Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Review

Thanks to those who giving me an opportunity to co-operate with you in 2013.
Thanks and grateful. My 2012 review is here.
Obviously in 2013 is the tough year for me. The whole year sales decrease.
I don't know why and what reason. It was tough.
The happy moment in 2013, is...
I'm felt grateful, the third co-operation with Sulwhasoo Malaysia within a year.
The great thing can know A person well with pleasure.
Some client come back to me for second and third inquiry order. Thanks and grateful.
Internal strength for live caricature drawing skill increase.
Enlightened my self in some mind and some way.

This year I push myself a lot to hand painted artwork a lot.
Hand painted mug, canvas bag, T-shirt, acrylic, water coloring...
I found that original hand painted more value, more felling...
All this hand painted artwork, involved raw material, from color to paper...
Even though got computer, I prefer more on original hand painting.

The unhappy moment in 2013 is...
I get sick, terrible sick...
My studio in shop was moving back to home...
Someone using my online source for his own goods...

I wish in 2014, I can do some thing different. Something I had never been try.
Look back all these 3 years, definitely live caricature got a session.
Some more organizers have different multiple choice now.
High price and low price can be choose.
But sad, they don't know how to choose good well caricaturist.
Government nowadays rose up everything. Make a chance must.
To unlock myself with what I hold all these years.
Why and why not. Why and why not. Knocking my head...

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Live Caricature in Ascomos 2013, Shangri-la Hotel KL

Thanks JanChua having me in your company event.
Thanks mr. Chua for introducing my services.

Ascomos event held in Shangri-la Hotel.
This is all about medical. First time experience it.
Last time I was here for the other event, Great British Ball.

This is whole day event.
So people line up for caricature drawing.
When come to certain of level. You will experience there is some inner source pushing you.
Pushing you to the other level. Pushing up your skill and technique.
This happened to me.

Live caricatures job most of the time like passive job. Passion Income.
Once get the job, you get hired.
In the other words, get zero if get nothing.
So you got to have initiative income to survive.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Live Caricature Wedding Dinner at Passion Road KL

Thanks Christopher having me in your wedding dinner.
Wedding dinner held in Passion Road, near KLCC.
Great place, quite private, quiet place too.

At first only needed me 2 hours for live caricature there.
After that, more and more people loving it and queuing up.
Adults and kids all loving it.
Conclusion with my experience in live caricature so far:
2 hours = medium full
3 hours = full
4 hours = very full

Thanks to groom and bride again having me. Thanks & grateful.
Having emcee, live band and photo booth may be very common in Malaysia.
But, having caricature in wedding, main key is the skills you have.
Not like simply pick one up guy who does know drawing only.
But need how to draw well in caricature.
Take a look to my others wedding job here.


Friday, December 20, 2013

Sulwhasoo Malaysia: One Utama Parkson Counter Opening

Thanks to Sulwhasoo Malaysia.
3rd time having me in the Sulwhasoo event.
First time was in Pavilion. Second time was in Penang.
Thanks and grateful.

This is the new counter opening in One Utama Parkson.
With purchase above RMxx, entitle free caricature draw on canvas bag.
This is cool. And unique. Having something draw on canvas bag.
Bring anyway will do surprise people.
You can take tour here, the Sulwhasoo canvas bag design done by me also.
Also take tour on Shu Uemura last event, which using black canvas for caricature drawing.

Some customer they thought me is Korean during the event.
Is nice having such a great customer.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Gift for Shell Malaysia

Thanks for Shell having me.
Photo photo photo...photo is the main key for online order.
To get a good caricature draw, photos help.
This is group caricature draw in one piece of A3.

Drawing is not like designing.
I want to edit here review there. No such thing happen in caricature.
It is an artistic. You got to remember. Artist is not like designing.
This will not happen in my caricature drawing.

I have to admit here, a lot of people, they don't even respect an artist here.
People intend look for cheap price. People lazy for searching references as well.
This is what happen in this century now. Even they got a good smartphone. Wi-fi. Internet.
Only the matter is important for them. They are willing to pay a full intention.
Designing和artist drawing属实两个不一样的世界的人。

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Sulwhasoo Canvas Bag: One Utama

Canvas bag design for Sulwhasoo Malaysia.
Beside caricatures, I'm doing design as well.
As long as is in my ability scope.
When come to design part, you can request design/review/edit. Sure with proper charge.
But in my caricature, is different treat. No such thing happen for review/edit.

Sketching the One Utama building in few views.
Yes. Hand drawn. Inking then. Digitize then.
After that, turn it in to outline in Adobe Illustrator.
And put some color. Making the outline is the tricky part.
Anyway, grateful and thanks to Sulwhasoo giving me opportunity to complete this tasks.

Final design sent to factory to output the canvas bag.
People get free canvas bag during the One Utama Sulwhasoo counter opening that day.
I'm there too for live caricatures.
挺好呀,canvas bag,一边公司图案,一边caricature drawing。

Monday, December 9, 2013

Gift for a Sapura Malaysia (5)

Thanks having me again for the fifth gift caricature for your boss.
Thanks thanks thanks so much. Appreciate here deeply. Yes, this is a special gift for a boss who were going leaving. View my last piece of gift caricature to a boss who are going back to Indonesia here.

Cowboy theme, big surprise from his team may be. That's cool anyway. I like it so much. As usual, sketching, painting, framing as well. Natural pine wood framing. No missed a step.

Always encourage order/booking early. My way, no last minute.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Live Caricature Media Launching Crocs Malaysia

Crocs press gathering happened in Hotel Majistic KL.
Bloggers, medias gather together to preview new Crocs fashion shoes.
Nice place for having an event. Whole time my back was facing them, so I can't see anything happened.

While people coming early, and some still waiting for the event start.
I was going busy. Busy drawing caricatures of them.
People get fun while sit back and wait.
That's it, live caricatures give you not only surprise of the art pieces.
It give you a wonderful laughing moment surrounding.

There was a pianist beside me. His old. But still energy.
All the time I was drawing. He play lot of music song.
My heart beat high beat low while the pianist play hit high notes low notes music song.