Saturday, June 29, 2013

Gift for Singapore - Part II

Continue story from Part I.
Feel grateful my piece of caricature artwork fly to Singapore.
Picture below show you the original sketching. Before drop ink or coloring.

Marina Bay add for background.
And also the client like to jogging around that area.
I haven't been Marina Bay yet. But it's look like a ship on the sea.
Isn't it awesome.


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Birthday Gift for Baker Shi Fu

Show you the behind scenes. The drawing for Angeline.
She is very very busy busy busy busy super busy woman.
So hard to see her. Unless one thing. Order cake from her. You will see her.

What do you define "Busy" is?
Am I stupid something? Am I too kind. Or too generous?
Until can't tell the different friend and client.
Kind an angry, madness, nonsense will pop out suddenly if situation not handle correctly.
Smiling face showed at the moment she hold it.


Saturday, June 22, 2013

Gift Caricature for Procter & Gamble - Part I

Thanks Ms Teoh having me.
She working in Singapore. Procter & Gamble company.
One day she wanted have a personal gift for his colleague.

It's great. Finally my art work fly to Singapore.
Labuan. Sabah. Those are gift caricature orders from me also.
All get through from internet. My blogspot here.
Hope more people from others country get to know me here.

Always remember, give me clear photo. With few angle of face.
It's help me a lot to identify one person enough.
The drawing below with spectacular tennis racket. Racket with "Duracell" handle.
It's must be something connection between racket and this person. I didn't ask so much.


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Wedding Gift for Port Dickson Couple

Thanks Roy having me. Thanks for the couple having me.
Another piece of mine artwork fly to other places. Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan.
With the caricature I present. Wish you have a wonderful wedding.

Sketching is the important part.
As long you provide me the pictures I need. I available to know each person figure very much.
Front. Side. Full body photo. Sharp. Clear. No touch up photo.
May be you will felt annoying. Why this artist need so much photo?
Yeap, may be this is annoying. But this is how I recognize one person figure.
Remember, the person you know. Far better than me 100%.
Photos needed to sketch a better caricature for you.

*Special bride dress design for hers. Long gown. With few layers.
Blue high heels. Different than ordinary.

And this is the time to make revolution.
No more signature on book. Lets signature on this wedding signature board.
At the end, artwork hang on the wall. Viewing the artwork and guests signature at the same time.
More wonderful. More memorable. Than ordinary signature on the book.


Friday, June 14, 2013

Live Caricatures MINI Paceman Bangsar Malaysia

Thanks MINI Malaysia having me.
First time drawing in vehicle company Malaysia.
This is MINI Paceman car lauching event.

Cars here is really expensive.
Buyers all upper level, who afford to own it. Can't imagine what they life is.
MINI staff here different. The way they work different.
Here showing you the making of MINI paper template for the day.

I hope this will tell you a story.
Different cars different prices. Different specifications as well too.
Same thing happen to caricaturist.
When you planning hiring/booking a caricaturist. Choose wisely.
Not just compare price/charges only among the caricaturist.
You have to understand the levels/tools/satisfaction/profession each caricaturist.
This is what you choose. Choose wisely.
This is what I always emphasize in my FAQ page.


Monday, June 10, 2013

Live Caricature Kid Birthday Party

Thanks having me Angeline.
Do you know who is Angeline? The Baker ShiFu, Angeline. Which I post in my blog here previously.
She loving hers daughter very much. Simple and nice birthday party at home.
The picture below taken by Angeline. Magician, face painting, caricature, games and so on...
*And this is the early one I did for the birthday party in Full House.
Time + Experience = Better Drawing Style.

Do you know what funny part while I'm drawing those kids?
All mixed. The kids/ the little friend all mixed.
One side parents Malaysian. One side parents German/others country.
Some got Chinese Eye. Some got Western nose.
Some got white skin but look Chinese. Some dark skin got Western look.
In short they two different of genetic combine into one.

What a wonderful family. What a wonderful parents.
Is great having something different for a little kids.
Time rush. Can't even see the birthday cake which Angeline made for hers daughter.
After back. Sick. Due long hour expose under the hit.

Any medical leave? Any medical cover from client side. No.
Why no. I'm not work to company. I work independent as caricaturist.
So that's why I charge a reasonable price for all my jobs. More info in "FAQs" here.