Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Gift Caricature, Indian Couple

Drawing Gift caricature for Indian couple.
Nature background is theirs loves.

It's very collectible. & it's Invaluable.
It's worth, jz like a new concept idea rather than taken studio pictures usually.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Friend fr Singapore

Phooi, FB Friend fr Singapore hv a visit at my place. Thx 4 visiting.
Oso a student of Kamal, Caricatures Singapore.
Phooi & I hv a conversation at my place. 2 know each other well.
story about caricature, art culture Singapore & Malaysia...& so on...

This is Phooi caricature artwork. Present given to hers friend. Lovely...
Phooi hv a nice fundamental skill. Great work.
Great work of Kamal too. Teaching caricature to students.
"Phooi, nx time I drop by ur place."

Friday, August 26, 2011

Triton Lim become PR

First time be in an official launch for "Ready.JetSet.Wed ROM Package"
Ecoba is a nice place, green environment.
Good for wedding ceremony.

Deco, cake and whole team Vendor member, will giving you a sweeties wedding ROM memories.
Happiness in Progress,
Perhaps Life Moments by Kurt Ahs,
My Patisserie,
Favors Essence,
The Muse Hair.

My PR skill begin. Have a conversation with Wedding Malaysia.
The Muse owner and some others people there.
Some one asking me, "Are you the organizer here?"
I laughing, "Do I look like...?"

Doing PR not easy. But for purpose growing up the business, got to do so.
Meanwhile knowing them in person. Meanwhile introducing my caricature profession to them is a new thing.
A lots hard work to push out the idea caricature in wedding.
Why I do so? "Bring up the level caricature in Malaysia".
More artist in caricature industry, more stronger we are in future...

Anyway, I must say thanks to Linda, owner of Happiness in Progress.
& Lim, Classic Vintage Car Rental owner.
Giving me opportunity 2 this event function. Thanks.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Amaze International Model Search

Thanks Tina, the founder of Amaze Communications and Modeling. It's open my eyes, when Caricature/Blogger meet with Model industry.

Press Conference and Official Launching of A.I.M.S at Boston Club, Solaris Mont Kiara. Presenter, Co-Sponsor, Strategic Partners, Supporting Partners, Official Sponsors, Venue Sponsors, Sponsors, Rewards Partner, Media and Photographers all are here for the launching.

Tina giving speech & many many many thanks to the sponsors. She is great. Tina have a strong ambitions is hers career, to bring up the whole model industry level in Malaysia. Me too, I'm going to bring up the level of Caricature Malaysia here. Seem caricature Malaysia culture quite slow here. And not many Chinese people doing this as a career too.

Being caricature artist is not easy. Sometimes you got to have PR skills in public. You got to do Marketing. R&D as well. "Wow, I'm crazy...man!! Wat I am?!"
Thanks again, Tina.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Kronenbourg 1664 Live Caricatures

Thanks Brandthinkasia. Thanks Carlsberg. Thanks Kronenbourg 1664. It is Kronenbourg 1664 Media Appreciation Night at The Library, Mid Valley. The crowd started at 6pm. As you can see, my place at the corner is ready to roll on.

Lovely guys with the lovely caricatures. Hey guys, sorry if I can't make it 100% too you. Not enough light for me to see your face. And the paper thickness is not thick as I use normally. I'm a kind people who care about the small particular thing.

I want to thanks Dustyhawk :: Broken Mirror, Michael Yip and Kee for theirs photo sharing. Here was the situation how I worked. You only can see my back, I'm so sorry. Guys, frame it up the caricatures I draw for you. It's priceless. Worth for collectable.

当天光线黑暗,灯光不足,地板摇晃,音乐吵杂等等。这些都是live caricatures必须顾虑的范围之内。什么让我持续下去呢,就是自己家,就算她不太明白我做的,就算她一直泼冷水。我都得忍。希望日后一天她能感受到明白到。

Sunday, August 21, 2011

PADI Scubang Diving

I found out some interesting stuffs P.A.D.Iat PWTC.

My 1st try diving was few years ago.
It's totally different feeling with what you see in aquarium.

Here are the toys it never sold in Malaysia.
And some of the diving equipment.

And I spot a caricature standee here.
It give me idea to add in my caricature services. Haha...

Friday, August 19, 2011

Wedding Fair in Pan Pacific KLIA

Thanks Pan Pacific KLIA.

First time ever for my caricature profession invited to join Pan Pacific KLIA 5 star hotel.
I still remember half years ago, some of the high class hotel look down on my profession too.
They couldn't believe how possible caricature can be in a part of wedding fair.
But in fact, who actually leave behind the trend.
Sometimes some people in Malaysia are very funny.
Something they never see it before, they will said it is not possible.

Here is some of the Gift Caricatures sample display.
Mug, plate, shirt, wedding card....

Anyway, again. I success make a step forward to a 5 star hotel.
I don't care you will say it is not possible or not.
You will see one guy here, caricature artist Malaysia, Triton Lim, consistently make caricature Malaysia proud.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Memory sketch - KLCC

Memory sketching day at KLCC.
A group of live band.
A group of model show.
While the people is moving, you got to quick...

Monday, August 15, 2011

Interview by Old Master Q Comics 《老夫子》

Thanks Old Master Q 《老夫子》.
There is a simple introduction article of mine.
And how to get know Old Master Q 《老夫子》 since childhood.
You can see what I had work with Old Master Q previously, here.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Triton Lim on Art Paper Magazine

Thx Art Paper, Thx Tuna.
Art paper is a magazine introduce local & overseas illustration, artist...
This is the article about Kaka art market, and they put a pic of mine to show d situation there in the Kaka.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Gift Caricature for Dato Rais

The progress drawing Gift Caricature for Dato Rais.
Here is the previous Gift for Freda.

Different angle faces of Dato Datin needed to draw caricature.
Sharp, clear and full body as well.

Sketching started.
Sketches help know the person face well.

Coloring begin with using Photoshop. It's call digital coloring too.

Framing with glass & simple modern wood frame.

Present to the Dato's person in charge during 1MWF.