Sunday, October 25, 2015

Ogawa Caricature Tebrau City

Thank you Ogawa Malaysia. Thank you Venus from CLM. Thank you having me for Ogawa live caricature in Aeon Tebrau City Johor. Second time work with Ogawa since after first time live caricature with Ogawa Mid Valley.

This is really long trip from KL to JB. 4 hours trip. Travel there early in the morning. Coming back to KL late of the night. Terrible tired. Physical and mental tired too. Wish you can come along with me.
JB Aeon market full of crowd. Counter not many staff. Same situation in KL too. JB people is different with KL too. The culture of caricature seem slow here. Not many people knowing this is called caricature. Most of JB people feel a bit shy too. There is a differences State culture in between JB and KL.


Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Surface Pro Pen

Surface Pro Pen come with AAAA battery and two 319 battery inside. They funny things is, I search all hardware shop in Mid Valley, no one selling AAAA battery. This is Malaysia. Always shortage occur. Shortage occurred only for those not high demand product.

Until...lah when Malaysia can changed? Economy bad, RM money rate low, services bad, staff cut off, petrol increase, toll increase, haze issues...Who should blame actually? Does anyone blame on ourself first?

Surface Pro Pen,好在有磁力作用。可以贴在Surface Pro Tablet上面。可惜的是,当电池没了,很难在相机、电器店、五金店找到。这就是马来西亚一般代理商的作风,只顾利润,不顾售后服务。

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Microsoft Surface Pro

Thank you in2 having Digital Caricature Artist Malaysia, Triton Lim Artist, for Intel road show at Low Yat Plaza, Bukit Bintang. Great experience for me drawing live digital caricature in Surface Pro.

The Surface Pro screen is larger than Ipad. Stylus pressure and sensitivity much more details and easy control than Wacom. But the finger gesture is less sensitive than Ipad. App interface is less interact for Tablet technology. There is a mini fan inside Surface Pro 3. One night I drawing at late night, I heard a weird wind sound. I thought is going raining outside & blowing wind.

Windows & Apple,不一样的系统世界。Samsung也要霸占市场。单看这些科技,这些媒体宣传、新闻报道,大家互相在创新,抢更多的市场,互相抄袭。没完没了。我们人民,就一直“被逼”要买新的。反而,我觉得,要是根据自己公司科技研究,真正深入与人有同一个共鸣的,走出自己的路,才是最好产品不过了。

Caricature for Nestle Malaysia

Thank you Emily. Thank you looking me back after so many years since The Star event. Gift caricature for hers boss. One of the Nestle boss. And this is my 2nd time back to Surian Tower. After my first gift caricature to Purina, Nestle.

Black & white, full body come with suite. Only one piece produced & drew by Caricature Artist Malaysia, Triton Lim Artist. No more 2nd piece. Hand draw piece. Photo always play important role, to giving artist, let us know more about your client face.


Friday, October 2, 2015

Private Birthday Party

Private Birthday Party consider is. Anyway, great & thanks to Summer family having me in your kid birthday party at PJ CENTRESTAGE. Whatever event held in cafe restaurant, the most scary & bothering me is, the "Lightness". Without enough lighting, drawing will be very painful for eyes.

So, only available update blog here with building, cafe and scenario only. Hope you guys ok. Because of privacy. Triton Lim Artist, Caricature Artist Malaysia, have to promise and follow. To respect the family. But you can view more of my last live caricature event here.