Friday, March 27, 2020

Triton Lim Artist Website Awards

【Caricature Artist Malaysia - Website Awards】

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I draw. I write. From blogspot to own Hosting. I make Official Website to communicate to outside world. That's my intention at the first.

I took website competition. I didn't expect to much. Luckily I been awarded. But good to know, a lot of them come from company agent background, self employee background, ecommece background. Great experiences after all.

The Malaysia Website Awards 2019 ceremony, held at Colony Coworking Space & Event Spaces Star Boulevard KLCC recently at Feb 2020. Organized by Exabytes.

Website trend change so fast. There are certain things we need keep update all the time. Due human behavior factor, and technology, we need upgrade time to time. My website, definitely will change. It's take time. It's involved hosting transfer, domain transfer, user experience, all kinds. I hope something different when the time come.

👹 个人网页得奖 - 似颜绘画家 👹