Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Live Wedding Caricatures in Premiere Hotel, Klang

Wedding caricatures in Premiere Hotel, Klang.
People here also first time experience with this caricature entertainment during wedding dinner.
But this is very good for them. Picture shooting, video shooting, live band all decade, is time to try something new, something different in your wedding.
Something you can keep for your whole life.
Something really meaningful, draw from a real caricaturist. Valuable.

They are Dato Datin. I know Datin Jenny only in Facebook. But she never reply my message.
I ask Datin, "Why you never reply me in Facebook?" Datin just laughing.
At least now Datin can knew me who I am. What I did now. I hope she will remember.
This is called caricature drawing. Try view latest wedding live caricature event jobs here.

Thanks to Hikaru Entertainment. And hers wedding planner.
Thanks for booking me live caricature for this wedding dinner.
Hope work with you again next time.
地位高级、教育高等,仍然很多人没看过此类live caricature。

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Little Red Market

Second time Triton in Little Red Market. Exciting and fun. My first time was in May.
View here to read the article about Little Red Market in The Stars newspaper last time.
Due this market only held few months once a time, so crowd more than Fuyoh.
And much more western here. Different kind of skins.

*Always remember, for those who have my original black & white caricature.
Please keep it safe. For coloring, mug, T-shirt purpose in future.

I love the twins as picture below. The most difficult for caricature drawing.
They look same together. Really hard to catch each other figure properly. Take time.
And great meet up some friends here, doctor, consultant, designer, teacher...
Thanks Little Red Market, Melissa and Sally.


Monday, October 15, 2012

Live Caricatures Great British Ball 2012, Shangri-La Hotel KL

My first time doing live caricature with western here. Thanks to Mike and Alan.
It's happened in Shangri-La Hotel KL. It was high class ballroom dinner event.
All western huge size in body. Quite different culture here.
More polite. More system. More friendly people here.

I grew up from Chinese background. Education in Sekolah Kebangsaan.
Some how I want to know more about the life of different countries people.
How theirs family, education, working background and such. I do really interest.

If we can speak English. And western can speak Chinese. This must be awesome.
Yeah, it is. I felt it close the gap between people.
We are same from the earth. And if we do understand and speak each language.
It's definitely change a lot about the human world.


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fuyoh in September

Triton Lim consider every end of month, he will be here for caricature.
Yeap, correct. I try each opportunity to explore to public.
So far Publika is the good place for art & craft.
That day is Chinese Latern festival.
I saw some of familiar face pass by. Blogger, The Child Like Empress. 8tv quickie. SJKC Kwong Hon people in charge. Actor, 张爵西 Jess Teong. And my uncle.


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Live Caricatures Charity Carnival in SJKC Kwong Hon

It's Sunday morning, who were going to wake up at this day?
Yeah, for those people who are involved in this charity.
Enjoy the video clip I make above. Hope you like it and share to others.

This is my second time to participate in school charity.
My first time is in SMK Sri Sentosa.
Different organizer, different school, different place, always have different.
Different branded car, branded bag, fashion, also different each others.
Even caricaturist, different each others always. Differences make perfect.