Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Linocut Printmaking Malaysia

First Linocut of Triton Lim Artist

He was so fascinated about those artist can linocut so nice and printing so nice manually.

Sheet Of Linoleum

It's totally new for Triton Lim Artist - Caricature Artist Malaysia. This linocut happened before he started silkscreen. This two handmaking theory almost same, but difference method of printmaking process.

Linocutting tool with several different blades, this is how the linocut image from. It's involved hand strength, more patience, more focus, more time spent, more details need to be careful. After all, he did apply on the envelope, which used for live caricature. This is great handmade artwork which produced by manually. Totally difference feelings if compare with digital print.

Linocut中文被翻译为麻胶版画,说实在不懂对不对。总之,这门手艺考手力,和图像转变能力。。。 从似颜绘突然接触Linocut,的确有点难消化。是需要时间。

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