Sunday, October 1, 2017

Silkscreen Exposure Unit

Ultra Light Buld

After 1st class of silkscreen, I attempted to build a exposure unit. Search so many electrical shop for these UV light. Almost non of them selling this kind of light buld in Malaysia. I was so upset and I cried. I even can't sleep proper every night that time. I felt I'm sorry to my wife. Done so many thing & research so many info, non of it came out.

High Spend on Equipment

About silkscreen, once you decided to start as a career, it's involved so many process, and so huge equipment invest. Huge money dump into the water. Far larger than my caricature. I'm scared. I unconfident. Helpless. I never thought that, searching UV light bulds in Malaysia, is not easy. Every money spent came out nothing result.

Black tube UV, finally found it in one of the small shop. That time I was not sure is it ok for silkscreen use. I have no ideas. I bought it and tested it for a few time. Turn out nothing. Image burn no good on emulsion. Something wrong in the middle UV buld or paper I'm using for exposure. I did ask my teacher, they are not sure too. Only try and error said to me. My question is, is it necessary UV light buld needed for exposure? Or just a stronger white light buld will do?


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