Saturday, May 31, 2014

Gift for SGS Malaysia

Thanks SGS Malaysia having me for theirs STAFF gift caricature
First time SGS looked for me was a year ago. Thanks SGS. Time flies. Appreciate very much, my gift caricature artwork once again liked by the other states in Malaysia, Labuan. Again, time make you skill professional here. Do not give up for those keen to be caricature artist Malaysia.

2 pretty lady, a gift for them as "Appreciation Award" in the company. Always remember, provide me more photos will help me understand one person figure much clearly than single photo. To have better caricature drawing, you must. Read my requirement always in my blog. Too avoid any conflict in between.


Sunday, May 25, 2014

Memory Sketching Mid Valley

Memory sketching at Mid Valley. Each time different face appeared.
I using 2 type of pen. One is Pentel. One is Pilot. Totally different feel. As you know, not many art shop Malaysia intend to bring in others profession brush pen. Because, just due to theirs own reason "BECAUSE"... So they said no market. In fact they don't know really understand the useful of some good brush pen. They don't know how to make business. Some how I totally fade out with them. Such a big company but doing such a little work.

Memory sketching give you the best practical practice. To develop own personal dressing style. Your own "CATWALK" way. In Malaysia art college, who care about this "live sketching"?? Who care about own personal stylish, dressing, personalities? Being COPY CAT no good at all. But how many people care? If you take a step make change, you will the different.

Photo below showing 2 different type of brush pen. Come out with 2 different feel. Choosing a right brush pen is a main key showing your artwork more personalize.


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Caricature Workshop - Day 2

Learning from the profession, is the key of learning yourself.
First day workshop was in my place. Second day workshop a bit stuff, lot of hand drawing needed at outdoor. Sketching. Memory sketching. Early in the morning, practice and learning from master. This is the time you have to face with your own inner. What inside thinking will reflect what you sketch what you see. Headache, frustrate, no idea and so on something that's inside you, will pop out. Yes. This is what you have to face. This is only way you create your own drawing style. Your own cat walk. Your own dressing style.

Short workshop only provide you basic drawing skill to better understand basic caricature.

Those who do not have any figure drawing basic, are not recommended. You are encourage to take part for the real workshop. Suitable for those who have 0 basic drawing skill. Among crowd walking pass, how you memories so much people to draw? Skill, determination, passion, focus, fast, sketch, all you have to train. Not only one day. But keep continuing.

Student artwork during that day for memory sketching. One day hard work, will not bring you any gold metal. Learn and practice whole journey, will make you perfect skill. Outdoor sketching. Get real people draw. Keep your mind sharp. Think fast. Memorize fast. I don't like people get "COPY CAT". "COPY CAT" do not bring you any benefit. My workshop don't allow this culture happen. Encourage students always have own "Style".


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Birthday Party at Kid's E World, The Gardens Mall

Thanks having me for your daughters birthday party.
Kids always shy at first. But later on, more and more kids come to draw, it's seem interesting for them. I come early always to set up my easel stand and so on. You can see the photo below, decoration begin. And the birthday cake awesome. Outstanding. Lightning McQueen birthday cake. And Cinderella birthday cake.

View my paper template created for this birthday party event.
Boys choose McQueen. Girls choose Cinderella. It's fun. It's Q. Children happy. I'm happy with those have a great family background too. I'm admired those family can having a such birthday party. All guests family friends invited to this party. Anyway, my last birthday party event job was in Sunway Hartamas.

I love the India girl. She pretty too. With nice smiling. I love her.
See, they are laughing with the caricatures I drew. They smile pretty. It's real. When they grew up, this caricature art work pieces are very meaningful for them.

多次birthday party event后,都有同感,嗯,觉得好羡慕,有这样的背景家庭。

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Caricature Workshop - Day 1

Caricature workshop on.
I believe not many profession caricature classes conducted in Malaysia. But, anyway, my classes on all the time. For those who are really like to learn and master caricature. Classes held in my place, can accommodate up to 8 students.

This is 2 days caricature workshop.
Conducted by me. 4 hours per day. First day in my place. Second day workshop at outdoor. This 2 days caricature workshop give you mind free, foundation drawing caricature and build on your drawing style. This workshop suitable for those eager for knowledge and want to learn fast in short time.

*Always remember, perfect always come from practice.

One is drew by student. One is mine, showing student the simple technique.
So student can compare and understand which part got to improve. Yes, a lot hard work to learn. It's not hard and it's not easy. Persistence and passion needed to complete a caricature drawing.

轻松而能掌握caricature的根基。 适合求知急切者。适合自学后,自用于画礼送人。或自用于乐趣上。谨记,一定的水准,是需要不断地练习的。

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Memory Sketch at The Curve

Memory sketch at McDonald's, The Curve.
Practice practice practice, make perfect. This is practice day. No rules. No limit. Nothing you can't do. Free yourself. Free your mind. To find yourself. Let go all the annoyance. Free yourself. Like water. Water fall from waterfall to the river. River to sea. Sea to Ocean. Ocean to steam. Steam to cloud. Cloud to rain. Yes, free yourself. Soft like water.

Having some new pen tool, Pentel brush.
It was nice. Nice nib brush. Soft. More like a Chinese calligraphy brush. Never try never know. Go ahead. You will find something pretty in the stroke. It is imported pen. Actually those pen really hard to find in art shop. Malaysia art shop or dealer, always think that, particular product if no demand, never bring in for sell. My question is, how you people so expert about art suddenly, how and what make you take this decision to stop selling this product in Malaysia? Are you an profession artist? Or just a ordinary staff?

Sitting in the corner, having McChicken, meantime sketching.
How to sketch, depends on your observation, memory, technique and mindset. It's all come with patient. Try and try. Never give up. Yeah, somehow, there are some curious people take a peep, don't bother them. Just concentrate your sketching. Don't let them blow you up. Yes, memory sketch give you "CONCENTRATION". This will make you concentrate in real event. This is how to train yourself.


Thursday, May 1, 2014

Live Caricature in Focus Point Promotion KLCC

Thanks you FOCUS POINT Malaysia.
Thanks having me here for live caricatures. This is Eye Care Carnival day by Focus Point Malaysia, held in KLCC. My last job in KLCC here was worked with KOSE.

What's so good about using EASEL STAND?
If you can see the photo above, actually is empty space. No table. Only 3 chairs. And my easel stand. So Focus Point, no need headache about having certain set up for me. I can fix in myself with my usual tools. That's cool, right? This is what I want to do for the client who book me. Less worry. Less money to spend for rent any set up for me. Some more easel stand is special design for artist uses. Classic. And so on...

I love the Iraq lady below.
She smiling bright. Like Angles. She have different shape of face. Different with local people. She smile until I finish draw. I like her. She like my caricature. We took photo. What a great memory. What a great moment. This is something photo shooting never can give you. Believe me.

很高兴,逐渐有知名度凭牌公司,都乐意和我合作,为他们搞了一场又一场的活动。谢谢Focus Point。谢谢你们。