Sunday, October 22, 2017

Silkscreen Print Envelope

Hand Drawn Image

After linocut last time, this time using silkscreen block. The most important, you have to create the image which going to burn on silkscreen block later. With the limited light source, the image have to drawn very dark. Then only OK for burn the image.

SpeedBall Screen Print

SpeedBall is common ink sold at art shop. And it is easy to use. Easy to clean off too. No smell. Eco-friendly as well.

Screen Print Envelope, what Triton Lim - Screen Printer Artist, learned recently, he try to apply on the envelope. Which use during live caricature. This is good artwork to have. Great way to produce envelope by yourself. Rather just send the digital file for print. Hand manual screen print, you will find the artistic feeling on it. You can't find it in digital print artwork. Everything is control by your hand, knowledge, and technique.


Tuesday, October 17, 2017

EcoWorld Sanctuary Dinner Party

Sanctuary Dinner Night

Thank you EcoWorld Sanctuary Kota Kemuning, for having Triton Lim Artist live caricature here with your VIP guests. View more the article here, Malaysia Tatler.

Celebrating New Property Launch

The Eco Sanctuary environment here are so huge and calm, loving this place. And the property are big too. Full of guards. Cool.

While VIP guests having dinner at downstairs, Triton is rolling at upstairs. One of the room, where is so pretty and big. First experience having live caricature at such high class property launching dinner party night. Wish EcoWorld provide the best service forever. As you can see, standee bring along with, almost movable in the room space. That's why author never practice draw on table with guests.

高尚级的晚宴,谢谢EcoWorld Malaysia的邀请。感谢各位VIP Dato Datin。

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Linocut Printmaking Malaysia

First Linocut of Triton Lim Artist

He was so fascinated about those artist can linocut so nice and printing so nice manually.

Sheet Of Linoleum

It's totally new for Triton Lim Artist - Caricature Artist Malaysia. This linocut happened before he started silkscreen. This two handmaking theory almost same, but difference method of printmaking process.

Linocutting tool with several different blades, this is how the linocut image from. It's involved hand strength, more patience, more focus, more time spent, more details need to be careful. After all, he did apply on the envelope, which used for live caricature. This is great handmade artwork which produced by manually. Totally difference feelings if compare with digital print.

Linocut中文被翻译为麻胶版画,说实在不懂对不对。总之,这门手艺考手力,和图像转变能力。。。 从似颜绘突然接触Linocut,的确有点难消化。是需要时间。

Monday, October 9, 2017

Berjaya Property Bukit Jalil Launching Day

Berjaya Property Bukit Jalil

Thank you for the event organizer having me here. This is property launching day here. Beside clown, tattoo spray, kid fun, caricature is one of it.

Launching Day

This is premium property launching day. As usual, people start curious about what is caricatures. Later on people line up for caricature drawn.

This is part of activity of the day here. Nothing more. Caricature Artist Malaysia - Triton Lim Artist, just draw his best as usual. While I believe what event organizer picking up a caricature artist, this is yours choice as client to understand who artist is it, rather than just picking up based on prices. Same thing as purchasing a property. I'm sure every one does having survey first before really invest.


Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Live Caricature For Accenture Malaysia

Double Tree KL

Second time here again for live caricature Accenture Malaysia. Thank you Accenture Malaysia having me. First time was worked with Bella Skincare.

Private Event

Due to private event, not much can show you here. Sorry about that. Anyway, there are a lot of foreigner. Korean, India, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Philippine and so on. They all are IT talented people. Something couldn't really understand what they really talking about.

Caricature Artist Malaysia - Triton Lim Artist, consider independent artist. Therefore, a lot of things handle by himself. Therefore, anything by email would be great. You know some time he can't pick up phone on time. Leaving email would be great for him.

感谢Accenture Malaysia,让他有再次的机会回到此地。

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

HP Spectre x360 Digital Caricatures

Troika Sky Dining KL

Good experience with HP device. After Surface Pro, after Konica Printer job tasks, it's good to explore more local digital device involved more in art sense. First time ever here Troika Sky Dining, so high the building.

HP Pen

HP Spectre x360 is Microsoft System. Basically it's almost liked Surface Pro. The stylus pen almost the same. But better a bit then Surface Pro.

About live digital caricatures with using client model, I always request the model 2 weeks before the event show. Due I need time to learn on the device. And get use on the stylus pen come along with. Always always always. No matter what circumstance, this is priority. Before I say YES to the job accepting. This is me, Caricature Artist Malaysia - Triton Lim Artist, how I co-operate with secure both party. I want get used on the device, you want get the great caricaturist. YES! YES! YES!

感谢event organizer。各有各的数码器材配件,都有不同的人群使用。人们的选择,永远他们自己做主。我只能说,寻找足够资料,才是最好的前奏。

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Silkscreen Exposure Unit

Ultra Light Buld

After 1st class of silkscreen, I attempted to build a exposure unit. Search so many electrical shop for these UV light. Almost non of them selling this kind of light buld in Malaysia. I was so upset and I cried. I even can't sleep proper every night that time. I felt I'm sorry to my wife. Done so many thing & research so many info, non of it came out.

High Spend on Equipment

About silkscreen, once you decided to start as a career, it's involved so many process, and so huge equipment invest. Huge money dump into the water. Far larger than my caricature. I'm scared. I unconfident. Helpless. I never thought that, searching UV light bulds in Malaysia, is not easy. Every money spent came out nothing result.

Black tube UV, finally found it in one of the small shop. That time I was not sure is it ok for silkscreen use. I have no ideas. I bought it and tested it for a few time. Turn out nothing. Image burn no good on emulsion. Something wrong in the middle UV buld or paper I'm using for exposure. I did ask my teacher, they are not sure too. Only try and error said to me. My question is, is it necessary UV light buld needed for exposure? Or just a stronger white light buld will do?