Sunday, October 22, 2017

Silkscreen Print Envelope

Hand Drawn Image

After linocut last time, this time using silkscreen block. The most important, you have to create the image which going to burn on silkscreen block later. With the limited light source, the image have to drawn very dark. Then only OK for burn the image.

SpeedBall Screen Print

SpeedBall is common ink sold at art shop. And it is easy to use. Easy to clean off too. No smell. Eco-friendly as well.

Screen Print Envelope, what Triton Lim - Screen Printer Artist, learned recently, he try to apply on the envelope. Which use during live caricature. This is good artwork to have. Great way to produce envelope by yourself. Rather just send the digital file for print. Hand manual screen print, you will find the artistic feeling on it. You can't find it in digital print artwork. Everything is control by your hand, knowledge, and technique.


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