Sunday, November 25, 2018

Hard Disk Failure First Time In My Life

Disaster In My World. All Data Lost Just Like That.

First time I can't believe the IT Technician anymore in Puchong. First Computer shop, the IT guy never tell me the HDD problem, he keep saying software problem software problem. So it keep me come back to this shop, again and again. Bring business back and back. Bring PC there, need to stay a week. They keep me reason busy. But is not. I saw it my eyes they keep playing smartphone all time. Totally out of business moral.

The problem still happened again and again, why my CPU crash time to time. So I go to the other Computer shop, they said need to format as usual. I said C only. Don't touch my D drive. So unfortunately, this IT guy format my whole Hard Disk. Entire C: and D: gone. My important data gone. Just like that. And they seem nothing responsibility at all.

I don't know why IT guy Puchong area become so bad now. I don't know why. I should list up the name of Computer shop here. But I was thinking, both of this non-responsibility shop will pay back one day. People will known.

And try do not 100% believe review on Internet. Some of it may not real. I cried about 3 weeks.



转换第二间电脑店,我说format C:,怎么知道他们把我整个HDD给format掉了。什么都没了,什么资料都没了。后来,他们也不算账,意外会发生。但是这是你们的疏忽呢。怎么无端端把我整个Hdd format掉。几年的data就这样没了。


幸好旧同事帮忙,帮我recovery data,不完全救得回,起码没那么心痛。他用了很多办法,我也很不好意思。我想给他付费、吃的之类。他说有些事情,没有什么不好意思,也不是什么事情可以用钱解决的。一时我内心啃住了。我都懵了。这是超出一般的帮忙了。

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Saya Anak Malaysia T-shirt | Screen Printing Behind The Scene By Triton Lim

Screenprint "Saya Anak Malaysia" T-shirt

Commissioned job for customer. Using Permaset Aqua water based ink. Screen print process what you seen here look easy, actually it involved many steps. Anyway, we love Malaysia after new government formed by Pakatan Harapan Rakyat. No more corruption in nation. Wish these T-shirt wear well by customer. And love Malaysia. Screen Printing by Triton Lim - Screenprint Artist Malaysia.

Saya Anak Malaysia衣绢印制作过程


Friday, October 19, 2018

How To Use Permaset Aqua Color On Light Garment | Screenprinter Malaysia - Triton Lim

Screenprint A Sketch Drawing On White T-shirt

The artwork is drawn by hand. Without changing it to Vector format. To preserve the hand drawing feel and apply screen printing method on T-shirt. That's why I pick up the screen printing skill here. After many shop (especially front desk assistance) said NO to me, where they are not able to do hand drawing image to screen printing. Frustrated at all.

Learning screen print is hard. When there are no Shifu giving guidance. Such a unique handcrafted skill, why not teaching people. Really sad. Conclusion, this is local culture here, how they work never changed. I would not tolerant with it at all. Never. Never. Never. By Screen Print Artist Malaysia - Triton Lim.