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Caricature Drawing For Officer Group

“Thumbnail sketching helps me a lot in the way drawing big size of caricature. Sometime it quite easy for me to catch the symbolic figure of the person too. ” From Inking to Coloring From thumbnail sketch to actual size sketching. It help me figure out how suppose to be all 3 person in 1 piece artwork paper. I learned this trick from Bobby Chiu, one of the great artist. After done sketching. Then I will start with inking and coloring. The face expression started more and more Wow here. I try no limit myself. Let it to be caricature way. This is what suppose to be, Triton Lim Artist – Caricature Artist Malaysia. At the end, I found out that the customer is from Singapore. I suppose charge the customer by Singapore dollar. Totally missed it. No more case like this happen next time. 👹 团队似颜绘画 👹 “似颜绘的掌握度鼓出去了……” 再也不为它保留余地了。 —— 作品好了,但这次没邮寄出去。反而顾客要数码版。顾客人在新加坡。可惜我没以新币来计费,因为最后我才

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