Thursday, April 20, 2017

Be You

From Caricature to Silkscreen

Majority peer fighting for cheaper price. And majority less artistic element. And majority less Chinese population doing this. Most of time I SICK with this. Who caused this culture in Malaysia? Answered is our self.

No matter how, I realize that in silkscreen Malaysia, they are many many way to produce a final piece artwork. They are many many kind of businessman. So the conclusion what I saw from Caricature to Silkscreen is:

  • respect peer without harm. No matter how bad or how good they did, NON of my business.
  • provide good decision making for user is priority. And delivery right info about the Art of Caricature/Silkscreen.
  • treat ours profession as master kungfu. Arrogant, pretended, dishonesty will not long last.
  • be the one I want to be. Liked the picture above, they are so many type of Rice, be the one who of yourself, do not bothers other, people will know your taste at the end.