Sunday, January 13, 2019

2018 Review

The year where we have a clean government now. The year where we knew all dirty things did in previous government.

Look back at my caricature, this is the year where people lazy enough to make an inquiry. Using WhatsApp for inquiry. Too much lazy and unprofessional.


  1. People getting lazy and lazy. And abuse the smartphone WhatsApp messaging technology.
  2. Issues giving cheap to get a jobs still happen. Organizer taking benefit for those offer cheap. Still happen.
  3. I lost my HDD data, due believing on the Google Search info. "The Best...", "The best of the best...", "No.1...", such words, are enough to bear in mind, not going to believing 100% in future.
  4. Seen enough peer keep offering something to get more reputation expose. An caricaturist spirit, personality gone. I'm not sure is this called artist or freelancer.
  5. Social platform changed dramatically. Now FB Page don't show much in news feed. Only you advertise, then appear. Purpose social app gone.
  6. 90% people don't know what is caricature. They know cartoon, portrait is something big head form. And peer seem not intend try to giving any corrections on it. Whatever can draw and can get money, I will say I can draw face too, man. This is where the other disaster happened in our industry. I can say this is something we call, you want, you pay, I get done for you. That's it. I don't care this is caricature, portrait, cartoon or whatever, as long you pay me, I get done for you.


  • Managed to learn Screen Print and produces t-shirt wear by myself.
  • Managed to Not led around by the nose by others people.
  • Managed to get huge improvement in caricature style.


一)最令人可悲的是活动策划公司滥用WhatsApp,问价钱、还会在里头骂人…等等。超级懒惰兼没有职业道德的活动策划公司。二)看得太多身为似颜绘专员的(也许不完全是/也许自称“自由职业者”),也过于求名利,不惜一切,只要得到媒体曝光,基本精神节操统统不理了。三)不能太过于相信Google Search得出来的资讯。