Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Don't Believe Everything You Search On Google

No no no and Enough!

After experienced my HDD accidentally formatted by a local computer shop, which they are high ranking and high recommendation in Google search. I say to myself NO more fully believe everything from Google search.

4 years data just gone like that. What a un-responsibility computer shop. I urge people stay calm, stay clear in mind, and make the right decision before making any purchase.

I look back on my caricature, blog, website, you see how many people try to push on top in Google search ranking. For WHAT!! People can buy SEO. People can buy Google Ad and Google Ad-words. People can try play with Title slogan, "I'm The Best and The Best and The Best In The World". I don't think this is good.

It's business commercial strategy. Ya. It is the way attract people. Yay. It is the way promote yourself. Yes. It is the power you can play with content and capture people mind and tricking people. Tes. But for WHAT!! If you are NOT doing something right in reality.

不能完全100%相信Google Search

经过HDD资料瞬间被划为0的经验。够了!再也不能相信Google Search Ranking回事了。再也不能100%相信Google Search里头所谓的high recommendation, feedback, stars之类的了。有的服钱买SEO keywords。有的买广告登上榜位。有的靠回响、提示、网页主体之类等等的。很难捉摸清楚一个生意的可靠度。

怎么做出好的选择呢?Google search不能完全全信,但是搜查后,必须再次到实体店了解清楚,或者再次从某方面了解更多。不要匆忙下决定。花更多的时间搜索收集和了解,总得比花几分钟买下一样产品过后的后悔。

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Hard Disk Failure First Time In My Life

Disaster In My World. All Data Lost Just Like That.

First time I can't believe the IT Technician anymore in Puchong. First Computer shop, the IT guy never tell me the HDD problem, he keep saying software problem software problem. So it keep me come back to this shop, again and again. Bring business back and back. Bring PC there, need to stay a week. They keep me reason busy. But is not. I saw it my eyes they keep playing smartphone all time. Totally out of business moral.

The problem still happened again and again, why my CPU crash time to time. So I go to the other Computer shop, they said need to format as usual. I said C only. Don't touch my D drive. So unfortunately, this IT guy format my whole Hard Disk. Entire C: and D: gone. My important data gone. Just like that. And they seem nothing responsibility at all.

I don't know why IT guy Puchong area become so bad now. I don't know why. I should list up the name of Computer shop here. But I was thinking, both of this non-responsibility shop will pay back one day. People will known.

And try do not 100% believe review on Internet. Some of it may not real. I cried about 3 weeks.



转换第二间电脑店,我说format C:,怎么知道他们把我整个HDD给format掉了。什么都没了,什么资料都没了。后来,他们也不算账,意外会发生。但是这是你们的疏忽呢。怎么无端端把我整个Hdd format掉。几年的data就这样没了。


幸好旧同事帮忙,帮我recovery data,不完全救得回,起码没那么心痛。他用了很多办法,我也很不好意思。我想给他付费、吃的之类。他说有些事情,没有什么不好意思,也不是什么事情可以用钱解决的。一时我内心啃住了。我都懵了。这是超出一般的帮忙了。

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Saya Anak Malaysia T-shirt | Screen Printing Behind The Scene By Triton Lim

Screenprint "Saya Anak Malaysia" T-shirt

Commissioned job for customer. Using Permaset Aqua water based ink. Screen print process what you seen here look easy, actually it involved many steps. Anyway, we love Malaysia after new government formed by Pakatan Harapan Rakyat. No more corruption in nation. Wish these T-shirt wear well by customer. And love Malaysia. Screen Printing by Triton Lim - Screenprint Artist Malaysia.

Saya Anak Malaysia衣绢印制作过程


Friday, October 19, 2018

How To Use Permaset Aqua Color On Light Garment | Screenprinter Malaysia - Triton Lim

Screenprint A Sketch Drawing On White T-shirt

The artwork is drawn by hand. Without changing it to Vector format. To preserve the hand drawing feel and apply screen printing method on T-shirt. That's why I pick up the screen printing skill here. After many shop (especially front desk assistance) said NO to me, where they are not able to do hand drawing image to screen printing. Frustrated at all.

Learning screen print is hard. When there are no Shifu giving guidance. Such a unique handcrafted skill, why not teaching people. Really sad. Conclusion, this is local culture here, how they work never changed. I would not tolerant with it at all. Never. Never. Never. By Screen Print Artist Malaysia - Triton Lim.



Monday, October 8, 2018

Screen Print With Drawing Fluid On Canvas Bag By Triton Lim - Screenprint Artist Malaysia

Drawing Fluid Method Of Screen Printing

One of the method screen printing. More easy get understand how screen printing work here. Place a sketch under the silkscreen block, and begin drawing the line with Drawing Fluid. When drawing fluid completely dry, then Screen Filler to fill up entire screen. Let it dry. Then wash it with water. The line fulfilled with Drawing Fluid will wash out.

Entry level of screen print I considered. Anyway, this is one of the screen print method. Video is showing you after drawing fluid applied. And this video is record and edit in iMovie by Triton Lim - Screen Print Artist Malaysia.

Drawing Fluid的绢印方式


Friday, September 28, 2018

How To Screen Print Business Card At Home By Triton Lim - Screenprint Artist

Screen Printing On Paper

I think screen printing the basic knowledge you should have is, how to expose image. Without exposing, the rest wouldn't work. And it gives you more control on quality, quantity, image ideas design flow, & hand feelings too. Different emulsion brand, each come with different time exposure and caring as well. It's take time to master & controlling it. No doubt, it's long journey to step into screen printing field.

Everything From Raw

The business card concept ideas, all come from raw. Everything start from sketch. This mean all controlling by yourself. At the end, the hand feeling holding the card is important.

Eventually, I'm glad I manage to complete this screen printing tasks. This giving me more confidence on handling screen printing paper. Screen printing never die. But you got to passion and need to invest more time than ever before. Triton Lim Artist, not only just focusing on Caricature Malaysia, now he is playing a role as Screen Print Artist Malaysia too.



Sunday, September 9, 2018

509 Malaysia Election Day - A Thought & Review of Caricature Culture Malaysia: Respect Your Profession By Triton Lim

509 Malaysia Election Day

8 May, leaving from town at 10pm. All the way to Karak Highway Toll, jam. We drove about 4~5 hours, then only arrived Karak. Take a snap sleep. 6am woke up, and drove straight to Kuantan. 8.30am arrived destination. This is the day, the longest jam, in my life. The important day in my life. Changing government day.

After everything done in election. Quickly rush back to town. Entire trip, so so so tired. I just wish NO more BN, NO more Najib, NO more corruption, NO more unknown murdered cases, NO more interfere in media news publishing, NO more GST, NO more old thinking in religion topic... Eventually, result came out. New Government form under Pakatan Harapan. And the New Malaysian government has declared that Polling Day on May 9 too.

Malaysia Day, No More Corruption

This is new hope. New Malaysia formed. New government formed. New leader. New team.

I do hope too, in ours caricature line, some of the organizer still try to take benefit on artist. And some of the caricature artist, still want to take the benefit, so called "Reputation", "Exposure Rate". I think this is no difference with government corruption in the past government. If you are professional caricature artist, please try respect your profession, this is your property, this is your asset. Imagined that, if you are Top Chief, people come in and order, and they say, "I can't pay such price, but I can introduce you more client, can you give me cheaper price". Definitely NO.

Please STOP doing that. It will help reduce organizer who try taking advantage. It will help market grow healthy among the artist too. Now is new government some more, are you still want to be old thinking people. People know you based on your food taste. NOT because you giving cheap, just for reputation. Caricature Artist Malaysia - Triton Lim Artist, always emphasizes on this to others.




Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Caricature Drawing & Painting For Shell Group Malaysia By Caricature Artist - Triton Lim

Gift Caricature Shell Malaysia

This is A2 size hand drawing, with water coloring, on water color paper. One produce only. Thanks to the Shell Malaysia again. This is actually gift caricature for one of the group in Shell company. A team of group member. Total 31 person in the artwork. The center one, is the boss. Gift for the boss, bring back to the country. Hope this artwork safe fly to home.

Hand Draw Caricature

Hand drawn vs Digital drawn, which one better? Errmm... for me both I like it. Hand drawn you can see the trace line or some eraser trace on the paper. You will spot the water color in different layer. Feel nature. The paper is cotton sheet. Yeah, hand drawn at all. Digital drawn caricature (Digital Caricature Malaysia), more modern look, more smooth on color part. Somehow digital print is limited to A3. Hand draw is no limited at any size. So there is pro and cons. This all experienced by Caricature Artist Malaysia - Triton Lim Artist.

作品后的拍照 vs 亲眼看见的感觉


Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Caricature Journey In Malaysia By Triton Lim Artist: Episod 1

Story of Caricature Journey - Triton Lim Artist

I seldom share my caricature business experience for others actually. Not many. Only those I believe in. But end up something like betrayed. I don't know why artist who work at same line want to kill each other. Is it because "Money", "Benefit", "Reputation" or "Opportunity"? Thanks, finally I get this kind of experience.

Caricature Artist Malaysia

When a person from bright side turn to unhealthy side, mostly they will steal any secret you have. And use it with his/hers own. What for? Do you happy in this way?

Being a real Caricaturist, not because how good you are in media expose. Being a real caricature artist, almost like being a good inner Master Sifu. Being a real caricaturist, we can't simply said any big head or any similar figure faces is Caricature. No no no. This is totally wrong in business ethics. That's why Malaysia such a low caricature art culture. A very pure art, become something horrible, because of ours bad move.

I try to step down a bit. I try to hidden a way from Online. But who care. Who care I been betrayed. Especially in same line business nature, each other will take any change to crushed over you. Why why why? Do you happy when you get older?


因为一时的善意,换来虚假的人格。只求一时短暂的媒体曝光,只求得到更多的工作收入,一味催眠式困扰民众对似颜绘的知识。这样的你,所谓被誉为caricature artist malaysia,快乐吗?快乐吗?快乐吗?

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Ipad Pro Draw Digital Caricature For Grandmaster By Triton Lim - Caricature Artist Malaysia

Effort VS Nice Or Not Nice

Actually what I hoping from people who keen to presenting caricature for special one, I offering guides and teach you beside, you draw until finish the artwork. It's will pretty cool you draw by yourself and give it to your friend. It's doesn't Nice or Not Nice. The important is you putting effort on the caricature artwork. Caricature Artist Malaysia - Triton Lim Artist, already having this services and stated in official website already.

Gift For Grandmaster

Thanks for the gift caricature which is going giving him surprise and bring back overseas. He had some connection with Chinese culture I think. Anyway, this it, Gift Caricature by Triton Lim Artist, Caricature Artist Malaysia.



Saturday, June 16, 2018

Caricature Live Drawing In Birthday Party At Nicsmann 1940s Restaurant, Starling Mall PJ By Triton Lim

Kid Birthday Party, Nicsmann 1940s Restaurant

Kid birthday party held in The Starling Mall. Great venue for having event here. Thanks to the family who having me here live caricature.

Just Simple As Easel Stand

No table for me live caricature all the time. I'm not your Boss/person who interview you something. I think this is not going well for me. May be it's work for others. Anyway, honors to present as live caricature artist to you here, Triton Lim Artist - Caricature Artist Malaysia.

As usual, kid mostly easy going. Few kid jump on chair and asked for drawn. And then few adult jump in and jump in for the least people. A part is fun. A part is the happy memory, that exaggeration face will remember you somewhere when grow older.


Saturday, June 2, 2018

Moment At New Day Yaaa..

Wishing Best On You

With the great memory, still remember until today.
Happy to have you Uniposca.
Birth of the day finding you is not easy in Malaysia.
To me, I cry searching you anywhere.
"Mian" Korean Mee, draw with Uniposca. Finally come in. Even though I facing rough road here first time I found out you.

Fight keep fight

People knowing each other is not easy. But we don't keep away from each others with no specific reason. We hold we cheer we true in ours self. Fight for each day, fight for getting better each time here. Secret project go under desk now.

从不诉说、指着,也不会因此而放弃。一个愿、一颗祝福、如手中的“面” 嫡出简简单单的画面。永远记住热烘烘的样子。希望一切好起来。

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Live Digital Caricature Drawing At Wembley Hotel Penang By Triton Lim

Friday Night Event

This all happened too fast and to rush. My last time live gig was here, Sulwhasoo Parkson Gurney Plaza Malaysia 2013. Quite missed the experience that time. I wish m everything going fine.

Live Digital Caricature Event

Thanks for the event organizer having, Triton - Caricature Artist Malaysia. For this live digital caricature event. And the first time sit together with OLY caricaturist.

Sitting and using same table sure will bring problem during drawing. I told organizer early. But... Anyway, with the moving hand definitely will shake the table all the time. While my stroke will go off from the screen most of the time. Same thing happened during Konica Golf 2015 Event last time. While that time shaking happened with the wooding stage. Every one walk by, shaking happened. Making hard to steady the hand for drawing on tablet screen.



Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Screen Print "Save Rhino T-shirt" Manual Hand-pulled At Home By Triton Lim - Screenprint Artist Malaysia

Idea by Screen Printer Malaysia - Triton Lim

Screen print on dark garment with water based ink, it got to pull few time, then only it will look white enough. Majority water based ink currently. Anyway, the 1st collection of Triton Lim, Screen Printer Malaysia, already released. If you would like take it to your store merchandise, kindly contact us.

I wish I could have an front line experience with Rhino. Somehow it is so sad watching the news about Rhino almost gone in earth. What we are people doing this? What we are...

Silkscreen或是Screen Print

我觉得都可以,本地多数人认识silkscreen。但其实screen print为早期名称。故以选择screen print来作为内容的名词。挺亲切的。绢印在黑色布料,会比一般白衣来得多工,颜料也不一样质料。

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Ipad Pro Digital Caricature Drawing For A Boss Farewell Gift By Triton Lim - Caricature Artist Malaysia

Caricature Surprise

Your boss are going to leave the position in the company... What surprise are you going to present? First sketch, 2nd sketch, 3rd to determine that's sketch is OK? Errm...actually, by experience. Some how, people love Cartoon style, that's fine. Some how, people love good Caricature style, that's fine. Some how, people love Real Face In Big Head Small Body, that's fine for them too. My point is, there are many artist, or may be called freelancer, or professional, or doodle, or others. Find the right one and suitable for you.

Thanks for ordering here. A simple gift. A simple surprise. That's would enough for your boss. Gift caricature drawn by Digital Caricature Artist Malaysia, Triton Lim. A lot of hardwork behind. And Triton are happy draw for people who really appreciate the value of creation. If look back of my past, I definitely emphasize to client what is "Caricature", what "Independent Artist" & "Freelancer" differences. I got nothing to say since after that when majority peers, and consumers behavior changes dramatically. What exactly change actually? Attitude of user. Attitude of Tech User. Attitude of a human being.



Monday, April 2, 2018

Permaset Ink Screen Printing On Light Garment By Screenprint Artist Malaysia - Triton Lim

1st Collection Screen Print

From idea to sketching, then inking, then screen print method, and wa...lah appear on t-shirt. Tough path to get know and use screen printing. Crazy. But what to do, when sales services turn you down at the door step. Giving answer NO, that couldn't be done, must giving AI. Piss me off. That's why I studied screen print. I'm sad that local sales services/customer services, they are lack of knowledge in screen printing. When they can't give you the answer, they will properly say NO, you got to giving me AI. Sad, right.

What to do? Would you be change?


本地很多人称它为silkscreen。很多时候,服务员不明白也不懂绢印制作过程,就回答顾客,办不到,一定要AI File。这也是导致我去学习绢印的一大原因。

Monday, March 26, 2018

Kid Sketches Hand Drawing Image Turn Into Silkscreen Print On T-shirt By Triton Lim

Kid Creation T-Shirt Collection

Child creativity most of the time, we as adult can’t imagine what they trying to say. As a supportive parents, we should not try to control or try to tell the kids, “this” “these” “that” can’t be done. Let them be, what ever they like to draw, what ever they like to tell. Let them express. Let explore them with silkscreen technique here Malaysia.

Wear It On

Kid growing fast. Kid easy forgetting what they had done in the early age too. It’s proud parents can wear kid creation every day. Let kids creativity remind adult nothing can’t be done. As long you believe on your child. “Proud to have you.”

In junior Loke collection here, all artwork reserve original taste. With some help for additional add-on, and screen print apply on garments.



Tuesday, March 20, 2018

How To Screenprint Hoodie At Studio Puchong - Triton Lim Artist | Screen Printer Malaysia

Hoodie Thickness

First, hoodie material totally different with normal t-shirt. This is commissioned job for Secondary School Graduation Day used. A group of students need to wear hoodie for dance performance on stage. White screen print on dark hoodie, required more step than normal. After all done, need to be cured. All hoodie are using water based ink here. Silkscreen Malaysia, some how there are a black spot there. You got to careful when look for professional screen print services. Some always say "Can...can...can..." At the end, turn up something. I really don't know why Malaysian people like that. Me so call Malaysian too. Feel insulting the way treating people.


Screen Print早期名称。中文也有不同,台湾翻译“绢印”。中国翻译“丝印”。特别吧。在似颜绘,看见黑色地带。在绢印,也看见黑色地带。天呀。

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Silkscreen T-shirt Collection Of Triton Lim With His First Own Creations

#01 Collection Start From 17 March

From beginning, he took few class. After that, a lot of hard work runa nd test error by himself. Then result came. So Triton decided to have his own collection as you see now. Loving animal and wilds. Bringing life on t-shirts. 从草稿到丝印,从拍照放上这里及考虑价钱,从点点滴滴到这里,好漫长的过程。今天他会绢印,都是因为他跑了很多家店,问讯绢印手工画作的稿子,都说不行,吃了很多门钉子。所以他今后拼个老命,都要把绢印给学好。现在你们看见的这些#01 Collection,都是手作画稿转换去绢印诞生出来的。


Silkscreen is hard. And he took a lot of time and hard work to get it well. He promised he must have his own collection. Keep the original feel is what he always look for. He love animals and wild so much. While this is meaningful for him. Even shop cart page all photo and text is done by Triton. All hard work been dedicated here. Give support to local Silkscreen Malaysia Artist: Triton Lim.


目前此collection都是以预购方式进行,因为本身觉得有剩余的存货会很浪费。请多多支持本地“绢印创作家:Triton Lim”吧。

Saturday, February 24, 2018

How To Curing T-shirt After Water Based Ink Applied Is Important - By Triton Lim, Screenprint Artist Malaysia

After every ink applied, curing tees needed after dry.

Every tee after screen printing, it got to be cure. To ensure the textile ink really on to the fabric. If not, when the garment goes through the wash, it might have some fades, cracks and in some circumstances disappears altogether. Yes, it is. Screen printing involved many step. Screen printing cannot be rush. Definitely different with what you think. To be independent artist in Malaysia, not easy. To be a great caricature artist in Malaysia, not easy. To be a great silkscreen artist Malaysia/ Screen Print Artist Malaysia, not easy too.

Most of the time, I wish local can born a pure artist. Artist who get honor not because the "LIKE" of the virtual world. But inner of himself/herself.

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Friday, February 9, 2018

How To Screen Washout The Image After Emulsion Dried | Screenprint Artist Malaysia - Triton Lim

After Exposure, Screen Washout

After screen emulsion applied, and exposed. The screen need to be washout immediately. Because the emulsion chemical reaction still on going. Somehow there are few method screen washing out the block. All depends on light source, UV or normal white light. What I knew, the emulsion chemical is react to UV light. Once it expose to UV with the right timing applied, it wouldn't easy wash out. Even high pressure water jet gun on close distance. No additional Hardener apply after all.

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