Monday, April 29, 2013

Birthday Gift Caricature, The Piano Lady

Birthday gift for his sister.
That's great he loving my caricature artwork to his behalf. Second time looking me back.
Mom happy with my style, then pass my contact to his son, then son present to his sister.

Wishing your sister having wonderful birthday.
Playing piano in nature. This is so cool. Awesome.
Imagine when playing piano in the forest. On the train. On the mountain.
Feel connected with the nature force.
Video from The Piano Guys.

Cool, right?
Yeah, they are the most hit in youtube. Now they are having ThePianoGuys 2. Can't wait it.
I wish could play piano too.


Monday, April 22, 2013

Wedding Gift for Cycling Couple

Wedding gift caricature for you. Once in a whole life.
Price cannot tell you how much the value is.
Only the person who own it will know the value.

Drawing bicycle, the details much more than scooter motor.
I changed twice for the sketching drawing. Due the bicycle's difficulties.
Actually this artwork is for engagement purpose for his behalf.
And he success manage to purpose. And make a engagement at the same time.
Wow...what a wonderful moment. Thanks for having me.
Thanks having me drawing for you. Congratulation to both of you too.

"Once in a life. Great and sweet memory of caricature artwork with you."

一生人一张wedding caricature作品。