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Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia Gift Caricature

【Gift Caricature Standard Charted】 Medium: Apple Output: Konica Leader always creating a group of Pros to serve better community. As pro caricature artist Malaysia - Triton Lim, always do, to up-skills whatever it will bring benefit to people. “Can I have a Group Caricature for my company department?” The answer is YES . How many people can fit? Actually hard to tell, all depends by size paper and quantity people, the subject you want to bring in and text you want to put it and etc. All playing an important role here. As usual, rough sketch on paper, to see the position each people in the artwork here. After that, start sketching the people face details, and text greeting words too. 👹 送上司礼! 👹 「 上司要离开公司了...」 似颜绘里,我很注重客户提供的照片。因很多时候,图片质量太差,导致辨认一个人的脸庞相当困难。似颜绘大众的认知,相当有限。就算现在5G年代,加上疫情创伤,人们的脑力似乎回到80年代初。相当令人担忧的。 也因为疫情关系,这里新添加了“大头”肖像产品,也或者称为Q版肖像,顾客们可以省去寻找多方面脸部角度要求的照片。虽然说“大头”是很普遍,但我依然挑战创新,跳脱一般的框框。

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