Saturday, August 24, 2013

Sulwhasoo Skin Care Product Malaysia

Thanks Kathy for the sample.
Do you know what, Malaysia full of blogger with makeup, beauty, fashion and food.
Majority female blogger. This time I post something different.
Post my own skin care with Sulwhasoo's sample I get from the counter.
Smell good. Felt refreshing.

Sulwhasoo counter's promotion will keep going some time to some time.
Check out Sulwhasoo Malaysia website for more details information.
And you can see more what's happening during counter opening season last time. One in Pavilion Parkson counter and second in Penang Gurney Plaza Parkson counter.


Friday, August 9, 2013

Gift Caricature for Sapura Malaysia (4)

Thanks having me for your boss's gift.
Thanks you loving it so much too. I think this is the fourth time I draw for yours company. My 3rd time gift caricature was for a Boss who are going back to France, view more here.

With enough photos I can manage to sketch the person in good caricature. This is what I always mention during required photos from client. Giving and maintain such a level is not easy. For someone who always looking for your profession. Grateful and thanks such a confidence on me. I'm happy as well my artwork once again fly to overseas, Indonesia.


Friday, August 2, 2013

Caricature for Spiderman Amazing

Water coloring for the Amazing Spiderman.
It's totally different medium if compare with the acrylic.
You can see my table there, full of brushes.

Water color much more difficult to control.
Once you used to it. You felt happy to play with it.
Water color not suitable for the beginner who love to explore in coloring. I think.
Those dresses is original design. During theirs movie conference.
Look at the details I color for the dress.