Monday, March 24, 2014

Others kind of comic

The others kind of my short comic.
I didn't post it quite some time.
This is for primary school magazine considered.
Name "Thumbs Up Pictorial" from Jia Yang publisher.
Yes, totally different style with my 《爱上熟女》.

Somehow I was thinking, child should give them creative imagination.
No something should border theirs mind and act.
This one can not. That one can not.
Then we drove them to a cool world.
Why we should make a limit to them?

Actually this comic is without bubble dialog.
Only teachers guide students how the story go.
Or how students will react/thinking after saw these comic image.


Sunday, March 16, 2014

Wedding Gift for hers Cousin

Another piece of water coloring for wedding gift.
Thanks for having me. Choosing me for your lovely wedding gift to your cousin's wedding.
I personal love it so much. I rather keep it myself. Or I rather buy it from you.
Yes. It is. Masterpiece. Now is with you. My last piece water color art work is here.

I love hand painting. More than using digital coloring.
Because it's feel real. More texture you can feel.
More excited. Only one masterpiece. Priceless.
I love bride's gown and wedding headband so much.

During the progress, sure must be very careful. Dropping a brush.
Brush with color. Every step have to be clean and caution.
Not easy return/revise as Digital Computer, once coloring get start painted.
Hope this artwork will bring happiness forever to your cousin during the wedding ROM.
Nature pine wood frame + artwork = perfect. I love it so much.


Sunday, March 9, 2014

Shopping Mall Decoration of Chinese New Year 2014

Which shopping mall during Chinese New Year 2014 is the best decoration and entertain for you?
In 2013, I wrote a post about Chinese New Year decoration in One Utama.
This year, decoration in One Utama shopping mall no good at all.
Decoration in The Curve also no good.
May be economic factor. Cut expenses.
No any Chinese culture, like selling Chinese traditional stuffs. Sad.

The photo below taken from Mid Valley.
Over all, the design of decoration in Mid Valley not really ok.
But full of Chinese culture stuffs.
I got make a Chinese chop there too.

The photo below taken from Pavilion.
Consider ok. Some of the deco, they using back the deco from Christmas event.
There were Chinese culture, which got calligraphic, dragon, Chinese chop and so on...

KLCC, I don't know what happen.
When I went there, I only saw this. As photo below.
Like nothing. Sad sad.


Sunday, March 2, 2014

Polo Shirt for Edward Kwon

The other polo shirt for Edward Kwon.
View the others gift caricature of Edward here.

Some how you may a not particular person. Who may not see the different of polo shirt quality.
Or you may not a person who can see the tiny things in the printing material on the shirt as well.
But I'm the kind of person. Look for the good production. Give the best quality to the customer.
Always what I did.

Another piece of my production fly to Korea.
Kind a cool if you wearing this kind of shirt everyday.

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