Friday, March 30, 2012

Art for Grabs in Annexe Gallery

First time joining this Art for Grabs. Purpose for publicity of myself, caricatures.
I think this place not suitable for art/illustration person. Lot of the vendors here, all handmade item. Booth space small. Not enough lighting. The environment not clean. Group of people hang out in corridor and smoke. "If I'm visitor, I definitely wouldn't visit in"

Something happen before I really want to come here.
As usual, we online purchase something. After payment, sure must have confirmation slip. Same like we purchase cinema ticket online, after payment, sure have confirmation slip stated you are paid and your seat number is XX in what time movie started. But art for grabs person in charge here, he mad in different way without pointing finger on you. This is worst. I hate this kind of person.

After I made payment. I try to ask is it you received my payment. Is it I'm been confirmed in? Below is the email content after that.
"I did not send out confirmation, the vendor should be steady enough after they make the payment and chose the lot number. what so troublesome is some vendor who seem panic and unconfidence, they call, SMS, email at the same time with the same question and confuse me if I m talking to the same person."

These 2 day I totally feel not good. I don't want look at them at all.
For my publicity, got to hang until the end. At least I'm let public know here, this happened.

Reactions of public. A group of LimKokWing students snap picture of my caricature artwork. A women like my caricatures very much. She having picture with 2 little girl in my place. Wonderful.

I met a friend back here after almost 10 years from University life. Ashly Nandong, he want to be artist now. Great. I met Janet too. She is great singer. Great to know you too. Nice to know some others vendors here too, Niki, Pupurin...

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Fuyoh, Publika

Caricatures in Fuyoh art bazaar Publika, Mont Kiara.
Thanks to Mamasan first of all. Great to know you too.
This is the great place. Clean. Nice environment.
With new Art row opening, cycling program every Sunday, make more people come to visiting.
I love this place. No sun exposure. No strong wing. My artwork pieces all safe.

Public reactions spotted my caricatures. Ha..ha...
I'm joining Fuyoh is part of my publicity. Let public know about caricatures.
Yeah a bit tired each time I in bazaar, but that's worth.
If you are caricature artist out there, please try stand out. Make the Malaysia caricatures culture different. I been try to contact some of them for meet up. Until now, all don't want come out. "So sad~"

Lovely people with my caricatures.
Remember, frame it up. It's worth. Priceless. Memorable. Don't just keep it right that, yeah.
And Thanks for those who loving my caricatures too. You can drop me comment in my Facebook page or even blogspot here.

*Other pictures can look for here.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Live Wedding Caricatures in HGH Convention Centre KL

Thanks your artwork, my guest really like it so much.

Congratulation to Mario and Connie.
This was the great time let yours know live caricatures.
Beside having life band, emcee all the decade, live caricatures is a part of entertainment too.
Just not many caricature artist in Malaysia doing this.
And not many Chinese caricature artist too.
Now I'm the one. Share it to your friend who are getting marry soon, let them know live caricatures wedding dinner by Triton Lim.

Having fun with caricatures. And me photo with lovely kids.
This was the wonderful moment you having my caricatures.
Yeah, Malaysia a bit slow this kind of culture. But what to do. I'm still need to do.
I'm need your all help, please share it to your friends there. This is live caricatures by Triton Lim.

*Other pictures look for here.
View more wedding caricature event I had done here.
And some older wedding event here.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Jean Giraud

Jean Giraud, died on 10 March 2012 (aged 73), Paris, France.
What a great comic artist. I remember I did saw some of his comic during my age 10's.
That time I don't know his name. Still raw me.
Now what I love his comic art because his style and fantasy.
And he did have a talk between with Hayao Miyazaki in 2005.
I love Miyazaki cartoon animation movie.
Some of the comic artist Malaysia also influence by Jean drawing style.
The youtube below is in french.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Art Bazaar at Publika, Solaris Dutamas

Fuyoh Art Bazaar this Sunday.
Come have a visit me. And grab some discount artwork piece home.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Words from Majorie, The Star

Majorie (Chief Reporter, Features Central, The Star):
People want to look good and in a portraiture, the common plea is, ‘Please draw me nicely’. But in a caricature, you have to accept the comic depiction of you as the artist sees it. I had mixed feelings of by my first caricature by Triton. Several inspections later, I felt satisfied. Triton is a true artist. Amazing! He captures the essence of a person to a T including the quirks. He must exaggerate in his caricature to poke fun and inject humour. I smile whenever I look at my caricature. Life should not be so serious!

Thanks Majorie.
I drew her caricature during Clinique product launching.
After half a year, I met her back at The Star Valentine event. What a coincidence.
We start talk, and she still loving the caricature I drew for her. Thanks Majorie.
And these are the words from Majorie above, about what she felt about me.

I hope can meet more people like her.

Friday, March 9, 2012

The Star Malaysia, Valentine's

Special mini Valentine's event held in The Star Malaysia building.
Invited by The Star. I'm excited at first.
At the end, not many staff drop down to this Valentine's event.
Only 6 vendor involve. Makeup, Bodyshop, Flower, KL Craft, Cupcake and Caricatures.
"Anyway, it's good to know the people here."

"And this is my place~"
"Thanks the photo sharing by Lisanne too~"

Full article about this Valentine's can click Here.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Calendar 2012 Dragon

"Yeah, a bit late for this year calendar~"
Anyway, at least came out the whole new calendar 2012, by Triton Lim.
From etsy world, they do like simple calendar. All consider handmade.
That's why I come out this calendar concept.
No Wire-O. No art board stand. You can clip on anywhere.
Got Chinese date and Malay date.
A4 size. Ivory 230gsm. 12 pieces.
Selling price=RM45. Postage=RM12.

"Due no many quantity demand, printing cost already high."
"Anyway, bring to you here, calendar by Triton."

I love dragons so much. And I find out Chinese dragons have many types. And have 9 son also. Wow, each dragon come with different story. Cool~

Guys, you can come to here, TritonLim etsy shop, to purchase my others artwork item.
For those who do not have etsy account, you can purchase direct with me. Email me.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Live Caricatures Bangsar Village

Thanks to Bangsar once again.
A part live caricatures in Bangsar, I'm doing charity as well too.
This year I been support two party for charity. One is Pet Project.
"I want people/corporate donate me also!!!"
"Yeah, I should come out something, so people/corporate would really sponsor/donate me for my caricatures projects."

Setting up the mini kiosk here. 10 days in Bangsar. Only for weekend.
"I worry so much about my artwork during I'm not around here~"

People here very happy to see this kind of caricatures.
Compare with last year, totally new faces I haven't meet before.
Anyway, at least kind a explore for them to get knowing about caricatures.

I love this 2 little girl. They are sweet.
I love these couple here too. Sweet...sweet...
What a sweet memory for them get a caricatures draw by Triton Lim.

Last day pick up everything.
"Yeah~unscrew everything! Clean up everything!"
See you next time guys in Bangsar Village again.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

CepatWawasan Annual Dinner II

Steven: (Proprietor of OMNI Engineering/ Photographer)
Thanks Triton Lim for his beautiful chubby Caricature of me. Really appreciate.

Drawing 50++ pieces caricature for Cepat Group people.
Senior Admin Manager of Cepat so kind. He take care so well about theirs staffs.
After Sabah trip travel, he want me to draw another group of people.
This is the best company really take care to theirs staffs. Good.
So to all Cepat people I draw, if you read my blog here, please frame it nicely. ok?

I making the box with few layer protector inside. 3kg ++.
Me in flu during that time, you can see my face sick.
Ours kind of job, if sick still need to work. No medical claims. No insurances claims.
Some more weekend/ public holiday still need work. No overtime allowance.
That's why I so charge "SO MUCH" in my work.
In fact, not really much. hey...hey...

All my original artwork have to delivery to Sabah. Sure must take care well.
I using DHL courier services. Very good. Second day already delivery to Sabah.
It's expensive. Insurance. Safe. Secure. Fast. Tracking system some more.

Part I: CepatWawasan Annual Dinner, Sabah