Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Memory sketch - The Garden

Memory sketching day at The Garden, water pool side.

whoever 1 2 join, contact me here.
U v c me somewhere around, look like d pic below.

Monday, May 16, 2011

KL Wedding Expo 2011, KLCC

Thanks HareNet for your kind to accept caricature in wedding.
Caricature actually is very famous and command in oversea, even Singapore.
Malaysia art culture slow behind.

I rent a booth, 2 days in KL Wedding Expo, KLCC, running well.
A lot of people first time seeing this in wedding expo.
If I have enough financial support, sure can do more better.
With the nice display booth, brochure, bunting and such.
As you know, I'm an independent full time caricaturist here.
So everything have to spend with my own budget.

The picture above actually used for wedding guests signature purpose.
After guests sign, all the signature with caricature art work hand on the wall.
Instead keep it somewhere else while using guest signature book. Right?
As I said, this is command in oversea.
I don't know why Malaysian are slow behind in art culture.
But in fashion, a lot people know how to keep in trend...

Monday, May 9, 2011

Help Japan Fund & Mother's Day, Bangsar Village

Thanks to Bangsar Village invited. And Melanie.
While the time I doing live caricature for the event here, I doing the Help Japan donation at the same time too. A part of the live caricature profit, donate to Help Japan donation. Good. Thanks again to Bangsar Village management and Melanie. And also thanks to the people here who love my caricature so much.

Hope that's got other chance again to doing this live caricature Bangsar Village here. To bring the fun to the people here. And support local Malaysia Caricature Artist too.

Special request from customer to doing this Cat caricature, which showing this cat very naught. She give me different angle of the cat, I started to draw the sketch, try to understand the cat's face. Then finalized, done.

Picture taken by my FB friend, Pei Ying. Showing the moment I doing live caricature here. Thanks to her.