritonLimArtist

95% most of my commission order come from internet inquiry. 90% conversation through email. 90% online payment success. 95% client prefer this way rather than asking over the phone. 95% people browsing details & requirement through my blog here before order. Only 5% people still live in dinosaur world.

This is the hand drawing caricature. A present to a team member who are going to leave. Kind a warm, when a team member received a present gift on the last day. You should have this to your staffs. Once of a life. Rather than nothing. Rather than just normal party. This showing love of a company to worker. Far beyond than just appreciation certification.

Only one piece produced from Triton Lim Artist, Caricature Artist Malaysia. And this is the master piece. Truly 100% hand drawing. Priceless. I'm glad to draw a gift caricature to your team member. Great to know you as well.

对于smartphone科技发达,人类在寻找知讯使用变得懒散。所以某些顾客群,总是懒惰地说,可以call back我吗,我有事要直接问你。我的确不会这样做。我不要在作画时受到任何情绪干扰。二来、我的blog注明到很清楚详情了。唯一你得动动手指头去网业浏览。可以看得出,有心人,是没借口的。

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Screen Protector Accessories

Should I get the screen protector. Yeah. No one can tell you what should use. Or should I buy. Then, only use money to buy an experience. I'm going to having digital drawing class, would you take a chance to learn?

Screen protector must have for me. To protect the table screen. Especially in drawing. You don't know what will happen. Scratch. Damage. And others. That's why digital caricature so expensive than normal caricatures. Urge organizer, choosing well live digital caricature artist to your client. Do not attempt to look for cheap margin to get big profit. Not going to happen. In this mobile network century. Everything can get easily online.

懂得利用,懂得发挥,活学活用,科技时代,逃不了。难怪西方国家,多数live digital caricature了。除了是发达国家,也是懂得爱护artist的国家。

Caricature for Fossil, The Gardens Mid Valley

Fossil is luxury branding. Especially in The Gardens Mid Valley. Thank you having me for your promotion event. Great experience for me to work with you.

3 chair and easel stand, that's it the place I took. Everything set up at the front window of the shop. Wonderful experience. Life drawing + life promoting Fossil on spot. People walk through can easily look from outside. Quite fun. Special moment for your branding and customer too.
Not much photo can share here. Due some reason. But this is real. And happened in Fossil, The Gardens Mid Valley.

很庆幸品牌公司聘请我。谢谢你们。没有当初,没有现在。没有设定稳当宣传管道,也就没有Triton Lim Artist。现在时代,淘汰的东西很快也很多。维护彼此感情,也跟着社会转变。时时提醒自己,记住原来的自己。

Sunday, July 5, 2015

ISCA Minicon Singapore

Continues story from my 1st story of ISCA minicon Sinagpore. Competition is one of the part in ISCA minicon. We draw each other as many as you can, to compete the chance to win. Here is all others caricature artist drawing of my faces.

Most of them from Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia, California, US, Singapore and etc. Different style of drawing they have. Totally amazing artwork you can see. Totally caricature features come out from theirs mind.
Each person have different thinking. Each person have different style. Different material. All combine will produced the best caricature you have. Never limit yourself in learning new things. You never know what is best for you. You only know you have to keep learning.



都是成为最基本一个caricature artist是否能做得好的因素。