Saturday, February 24, 2018

How To Curing T-shirt After Water Based Ink Applied Is Important - By Triton Lim, Screenprint Artist Malaysia

After every ink applied, curing tees needed after dry.

Every tee after screen printing, it got to be cure. To ensure the textile ink really on to the fabric. If not, when the garment goes through the wash, it might have some fades, cracks and in some circumstances disappears altogether. Yes, it is. Screen printing involved many step. Screen printing cannot be rush. Definitely different with what you think. To be independent artist in Malaysia, not easy. To be a great caricature artist in Malaysia, not easy. To be a great silkscreen artist Malaysia/ Screen Print Artist Malaysia, not easy too.

Most of the time, I wish local can born a pure artist. Artist who get honor not because the "LIKE" of the virtual world. But inner of himself/herself.

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Friday, February 9, 2018

How To Screen Washout The Image After Emulsion Dried | Screenprint Artist Malaysia - Triton Lim

After Exposure, Screen Washout

After screen emulsion applied, and exposed. The screen need to be washout immediately. Because the emulsion chemical reaction still on going. Somehow there are few method screen washing out the block. All depends on light source, UV or normal white light. What I knew, the emulsion chemical is react to UV light. Once it expose to UV with the right timing applied, it wouldn't easy wash out. Even high pressure water jet gun on close distance. No additional Hardener apply after all.

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