Thursday, November 19, 2015

Sime Darby LPGA

Thank you Konica Minolta having me in your golf event at KLGCC. Konica is one of the main sponsor in LPGA. This is Sime Darby LPGA Golf event. Fund raising for Cancer Research Malaysia as well. The whole event is using digital. Live digital caricature by Triton Lim Artist.

I can't imagine golf lover arrived here early in the morning. 6.30am, they are here for line up at entrance. I can't believe on my eyes too. LPGA golf start early too, around 7am. First time ever event started in the early morning.

What specific about Konica Minolta printer? It's very powerful. Not only Canon have it. Konica Minolta have AirPrint features too. Print directly through IOS to Konica Minolta printer. Simple. Fast. Wireless. From digital stylus to HDMI LEDTV connect. You can see whole the drawing progress just standing outside of the booth. This is amazing technology in live digital caricature.

Since after Stabilo event at KLCC. I'm believe this is more advance Tech's exposure for public who looking for AirPrint printer support in the market. Live digital caricature, need traditional drawing skill. Then, knowledge on digital tablet. Knowledge how to control digital stylus. Knowledge how to connect IOS to LEDTV. Knowledge how to connect IOS to AirPrint support's printer. Knowledge how to define an APP problem in between user and hardware connection.

自从Stabilo活动过后,这次可说是另一个数码识颜绘的创造高峰。牵涉到IOS、Stylus Pen、APP和电视的连接之间的关系。因为其中一环发毛病,都会影响整个作画过程。

Monday, November 9, 2015

Pilot Croquis

Pilot Croquis Rotating is simple to use. Easy to carry. No need worry forgotten sharpener. Lead holder is suitable for plug in either H or 6B. It's simple design. And ready to go. Start order NOW! Sale valid from 9 Nov to 11 Nov 2015.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Acer for Live Digital Caricature

Trying out Acer brand for live digital caricature. No.
No suitable for use in live digital caricature. Definitely NO. You will regret.

Acer screen not 100% flat. Intel processor and memory not enough for doing any drawing/design. Definitely NO. This type only suitable used for normal use. And may be school student use. Used on light media browsing. Light document paper note. That's is.