Saturday, December 31, 2011

Live Caricature Wedding Dinner, Oversea Restaurant

Part 4 - Wedding Signature Caricature on wall.

How many of you would hang your wedding signature book on the wall?
Several people would do that, I think.
I wouldn't do that.

But here, you can. Combination caricature and guests signature. Isn't it look great?
Cool. Awesome. Great. Wonderful. Priceless.
You can look at your guests signature, meanwhile can enjoy the caricature.

Part 1: Preparation Wedding Gift Caricature

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Mini Workshop

I'm going to have mini workshop here.
There are 3 mini workshop, caricature, memory sketch and comic.

Mini caricature workshop open to corporate/ college/ public. Interested can contact me.
Purpose I'm doing this, because I'm hope I can plant a strong caricature culture in Malaysia here. Let more people know what it's call caricature.

In memory sketch mini workshop, will train you how to draw with your own way own style.

Comic(四格漫画) workshop, will guide you to have a proper humor and funny story script.

At the same time, I'm looking apprentice/ partner, to join me as a team in caricature.
If you are the one, sincere, honest and passion in caricature. You are welcome contact me.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Tropicana Life Comic Competition Award 2011 - Part 2

My comic award publish in Comic King magazine 140 issue.
What I know is, the participants's standard had been drop if compare with last year.
I hope there is a talent artist show up. Although the prize are no so considerable.
But this is the way you prove yourself.

Tropicana Life Comic Competition Award 2011 - Part 1

Monday, December 26, 2011

Frequent Asked Questions

General Questions
1. Since when you started this career?
2. Where is your office?
3. What is caricature?
4. Why I need the basic info about you?
5. Can I order with you directly in your personal FB?
6. Why my charges different with others caricaturist?
7. Can I pay you after job done? Can I negotiate the price with you?
8. Can I meet you?
9. Can I call you?
10. Can I have your contact?
11. Can I meet you in personal just try to get to know more about you? Ask for your experience something?
12. Tips looking caricaturist in Malaysia.

Live Traditional Caricatures Questions
1. I having a wedding, 100pax, 200pax, 300pax people. Would you manage draw all the guest within 3 hours?
2. Do you have other caricaturist work under you?
3. Can I reserve the date with you first?
4. What time you arriving to event destination?
5. Do you take Out Station event jobs?
6. How many person can drawn in 1 hour?
7. Do you dress proper in events?
8. Do you provide paper template? Such as title, date, info, ready-draw body...
9. Would you put inside the plastic sleeve on the caricature drawing after finished?
10. What do you bring during live caricature drawing?
11. What do we need to provide you during live caricature drawing?
12. Can I know your price?
13. Could I kindly have the drawings not so “cartoon-like”?
14. I wish you to draw caricature based on the photo given on spot, instead live caricature, can you?

Live Digital Caricatures Questions
1. What tablet technology are you using?
2. How many people can you draw an hour?
3. How much do you charge for live digital caricatures?
4. Do you provide instant print on spot?
5. What is the difference live digital & live traditional?
6. Can I have custom design for the photo template?

Customize Caricatures Questions
1. What photo quality does you need?
2. Do you provide courier services?
3. How long does it take to finish one caricature?
4. Can I request to draw with mine taste?
5. Can you redraw if I'm not loving it?
6. What difference drawing based on photo and drawing live?

General Questions

Since 2010.
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Home Studio.
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You can refer Wikipedia for basic knowledge about caricature.
Big head small body not exactly called caricature. Tracing from the photo using computer and make it look like graphic style, it doesn't called caricature too. Remember that.
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To prevent JUNK/ SPAM email/ Thief. Name, contact, occupation, location and inquiry details needed. Incomplete or unclear info will not be entertained.
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No. You are recommend browsing through via blog details here. And email us regarding any order and booking.
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Different cars model different prices. Different brands different prices. Different media materials. Different profession. Differences give you better choices.
The most important is, you got to know what CARICATURE you looking for.
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Can I pay you the money after I bring back home the Ipad Air? Can I negotiate with you so I can pay less RM1000 to buy this SAMSUNG NOTE 4? "I hope you are NOT this type of person."
Deposit required. Balance upon delivery or before. Or full payment on beginning.
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Sure. You are welcome visiting Blog/FB Page.
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Email priority. SMS, Whatsup, WeChat & LINE, secondary. Reply back once off period.
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Primary contact via email. Phone calling only for Royal Client. Or some certain cases.
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Sure. I'm great to know somebody with pure, sincere and honest people.
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If you no idea at all, just go ahead. Pick one and try. Just like the way you try Curry Laksa. You will know the difference after try.
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Live Traditional Caricatures Questions

You could hire few caricaturist. This properly can give each one of your guests drawn.
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NO. First book first served. Don't regret if others book early.
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1 hour early before event start.
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Yes. Travel, meal & accommodation bear by client.
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Roughly 8-10 person in live traditional caricature(black & white).
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Sure. Please take a view on my last event jobs here. Always according event types. But NO wearing organizer's dress in certain cases. It's totally blocking hand moving on board.
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Yes. Please refer here. Extra cost charge. 1 week preparation.
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Since 2 years back, envelope prefer in live traditional caricature drawing. Save the Earth purpose. Encourage organizer use yours envelope.
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Easel stand. Paper material & drawing tools.
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A place. 2 or 3 chairs. Bright light. No yellow warm light. It's killing artist eye. Especially when in hotel ballroom, banquets dinner, night show...
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Event Types + Location Venue + Hours Required = NEEDED.
As stated in my "Booking" page. If just simply compare price in between caricaturist like that, here is not recommend. You don't know what CARICATURE you provide to client. Except knowing price difference. This is not health way to make a business.

*Triton Lim Artist, roughly fees:
by event types + location + hours required = (RM800 ~ RM2500++)
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You should understand difference in between Caricature and Portrait. Each caricaturist have different style. Make sure you take preview of theirs past event jobs, before send inquiry.
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Not recommended drawing live based on photo. This is not called live caricature. Make sure you/your client understand what type of live caricature is looking for.
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Live Digital Caricatures Questions

Ipad with digital stylus pen.
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8 ~ 10.
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Definitely different with live traditional caricatures. Please provide full event details.
Event Types + Venue Location + Hours Required
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Yes. With additional charge.
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Live digital is drawing caricature on tablet technology. Instant artwork print. Large screen crowd visibility. While live traditional is drawing with brush on paper.
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Yes. With additional charge.
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Customize Caricatures Questions

High resolution. Different angels faces. Day life photo. No passport photo. No filter image photo. In order to draw a best result of caricature, this is basic requirement. It's helped artist understanding a person figure more precisely.
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Own delivering. Hand to hand to client. Out of KL Klang Valley, DHL/Pos Laju using.
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Depends on what type of caricature you chosen. Approximate 3 days. Excluding framing & printing. Order taken follow by job order.
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No. Artist have theirs personal taste.
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No redraw. This is an artistic caricature hand drawing task. Make sure choose the right caricaturist. And understand enough "Caricature" meaning with.
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Drawing based on photo need few photo to ensure a person figure well. Drawing live, easily can know one person faces with no doubt.
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Friday, December 23, 2011

Dragon Artwork Prints, by Triton Lim

These are the artwork draw by Triton Lim. Plus 2012 is Dragon Year. So this will be nice to grab one favorite Dragon home.

You can purchase through my Triton Lim Etsy shop here.
Any thing, can contact via email.
Picture below show you how I progress. I have some Dragon model for reference. This give me more imagination about how Dragon look like.

Some of my Dragon artwork. Dragon Tattoo Master. Dragon Football Match. Dragon (Qilin)...
Are you get ready to purchase?
Grab one home. Frame it. And hang it on the wall.

**Actually in overseas, a lot of artist doing online selling their own artwork prints. So far Malaysia not many artist doing this. I hope what I'm doing, can inspire more local talent artist to stand out and make it work.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Live Caricature Wedding Dinner, Oversea Restaurant

Part 3 - Live caricature in Oversea Restaurant.

That's a wonderful moment for the guests who having a caricature.
Such a big surprise for them. "Wow...Woo...Yoo...Cool..."
As what I wrote in my previously post, I'm leading the caricature culture way here.
Make Malaysian here get it know more well about caricature.
You can try search in Google to find out more about what is called Caricature.

Part 4: Wedding Signature Caricature on wall

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I Love Older Women! 我爱熟女

Author and artist of comic "Loving Older Women(爱上熟女)", that's me, Triton Lim.
And "玉飞(Younger Man)" having picture with me too....
"Just joking......hahaha!!"

My comic been published almost 2 years, in China Press paper.
Being go through a lot too...
If you haven't read my comic yet, go and grab one on Sunday paper.

This is my original sketching and inking comic.
Dialog by me. Coloring by me too.
If you really want to be comic artist, you got to have good story script.
Good illustration with your own style.
*And if you truly loving a women older than you, go a head. Because this Love, is between she and you.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Taiwan Caricature

Taiwan Caricature Network, a group of Taiwan Caricature Artist.
Making a great caricature history there.
Thanks Master Pan, sharing a lot info about caricature to me.

*I share your info here, just hope Malaysian who really want to learn more about Caricature, can know more a bit from others country.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Gift Caricature, Happy Family

A wonderful happy family.
Drawing caricature for them...
Simple & clean.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Live Caricature Wedding Dinner, Oversea Restaurant

Part 2 - Wedding Signature Caricature Board.

A romantic, a memorable, a wonderful wedding gift caricature you ever had.
Guests having a signature on you caricature board. Isn't it great?
Instead just sign in wedding guest book.
A new way, a special way for you.

Congrats to Bride & Groom.

Part 3: Live caricature in Oversea Restaurant

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Birthday Gift Caricature

Gift caricature for Birthday.
This is special request actually from client. Add in the feel of birthday party.
You can see what I doing here in my picture below.