Monday, January 28, 2013

Live Caricatures in Fahrenheit88, Bukit Bintang

Working with My Beauty Diary Malaysia, in Fahrenheit88 mall, Bukit Bintang.
Fahrenheit88 mall totally look new after renovate. But not many crowd inside. For my opinion, base on me run many place these year. I notice something. Mall with hypermarket, bookstore, food court, restaurant, few gate few way in and out. Concourse area fill with session decoration/promotion. Sure bring crowd to the mall.

My Beauty Diary, selling a lot of mask product. Imported from Taiwan. There are 2 caricaturist actually in the event. Me on second week. Person in charge said to me "you are PRO". Thanks to My Beauty Diary having me. Yeah, when you working or selecting caricaturist. You have to think wisely. Depend on what you want? Always refer my Frequent Asked Questions page here.


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Street Artist Bukit Bintang

Opposite Lot 10, there are few street artist. In front of Arab restaurant.
Last time I found wire craft artist. That area a bit mess.
Crowd with different kind of people. Be careful walking over there.

Most of the time they came at night. Working hard to make more money.
Some even selling pirate watch. Necklace. Gold and etc.
Opposite there is Lot 10. Fahrenheit 88. Beside is Pavilion.
Full of luxury. Disco. Pub. Beauties full inside pub. Some is boss. Enjoy life in pub too.
Can you imagine?


Friday, January 18, 2013

1 Mont Kiara Mall

First time try caricatures in 1 Mont Kiara Mall.
Never try never know. Not exactly every bazaar in Mont Kiara is good for art.

This is quite different people here. Mostly foreigner.
The 1 Mont Kiara Mall is small. Not many shop inside.
Compare with Publika, Publika win.
People here mostly went to Cold Storage. Or Fitness.
This is not a place for art. This bazaar is not suitable for art.
When people here find out my caricature class is in Puchong.
Mostly they don't know where is Puchong. Some said far. Kind hard to hear that.

But I spot something interesting about Nando's as picture below.
It has great art decoration. The artwork pieces are separate with different size.
And it is actually hanging inside the giant frame. What a nice.


Thursday, January 10, 2013

Wedding Gift Caricatures

Gift for couple. Gift for wedding. Something different. Something unique.
It's time to make a revolution. It's time to make something meaningful.

I love bride dress. It's haven't sold in market I think. The design are unique and beauty.
I love bridegroom vest too. Never sold in market I think.
Do you know that, somehow drawing is not easy as you see.
Behind the story you never know.
How the dress turn out here is something really take time. And something origin from the artist.

From the paper cutting. Drawing. Wrapping. All hand doing.
Secure, confidence, satisfaction you could found here.
Remember, big head small body doesn't mean it is caricature.
Basic knowledge caricature, please search google.


Monday, January 7, 2013

Reach Out Interview

Reach Out, is a free magazine. Publish by IOI Group. Deliver in Puchong area mostly.
It's been 1 year an a half, then my story publish in Reach Out.
Yeah, really slow. What to do. Some content outdated already.
Anyway, thanks Reach Out. Who willing interview me. Appreciate. View bigger size here.

So far the Red Tomato interview is the best description of mine.
Some how Malaysia media really selective topic in interview.
They rather interview some one who are related to the topic.
Or some one who have any relationship from inside people of the media.

Media need some one who can get more exposure and attractive to the audience.
And bring the benefit to the media. Not because you are talented or unique.
Because media need people to buy and follow. Even some TV station do like that.
They need audience open TV and follow up the program.

No matter what, I encourage people think wise.


Friday, January 4, 2013

Fuyoh Art Market

Last Fuyoh art market in 2012
I didn't took much photo this time. You can't see me there.
Due not enough hand. That's why I looking for volunteer who keen to help. May be next Fuyoh. Publicity needed to public.

Picture below show you some of the handmade item.
Even the box, make by them self. T-shirt hand painting.
When you come to Publika for Fuyoh, actually there are two part.
One is inside the hall. Other one is at the outside. Some how many people don't know there are more vendor at outside Art Row.

Publika is different with others place. It's surrounding by art.
More and more shop opening now. All related to art.
Fashion shop look artistic. Grocery look artistic. And much more coming.


Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Cocktail Party II

Additional caricature drawing for Mr. Pascal.
Great working with western client. He managed come to my studio as well.
Collect all the caricature drawing with smiling face.

Drawing from the picture not easy than live drawing.
The picture is flat. That's why different angle of face needed.
You have my Chinese chop. Valuable.
You have my envelope as well. Do visit my blog and facebook as well from there.
To know more about caricature. The caricature Malaysia.
We all always keep trend in fashion. Why not in art? Why not caricature?

What you see here may not believe. Everything start from 0. But one thing you can believe I'm real. I'm not like sales person good in talk. But I'm good in mind sharing. One of the reason caricature class open now. I don't want you learn to follow. I want you learn to build up your confidence. Understanding yourself through caricature class.