Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Triton Lim Artist Instagram software for me. Still figure out how to use this Instagram wisely. Follow me here, Triton Lim Artist Instagram.

What Instagram special for me is, I really still don't know yet. Only I know it more privacy than Facebook. Easy viewing. Clean & simple interface. Photo edit function easy to use. Hashtag # support. #, is like a kind of magic word. You will see something if you follow or search #TritonLimArtist.


Thursday, December 25, 2014

TAR University College Inspiration Workshop

Thank you Serene. Thank you Edwin. Who been support very much. Thank you students who attend to this workshop. Thank you Tunku Abdul Rahman University College giving this opportunity. Enews from TAR.

More photo of the day can view here. A lot of University College Malaysia not really into Caricature knowledge or any caricature class. So sad. I wonder why Malaysia art college not intend try to bring in caricature as a main subject course.
Yeah...this is what really happen in Malaysia. This is what really happen since I started caricature careen until now. Who cares? Who care actually is? Yeah...but I wouldn't stop to make a such awareness to public. I hope who read this can take some time to think. Think about how this situation happen in Malaysia. Instead we always said others country so good so nice. Eventually we our self, ours country have problem already. Never solve it until now.

Try bring up your thought. Try bring up yourself. Try to be yourself. This is important to know yourself better, in this cyberworld century now. Time changing. Aging. Things fast changing too. But believe yourself, be the one who have a right bright heart since born.


Thursday, December 18, 2014

How to Charge Client for Your Caricature Work

Recently, ABC asking me, how do you price caricature commission work for your clients?
I asked ABC, are you the type of person, who work on confidence with your expertise. Or the type of person who work confidence just based on money number figuring offered?

Somehow this type of question is killing people. In office, staff don’t normally talk open salary amount to others colleague. Why? Because to avoid any conflict happen in between colleague. To avoid any jealousy/unequally feelings happen. Same situation happen in here.

Things to consider for your own way to make a charge:

1) How Confidence On Your Expertise.
You are full time. Or just doing freelance some sort of it. Doing/ drawing caricature easily without care any improvement. Without care the need and details of caricature. I just take any money whatever the customer offer. This count when you draw a caricature with your expertise. Having proper website, will count, how good the caricature artist put effort on it.

2) Value Based Pricing
  1. How Long To Finish A Order
    For Example: a client want a caricature order, you charge USD 100 per piece in 3 hours to complete, which would be reasonable price USD33 per hour. But if you charge USD 1000 for a piece of caricature in 3 hour to complete. Which would be USD330 per hour. Seem ridiculous.
  2. How Much Materials Will Cost
    The cost of materials. How much expenses you put on the drawing material. Even computer design software & computer hardware. Rental. Others expenses.

3) Don’t Be A Copy Cat
In this industrial, you have to be yourself. To be a unique person who would you represent your art in caricature. You have tell yourself, be a good caricature artist, you have to improve yourself. You have to be yourself. Not just simply copy others artist style. This will not going work for you in long term business environment. Honest to yourself always remember that. Do not steal others artist stuffs. This will make you suffer.

4) General Research Market Industrial
You may start to survey the industry market price. But this will only tell you the roughly figure in the market. You only get a general view of it. For me, there is no a standard price in this industrial. Every artist unique, using various drawing material, using various technique. So charge the price according yourself. Charge = experience + material + time

These all things that you need take into account when you quote a client. And do not simply answer/reply unknown email/sms/phone call. In case to protect yourself.

写blog,update social media,统统很吃时间。但是,如果你觉得,这是应该值得去做的,就应该做。别等。做给自己喜爱兴趣的自己。

Saturday, December 13, 2014

SJK(C) Chung Hua Klang Fund Raising

Thank you Mr Bill & family, for all thing arrangement. Thank you Carisa, finally see you here. Thank you Madam Goh, Headmaster of SJK(C) Chung Hua. Thank you Yee & Christy for helping, without you I'm afraid I can't finish so well. Thank you Nancie, finally see you here too. Thank you everyone who love my caricature drawing. And great to be here. My last time for school fund raising charity was at SJK(C) Kwong Hon, Sungai Besi.

This fund raising is fully 100% donate to school. No even any profit sharing either. I'm grate can do a little help to school. I know I'm not a well known big business corporate person. I'm know this is caricature art, all based on hand drawing. Limitation in generate fund raising. Hand tired. But it's worth to help.
As I said early, different area, will have different level of people understanding caricature. Always happen. Great can do a little awareness to public same time. Below is the Appreciation Certification by SJK(C) Chung Hua, Klang. Thank you so much. Appreciate it very much.

If you, ask me what is different/ how do I feel, the SJK(C) Chung Hua fund raising compare with previous one. Sure the education of school. The discipline of parents. The kindness of people here. The environment of this area. The well arrangement from committee. And the help from my friends. That's why I always emphasizes to event business partner. Be a good co-ordinator/referrer. Or be a "Touch N Go" earning money profit agents. Because in future/now, co-operate in 2 way is important. No just we care how much we earn. The society, caring is. How we give the best service to the society. Make an effort to society.


Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Gift Caricature OL Boss

Thanks Crystal having me for no. 4th time order. To drawing a unique gift caricature for your lady boss. Yes. Only one produce. And only one in life time. No more redrawing. No more reproduce. Only one. Review back the no. 3rd original caricature artwork piece here.

Everything can be happen during drawing caricature for this lady. Electricity blackout. No light. No PC. No modem. All black. Nothing can do. Blind. And the funny thing is, only few unit of my place blackout. Included mine. What a black day for me. Yea, this kind of situation happen. So that's why no recommended to run urgent order. In order to make sure every piece draw in standard. And this is water coloring caricature.

Anyway, I personal love this lady boss so much. Haha. See what I had turn her to caricature with a smart casual office styling dress. Everyone have theirs own unique and beauty. Do not shy to cover. Do not shy to hide. Let it go. While in my field, drawing with free mind is important. You have to let go the border of yours. Then can only step forward to beyond.


Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Kronenbourg Live Paint Performance

This is my second time work with Kronenbourg. My first time was few years ago, at Mid Valley The Library. Thank you giving me this opportunity to work with you again. Kronenbourg is large. A lot of event they run whole year. Thank you Yee.

This is my 1st time having live paint performance. Totally stress and worried part. Totally new media new thing for me. The time frame preparing so short. What ever involved with art, I rather to say art suppose to be art. Don't let everyone else to control to revise your fundamental of art. If not whole art concept gone. This is not what you order what you get in restaurant. This is not simply designing job. I always emphasize to client.

Anyway, thanks giving me opportunity having this live paint performance. Improvement more must in next event performance.


Friday, November 14, 2014

Gift Caricature for AIG Malaysia

Thanks Mandy having me for your boss present. She had been looking me more than a years. Finally she's here. Thank you Mandy once again. Her's boss from AIG Malaysia. Come from Japan and work in Malaysia few years ago.

The most funny story is the tools I draw for this caricature, all from Japan. And I drawing caricature to a Japanese Boss. Haha...interesting right? And he are going fly back to Japan with my caricature artwork. Hahaha... Happy that Japan have my artwork there, caricature by Caricature Artist Malaysia, Triton Lim.
This is fine art print. High quality of fine art paper printing. Sure costly. High quality pigment ink. Coated paper. So the color more sharp. As you can see below, the left one, is print from normal digital printing shop. The right one, print for high quality printing shop. Where specializes in fine art paper print.

各个caricature artist有着不一样的风格。所以要谨慎选择才好。Order一幅画,不像平常订购/购买物品那样,不妥当可以退还。在这里,不能允许发生这样事情。

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Cameron Russell: Looks aren't everything

Cameron Russell: Looks aren't everything. Believe me, I'm a model.

Cameron Russell, top model. Why I sharing this video. It's real and touch to my heart. About what she do and what she is after 10 years now. Wow. Looks aren't everything.

What I found from my caricature career, I do found a lot of people they do care about the look all the time. Some how, when I do meet friend and people. Hardly can found somebody can talk via soul. You know what I mean. For my self, as caricature, until now. I found something different spark keep changing until now. Now I draw people in what I feeling about that person. Not draw according to what I see. It's more on real person feeling. The deep feeling of some one is.

Yes. Caricature artist Malaysia Triton Lim, is talking via soul. Meet people in real and honest. All the time.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Gift for Alliance Bank Malaysia

Thank you Alliance Bank Malaysia having me for your boss's gift caricature. Nature pine wood framing, perfect. Good idea of caricature for your boss/staff/friends.

He is very very very big boss in Alliance Bank. Photo requirement always top priority in my case. Imagine, the person you know him/her, far better than me. If I just rely on few photos of him/her. It is not enough to get the visual enough of a person. Do you understand my meaning?

If you ask me digital color nice or water coloring nice, I like to say both method style nice. Water coloring come with original taste. Digital color, you have to select the highest professional quality art paper and print with good pigment color. Then the outcome is tremendous pretty.


Monday, October 20, 2014

Pilot New Brush Pen

In Malaysia, there are some bad symptom happen among customer and supplier. But who will care about this?

Ask for help. No feedback. Ask public for feedback. No respond.
After you find the resource, others competitor will come to snatch the source that you have. Why people behave like that? I really don't know. For what purpose you want to be like that? How long you can be like that so greedy.
Pilot Artist Brush Pen, brought in by Triton Lim Artist. Now is available order here. Pilot new brush pen, come with Synthetic hair tip. Ink cartridge refill. Soft and easy to control the value of stroke. Any inquiry can email me.

华人caricaturist不多,但就偏偏各个互不相干。一旦一方知道你有这样的赚钱方式,就跟着copy cat一起来偷抄。

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Live Caricature Baby Birthday Party at Holiday Villa Hotel & Suites Subang

Thank you Bee Theng having me for your baby birthday party. It's was happy moment for me. Great to know you too.

The birthday party held in the Palm Terrace Coffee House Restaurant in Holiday Villa Hotel & Suites Subang. In restaurant the light always yellow dark. Errmm...I don't know why. But good at least next time I should prepare something in my car. There were 2 party using the same coffee house, so it is crowd.

There are a lot of children here. Lot of family spouse too. Kids run here run there. I love the PoPo(gradma) with the baby one. That was Great I drew them in caricature. I hold my breathe to finish it. It's unbelievable moment. This is something photo shooting can't give you. Haha...
Kid always can not sit steal. Same time want to get draw. But don't want to sit steal. Happen all the time. I can see each family each event I go, there are a lot of difference. Some is full of love. Some is full of polite. Some is full of energy.

很高兴caricature,已慢慢让更多人对它的认识,至少是人生中一次邀请caricature artist来为你办live caricature。也是小孩们第一次的记忆。好好把它保存下来。也是我的荣幸。

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Most Popular Gift Caricature Should Have for Boss

Thanks Crystal. Third time having me for your boss gift caricature. This is the building of her office. Near by Ikea Damansara PJ. Self delivery by myself every single of caricature artwork.

I feel thankful to her. Because of her. I produced the number 3 original water coloring caricature artwork for her boss. May be some body wouldn't know the meaning in between. May be some body only in charge for hire some one caricaturist to get paint. They don't care nice or not. Appreciate or not.

But for me, I do care every single details. What you draw, may not the caricature artwork on the paper. But true blood on the creative art caricature. True well feeling on the artwork. If you ask me which recommended? Digital caricature or Original Paint caricature? I more like on original paint.


Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Live Caricatures Wedding Dinner The Gardens Hotel Mid Valley

Thanks TheOccasions having me for your client wedding caricature entertain. Thank you Ken G for such a good eyes on my work. Thank you Christina. Thank you Gabby & Mike (Bride & Groom) loving my work too.

This is my first time live caricatures in high luxury wedding dinner event. All guests all people are from Datuk Datin background. I was thinking here, inner of a person will determined a person look is. No matter you are rich and normal family background. One thing I do care, honest, sincere & caring. I don't care you are rich. I don't care you are pretty handsome. I care how we sincere each other.
Actually this is good experience for me. And then there are 2 caricature artist. Included me. The other one, drawing style different. This is how unique event organizer go look for others and mix with me. You can easily what is caricature is from there. Guests can having 2 different caricature style from us. This is fun part here.


Sunday, September 14, 2014

Gift for Lady Boss

Thanks Themed Attraction Malaysia for second time having me for your lady boss gift caricature. Themed Attraction Malaysia, owner of the Kidzania Malaysia and Legoland Malaysia.

This is original hand painting. Water coloring with liner. Only one piece in the world. If you ask me what different in between digital color and hand painting color? Definitely hand painting color you can feel it. The life on the original hand painting pieces. The effort, the journey, of the artist, one stroke by one stroke completed the art work for you. Money wouldn't tell you how much is the price is. You, can tell yourself how much the value of the caricature artwork is.

How many original hand painted artwork had produce and delivery to customer. How many time I wondering. Can I pay you extra money, to bought back the original artwork from you. I very appreciate those person who choosing me for your caricature. Thank you very much sincerely here. No you no me.


Saturday, September 6, 2014

Gift for Boss

Thanks Crystal look for me having this caricature artwork for his boss. Water coloring combine with black liner. Original hand painting. Only one piece in the world. If you ask me draw again, it definitely different things. Original painting more feeling there. More original painting texture value you can see with your own eyes.

I give him a modern super bike. Modern element. Motor jacket. Classical helmet. Boots. One sketching everything done. I started lining. And then coloring. The most important part here.
Every time I asking myself, how much is this cost for you if you buying this kind of artwork? Definitely priceless. It's valuable. The number figure can't tell you the feeling inside. Something you can't buy with your own money. Some feeling you can't own with your own money. Each time delivery to my client, I would rather to say, "Can I buy you back?"


Sunday, August 24, 2014

Birthday Party in One World Hotel PJ

Thank you Elly having me live caricature in your kid birthday party. Wonderful afternoon time in One World Hotel PJ. Caricature draw for your relatives, friends and kids. Fun, laugh and tears happen among here.

I love this big family. All family member helping each other to decorate the birthday party feel. Amazing job. No need hire any decoration people for this task. Wonderful. Each of them family member are so close relationship. Warm & Love in between each other.
My "Baby" work for me so close. Without him, I don't know what to do. Important for caricaturist to have a easel stand for their own event tasks. Professional caricaturist should have at least one in life.


Monday, August 18, 2014

Gift for International School

Good to present gift caricature for them. Remarkable. A team of the school. Each one of them have a important role in the school. We try group them in one big member family. With same sport shirts, one destination. All together. All in one purpose. Make the school better. And provide good fundamental knowledge to the students.

All the time, why we Chinese culture friends have a difficulties to accept what is "Caricature" here? The main reason, we don't want get in trend. We don't want to find out what is "Caricature" all about. Stay and live in own world.

Some how I was asking who we are actually. We keep buy and buy new tech, smartphone, LCD... But our brain and thoughts still live in old way. Isn't it the way you want to live on in now age? Are we grow enough??


Sunday, August 17, 2014

Gift for a Birthday Girl

Headache when looking a present to your birthday's friend?

A piece of caricature artwork for your birthday's friend. Totally good idea. And the most surprising gift to your friends. An artwork come from an artist. Which it does not produce every time. So it is the most collectable birthday item in your life. One only in the world.
Big Bang, the popular Korea Singer Star. That's cool to have in a caricature. Drawing Big Bang big challenge for me, even I can search the photo from the Google, but a lot still not clear. And theirs face and dress up always change.

I'm wish the birthday girl "Happy Birthday" here.