Saturday, January 28, 2017

T-shirt Painting Class

Improve myself

After few years master in caricature, especially live caricature, is time to improve myself. Taking extra knowledge. Let it's used and apply on caricature.

Different from live caricature

T-shirt paint totally different material from live caricature on spot. Totally different. There is no shortcut always during learning stage. Everything have to test and run. Never test never know. Somehow I told myself, what people do understand or do not understand about caricature. Is not my worry should have on it. You have to keep yourself survived. That's important.

What other artist do promote on their caricature business, it's not my concern too. I rather keep myself focus and improved myself. Rather than keep this annoying part in my life. At the end, I do believe public will know how to choose the better services they should have know in heart. This is what caricature artist Malaysia - Triton Lim Artist stated about.



Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Royal Client Appreciation Day

Appreciation Day

My first time ever done this. Why? errmmmm..... I know I just a non-body corporate business guy here. I do this just a sign of appreciation for those who hired me in theirs events. Those client I never met before, hired me and love my live caricature entertain as well. Beside saying thank you, I prompt up an idea, handmade appreciation gift. To saying thank you from my behalf. "Thank you".

Without Them Without Triton Lim Artist - Caricature Artist Malaysia

People love what you did. People love what you did for the entire event. People love what you react to current event market need. Without you, I can't be here and running high tech tools in your events.

From sketching the gift here, until coloring the calligraphy. Step by step, photo stick on the artwork. And get it framed. Look easy. But when get on hand, wow, it took several hours. Can't imagine, right? I never expect what is the feedback from client, when they received parcel. I just do what I felt right. I like to say "Thank you" again (If you reading my post here often).



Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Sketching Day in KLCC

Sketching Day

It's called "memory sketching day" too for me. Practicing for better drawing skills. Yes, it is. Do you keep this for your day life work tasks? This is what I keep doing, Triton Lim Artist - Caricature Artist Malaysia. While you might say crazy I am, looking around you, who else caricature artist Malaysia doing such practicing?? Ooo...yeap, just ignore what people saying. This is smart century, whatever you see, whatever you search on Google, it may not true as you saw. Believe me, go out explore yourself.

Dramatic Changed

As long you keep practicing, as long you keep move forward. You will see something is generate and build by your own. It's kind of developing inside your soul. This is called self drawing style. No one can take from you. No one can understand you. Only you. That's why sketching day is really important.



Wednesday, January 4, 2017

2015 & 2016 Review

It's been a tough year for me. So much thing didn't finish. So much plan haven't done so. What I really missed is, 2015 Year Review I didn't give it write and post on blog. Oh my... So I decide write my 2015 & 2016 review in one here.

Since 2015 ipad brought in, I been frustrated with the new technology. Everything got to study by myself. Asking product info from Apple retail shop, no one know. Then in 2016, I'm been busy with official website, how to build, what should build, everything take a lot of time. It's totally out of my control. I did sad. "Anyway, in generally..."

I'm feel satisfy:

  1. live digital been brought in with new technology & improved again
  2. calligraphy been put a lot of effort
  3. stamping technique catching up
  4. shirt painting technique catching up
  5. giving back appreciation for royal client starting up
  6. skill in live caricature black & white totally improved
  7. official website done
  8. work for healthy way, which didn't giving cheap for get a job out there, NO WAY!!!
  9. video in youtube channel increased
  10. instagram content improved
  11. run facebook advertising campaign

I'm feel sorry:

  • blogspot haven't much udpate
  • social app too much to take care
  • time spent on web host and web developer
  • stage painting haven't really start
  • skin painting haven't really confirm
  • own product for sell haven't really confirm
  • teaching haven't really start

Expectation of myself:

  1. master stage painting
  2. master fabric painting
  3. master stamping technique
  4. having product for sell
  5. caricature education to public

**I think so far is all above, I do hope if any readers/followers here, if you felt that you want to say something to me, please write in here. Thanks from Caricature Artist Malaysia - Triton Lim Artist.

2015 & 2016的综合回顾录