Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Gift Caricature to Menara Maxis KLCC

Thanks A.T. Kearney for the 2nd time having me again drawing caricature for you. This gift caricature is fly to Indonesia. Remember Google search "Caricature Artist Malaysia" or "Triton Lim Artist" is easy for you to looking caricature artist Malaysia.

Time by time, you got to learn something new. Add something new elements inside caricature. This is call self-improvement. Additional bonus to client too. Because client always knew. Calligraphy. Original copy. Only once. Hand drawing. Yeap, no more 2nd piece produced.
No matter what in what order, I always ask for deposit. Since 4 years ago. I did this same. In order to keep you draw in peace. Even though the gift caricature only cost few hundred. But this is our job our responsibility our way to take caricature order.


Monday, January 26, 2015

IOS Time

Back to old school.

When get in to new system environment, I felt scare.

This is not simple like drawing on a simple piece of paper.


Sunday, January 25, 2015

Tremendous Feel on Digital Caricature

Totally different drawing feeling on screen tablet.

I called this "CRAZY"!!!

I can't imagine how western digital caricature artist can used to it.


Friday, January 23, 2015

Digital Caricature Malaysia Begin!!

"What do you think about Digital Caricature Malaysia??

How many professional digital caricature artist Malaysia do you know?

How much do you know the culture of caricature Malaysia?”


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Gift Caricature Delivery to Bangsar South

Thanks Beans Group having me for your company boss farewell present. Thanks looking me from Google. Yeah, nowadays search everything from Google. Easy way to get me. Either search "Caricature Artist Malaysia" or "Triton Lim Artist". Definitely can find me there.

This is luxury office environment here. Just opposite Nexus Bangsar South where last time I had live caricature event here.
There have a lot of idea what to present to your boss. A lot of gift choices to be chose for your boss present. Depend on what you want actually. Choosing original hand drawing caricature, it unique & priceless. Only one in the world, imagine. I'm not going to draw 2nd piece. Only one. Choosing pine wood frame look more nature to you too. This kind of pine wood not really easy fine in local too.


Friday, January 16, 2015

Story Behind Searching Something?

Why I searching for those artist brush pen in Malaysia since year 2013.

No much help could get from other countries, even local. Purchase import, tax include, courier expensive and slow delivery sometimes. Excuses I heard always are, NO Market. NO Profit. NO Commercial Interests. People don't easily help each other. Because profit on individually. Those artist brush pen already exist in others country 10 years ago. But No here. So at the end, we called this NO Market.

I get dirty on my name. For what. Am I Crazy or Stupid? I'm still laughing until today. Why I did that? I couldn't believe Malaysian can get easily RM3000++ smartphone technology, but couldn't get RM20++ artist brush pen on hand. Funny JOKE right!?



Sunday, January 11, 2015

Farewell Gift Fly To Overseas

Thanks A.T. Kearney having me for your company farewell present. This is really hard order for me. Never done this before. And spend a lot of time. A lot of hard work. View my 2nd order piece of caricature by A.T. Kearney here.

All people in the caricature, come from different country background. Got Korean, Indonesia, India, Singapore, Philippine...and so on. 10 people, 10 different position. With one stand out bigger full body in center of drawing. Too tough. Impossible job. I almost cry until the midnight. Work all day long. Slept 2-3 hours. It's make crazy.
It give me a 100% sure reason. Deposit always come with first, then job start. Never go with your kindness. It will make you blind with regret. You will never sleep as well. You got to have normal life as other official worker in normal life. So you got to told yourself, something got to be change. In order to get you free of stress. Remember.


Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Wedding Caricature Signature Board

Thanks Serene having me for the wedding gift surprise of hers friend. Young married couple. So I giving them a young smart elegant stylish look. Short Wedding Dresses. Short Wedding Pants. Definitely trendy. Drawn by caricature artist Malaysia - Triton Lim Artist.

Photo is priority key of caricature drawing. From sketching until drop ink. Step by step. Plus this is original artwork paint. So it only comes with one. No two. This is water coloring caricature.

Tiny flower pattern on bride wedding dress. Mini skirt style. Showing young and energetic look of her. Whole artwork piece will put into matt-board for guest signature purpose. Good as a big surprise for hers friend wedding ceremony. Thank you Serene once again. Special unique and only one original artwork piece produced from my hand.