Sunday, December 31, 2017

2017 Review Of Triton Lim Artist

It's tough year. Tough than 2016 for me. What happened to Caricature Artist Malaysia now?

The most thing I afraid was, human kind will lost. Compared with those oldies century time. How many people will introspection everyday? How many people honest nowadays? How clean is it Malaysia now?

The critical moment below drive me crazy about what is going on to the people now. And it is effect on my career too.


  1. Giving cheap on caricature non-stop happened
  2. Selfishness on own interest without stating clear what is caricature to the audience
  3. Event organizer becoming unprofessional, using WhatsApp for direct inquiry
  4. Traditional art is rich, because selfish, people care only benefits, and fear to teach


  • Having new line, in order get rid of giving cheap among caricature Malaysia
  • Having less using in social platform

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