Sunday, April 26, 2015

What is Live Digital Caricature?

Friend of Triton, Jon Casey, stay in San Francisco. Well-known caricature artist.

A lot of Malaysian doesn't know what is live digital caricature. As you can see, difference art culture Malaysia here. And the charge fees always destroyed by the local market in between event organizer and caricaturist. That's why Malaysian caricaturist always stay on lower stage floor. Don't laugh if one day you saw this situation.

要是你看见本地没有几位出色的Live Digital Caricature Artist Malaysia,可别狂笑。这是事实。

Memory Sketching Curve

Practicing is one of the part on how to keep your body fit. More healthy. More look handsome. Taken up Pilot Brush Supplement give you extra vitamin mineral of the day.

People do not support you whatever. Ignore them. Just focus on yours. Make a little bit of achievement in your current stage will be great enough.
No one practicing sketching on live, is OK. You do it. No one really want to be a caricature artist Malaysia among Chinese race, is OK. You do it. No one really care about this, is OK. You do it. Nothing come from easy. Everything have a cause a lot of person do not know. At least you know yourself. Keep it up on who you are.


Monday, April 13, 2015

Stroke Line

Configuring stroke line here. Try to make the maximum satisfaction lining.

Haha. Look difference right. If compare with original hand drawing. Yaa, will make it well on digital tablet soon.

Digital Caricature Artist Malaysia,在大马没几个。工具价钱昂贵之外,本地人对caricature知识低迷。所以为什么我们羡慕国外,偏偏自己不努力。

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Caricature Artist Malaysia Triton Lim Mobile Web

This is mobile web of mine website. Look so funny, right? Small. Everything minimize. Encourage browsing using PC/MAC. Because mouse over effect, you still can see it clearly. Some more PC is full screen, full details display, easy browsing & etc...

I wondering how now people always using smartphone to surf FB, News, Google...Totally crazy sometime. There are Advantage & Disadvantage still. Most of the time people say can't find my details in mobile web. I think they are too lazy to searching via PC/MAC. What I do? IGNORE action. I hope with the new technology, please use wisely.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Kids Birthday Party Bandar Sri Damansara

Thank you Denise & Vincent having me in your kid birthday party. It was wonderful memory for caricature drawing to yours guests. Beside having birthday party at restaurant, residential place also a good place to have a party.

Simple set up. Simple food. Simple music. Clean and nice place. Small birthday party. Awesome. Those kids & parents always make my heart melt. So grateful be yours caricaturist.
Having clown, photographer, is every body does. But having caricature drawing on live, is totally special moment for your guests. Having artistic gift bring back to frame.

感谢Denise & Vincent选择了Caricature Artist Malaysia, Triton Lim,作为你们的caricaturist。也祝福你们生活愉快。短暂的时光,留住了难忘的回忆。谢谢你们。

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

New App!!

YES New App, got to try and try.

What to do. If can't find people for teaching or any guideline. Only try it out yourself. People seek success well known people. Some people seek for pure and sincere people for guidance. You are in which group?