Friday, May 29, 2015

ISCA Singapore Minicon

Triton Lim Artist going participate ISCA Minicon Singapore. Any latest news will update in TritonLimArtist FB Page first. Stay in touch there. Hope through this minicon can learn from the master master sifu.


ISCA Singapore Minicon

ISCA stand for International Society of Caricature Artists. And this is mini convention happening in Singapore. Which caricaturist from different countries come gather and learn from master caricaturist.

Since my career started until today, I haven't got a chance to fly to Western country to learn into a big group of ISCA. Luckily ISCA Minicon held in Singapore. Travel expenses, daily expenses, hostel expenses still can cover with own budget. I take this chance to explore, what happen & what do caricaturist have in theirs own countries.

Catch out more latest news in FB page for these few days.

机会难遇。机会到来时,就计划好,捉准好时机。相信这几天,会有不一样的收获。有关当场的最新个人动态消息,请多多留意FB page。

Sunday, May 24, 2015

New Paint App!!

New paint app found very powerful, so many function, until got to spent some time to study it. Try and try and try. No others better solution to get a better painting app which suitable for you. Hahaha..., that's happen in tablet world.

在digital tablet世界里,科技很快淘汰,很快又新的tablet/smartphone涌现在市场,新的功能,新的processor。太惊人了。不到半年又新的科技出现。

Pilot Parallel Malaysia

Pilot Parallel available on Online Store here. What special about these pen, only you know it until you use it on hand.

Through so many decade, I finally got Parallel Pen. How powerful is it. It's look flat on nib. But, it can transform to many style you can.
"People always said I can't draw." But I don't believe you can't write. Writing can be fun too. Don't put your mind in a little box. Explore the world out there. Something you don't know. Something new you should always keep learning.

哈哈,千辛万苦,终于拥有了parallel pen。别拿自己岁月来开玩笑。趁有机会可以找到,赶紧拥有。不然又消失。写字有写字的乐趣。别被不会画而所困扰。

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Indian Wedding Dinner Caricature Entertain

Thank you Shanu & Manoj for having me in your wedding. My first time ever live caricature in Indian Wedding Dinner. Great & wonderful for me. Congratulations Shanu & Manoj here. Wonderful wedding you have.

Another great exposure to Indian race. Good experience. I believe nowadays new married couple intend to have a simple western wedding dinner style. No longer sit on 1 round table.
Beside photograph, what do you think having live caricature in your wedding dinner is a special moment for you? The laughing scenes. Friend laughing in front of you. While the guests pretend nothing. Me also can't hold the laugh sometimes. Artistic art piece of caricature to everyone who like to be drawn. Humor, fun & unforgettable moment.

感谢Shanu & Manoj印度新人。在此为您贵宾带来不少笑容欢笑声。希望慢慢马来同胞能接受华裔caricaturist,为你办个不一样的live caricature wedding entertain。

New Stylus!!

Finger or stylus? You prefer which one? Why you choose??

Everything have a reason. No matter what. Same reason purchase a screen protector? For what purpose? Everything have a reason. We have to get explore. To get understand each details. Only this way you called a expert. An master Jedi. Unlearn what you have learned in Traditional caricature drawing way. Only then you can adapt to the New Era of Digital caricature drawing.


Thursday, May 7, 2015

Digital Caricature Malaysia

Imaging no need scanning for your traditional drawing. And put in color all in Photoshop. Straight away on tablet. Haha. Cool right.

Back to old time, some organizer contact me, about live digital caricature artist Malaysia. I was doubt how much you know about live digital caricature. And then same problem almost happen for all organizer who looking for cheap changing fees. Required to produce high quality product. And earn big margin directly to client. Definitely not good healthy way to make business like that.

Caricature Artist Malaysia,在未来的发展,要是稳做稳赚,需要团队的力量、共同一个理念、一个去向,才对的。

Monday, May 4, 2015

Birthday Party Marmalade Cafe

Marmalade Cafe, second time I'm here for live caricature in birthday party. You can booked whole cafe for your event party as well. Wonderful place in Bangsar Village.

Great memory I had during the first time and this time. The joy the happiness is there. Wish Rowena's baby & parents happy living.
Always using Google, and key in, Caricature Artist Malaysia, or Triton Lim Artist. You can always find me there. Somehow world is small, I saw the same person face during this birthday party. While last time I live caricature in Bandar Sri Damansara. Same couple, happy couple...what a wonderful face.