Sunday, November 19, 2017

Gift for Lovely Couple

Manchester United Football Fans

Gift caricature for a lovely couple, who are going to have a wonderful wedding night soon. Something unique and exaggeration. Giving them a proper couple manchester united dress. Even socks and shoes. There is a standard rules there for photo submitting here. Once photo ok, sketching & coloring will start to go, until end of product. Anyway, thanks to the customer who bought from me. Finally the gift safety delivery to the client.

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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Screen Coating In The Dark

When the Chemical React In The Darkroom

Screen coating is the basic step how to the image on to block. Good screen coating provide good exposure good image burn. It's look simple, but it's all involved some technical skills in screen printing field. Screen coating scared of dust and light. That's why it have to done in the dark room. For preparation exposure in the next step. Become a good Screen Printing Artist Malaysia, I think it's still far far my current level. Much more to learn.

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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Gift Caricature for Unique Friend

Modern Baju Kebaya OL

Having Malay dress draw is a challenge. Having not to hard not to soft dress up is the best choice ever. And giving her the good quality "Tudung" too.

Packaging for Shipping

When come to packaging, it's take a lot of time to make sure the item inside is fixed and not shaking. Finally it's completed and having local delivery services shipping out the order. Anyhow Triton Lim Artist, always asking client giving the real photo, the original person photo, will help artist identifying and knowing the person figure well here. Draw based on 1 or 2 similar photo, it's not going to help.