Sunday, February 23, 2014

Live Caricature in Wedding Dinner, Klang Premiere Hotel

Thanks Shane & Cloe.
And congratulations to Shane & Cloe's wedding.
Thanks having me to your wedding. For live caricatures.

This was my second time here Klang Premiere Hotel.
With different kind of feeling.
First time is happen at night wedding.

What caricatures doing in wedding?
What fun/happiness during live caricatures in wedding?
No need curious no need doubt about it.
You will know it when you want it here.


Sunday, February 16, 2014

Hand Painted Mug

Mastering mug painting, take time.
Time invest, product cost invest, idea invest...
These all cost to a single mug.

I wouldn't be say it easy.
But it take time.
It's not like painting on paper.
I still remember the hard time during master mug painting at that time.

Passion needed a lot here.
Look simple, but behind got lots of hard work.
Yes, a gift to your special one.
A gift you never had before.


Friday, February 14, 2014

Gift for Epicor

Special gift for Epicor's co-workers.
Thanks Matthew. Thanks Epicor.
This was last minute commissions before Chinese New Years Eve.

Kind funny. Q.
I don't want to hand it over to client. After drawing so well. "cry..."
Anyway, client received with such a happiness.
Big surprise for his co-workers.

Lucky framing shop still able to make me one frame.
They were almost closing the shop for Chinese New Year Eve.


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Edward Kwon Mug

Hand painted mug for Edward Kwon.
It's original. Painted on mug. Different feel if compared with heat transfer method.

Edward Kwon is famous Korean Chef.
A lot of TV show, book, restaurant, kitchen tools brand...a lot of things he had.
Lucky and feel grateful, a handmade hand painted item fly to Korean.
For his kitchen collection.

Simple. Special. Unique. Always to be.
The colors are permanent, microwave-safe, UV-resistant.
And resistant to dishwashing and normal detergents.