Friday, September 28, 2018

How To Screen Print Business Card At Home By Triton Lim - Screenprint Artist

Screen Printing On Paper

I think screen printing the basic knowledge you should have is, how to expose image. Without exposing, the rest wouldn't work. And it gives you more control on quality, quantity, image ideas design flow, & hand feelings too. Different emulsion brand, each come with different time exposure and caring as well. It's take time to master & controlling it. No doubt, it's long journey to step into screen printing field.

Everything From Raw

The business card concept ideas, all come from raw. Everything start from sketch. This mean all controlling by yourself. At the end, the hand feeling holding the card is important.

Eventually, I'm glad I manage to complete this screen printing tasks. This giving me more confidence on handling screen printing paper. Screen printing never die. But you got to passion and need to invest more time than ever before. Triton Lim Artist, not only just focusing on Caricature Malaysia, now he is playing a role as Screen Print Artist Malaysia too.



Sunday, September 9, 2018

509 Malaysia Election Day - A Thought & Review of Caricature Culture Malaysia: Respect Your Profession By Triton Lim

509 Malaysia Election Day

8 May, leaving from town at 10pm. All the way to Karak Highway Toll, jam. We drove about 4~5 hours, then only arrived Karak. Take a snap sleep. 6am woke up, and drove straight to Kuantan. 8.30am arrived destination. This is the day, the longest jam, in my life. The important day in my life. Changing government day.

After everything done in election. Quickly rush back to town. Entire trip, so so so tired. I just wish NO more BN, NO more Najib, NO more corruption, NO more unknown murdered cases, NO more interfere in media news publishing, NO more GST, NO more old thinking in religion topic... Eventually, result came out. New Government form under Pakatan Harapan. And the New Malaysian government has declared that Polling Day on May 9 too.

Malaysia Day, No More Corruption

This is new hope. New Malaysia formed. New government formed. New leader. New team.

I do hope too, in ours caricature line, some of the organizer still try to take benefit on artist. And some of the caricature artist, still want to take the benefit, so called "Reputation", "Exposure Rate". I think this is no difference with government corruption in the past government. If you are professional caricature artist, please try respect your profession, this is your property, this is your asset. Imagined that, if you are Top Chief, people come in and order, and they say, "I can't pay such price, but I can introduce you more client, can you give me cheaper price". Definitely NO.

Please STOP doing that. It will help reduce organizer who try taking advantage. It will help market grow healthy among the artist too. Now is new government some more, are you still want to be old thinking people. People know you based on your food taste. NOT because you giving cheap, just for reputation. Caricature Artist Malaysia - Triton Lim Artist, always emphasizes on this to others.