Saturday, December 5, 2015

New or Not

Building my blogspot here since 5~6 years ago, mean a lot to me. I'm great learn everything here from 0. I'm great what I build here, giving touch to people who like on me. Due in virtual world, nothing is fix permanently, everything change when big Brother Google change the rule. So new website is under progress. If got anything comment, opinion, you want me put inside my new website, please write me email. Appreciate that.


Thursday, November 19, 2015

Sime Darby LPGA

Thank you Konica Minolta having me in your golf event at KLGCC. Konica is one of the main sponsor in LPGA. This is Sime Darby LPGA Golf event. Fund raising for Cancer Research Malaysia as well. The whole event is using digital. Live digital caricature by Triton Lim Artist.

I can't imagine golf lover arrived here early in the morning. 6.30am, they are here for line up at entrance. I can't believe on my eyes too. LPGA golf start early too, around 7am. First time ever event started in the early morning.

What specific about Konica Minolta printer? It's very powerful. Not only Canon have it. Konica Minolta have AirPrint features too. Print directly through IOS to Konica Minolta printer. Simple. Fast. Wireless. From digital stylus to HDMI LEDTV connect. You can see whole the drawing progress just standing outside of the booth. This is amazing technology in live digital caricature.

Since after Stabilo event at KLCC. I'm believe this is more advance Tech's exposure for public who looking for AirPrint printer support in the market. Live digital caricature, need traditional drawing skill. Then, knowledge on digital tablet. Knowledge how to control digital stylus. Knowledge how to connect IOS to LEDTV. Knowledge how to connect IOS to AirPrint support's printer. Knowledge how to define an APP problem in between user and hardware connection.

自从Stabilo活动过后,这次可说是另一个数码识颜绘的创造高峰。牵涉到IOS、Stylus Pen、APP和电视的连接之间的关系。因为其中一环发毛病,都会影响整个作画过程。

Monday, November 9, 2015

Pilot Croquis

Pilot Croquis Rotating is simple to use. Easy to carry. No need worry forgotten sharpener. Lead holder is suitable for plug in either H or 6B. It's simple design. And ready to go. Start order NOW! Sale valid from 9 Nov to 11 Nov 2015.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Acer for Live Digital Caricature

Trying out Acer brand for live digital caricature. No.
No suitable for use in live digital caricature. Definitely NO. You will regret.

Acer screen not 100% flat. Intel processor and memory not enough for doing any drawing/design. Definitely NO. This type only suitable used for normal use. And may be school student use. Used on light media browsing. Light document paper note. That's is.


Sunday, October 25, 2015

Ogawa Caricature Tebrau City

Thank you Ogawa Malaysia. Thank you Venus from CLM. Thank you having me for Ogawa live caricature in Aeon Tebrau City Johor. Second time work with Ogawa since after first time live caricature with Ogawa Mid Valley.

This is really long trip from KL to JB. 4 hours trip. Travel there early in the morning. Coming back to KL late of the night. Terrible tired. Physical and mental tired too. Wish you can come along with me.
JB Aeon market full of crowd. Counter not many staff. Same situation in KL too. JB people is different with KL too. The culture of caricature seem slow here. Not many people knowing this is called caricature. Most of JB people feel a bit shy too. There is a differences State culture in between JB and KL.


Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Surface Pro Pen

Surface Pro Pen come with AAAA battery and two 319 battery inside. They funny things is, I search all hardware shop in Mid Valley, no one selling AAAA battery. This is Malaysia. Always shortage occur. Shortage occurred only for those not high demand product.

Until...lah when Malaysia can changed? Economy bad, RM money rate low, services bad, staff cut off, petrol increase, toll increase, haze issues...Who should blame actually? Does anyone blame on ourself first?

Surface Pro Pen,好在有磁力作用。可以贴在Surface Pro Tablet上面。可惜的是,当电池没了,很难在相机、电器店、五金店找到。这就是马来西亚一般代理商的作风,只顾利润,不顾售后服务。

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Microsoft Surface Pro

Thank you in2 having Digital Caricature Artist Malaysia, Triton Lim Artist, for Intel road show at Low Yat Plaza, Bukit Bintang. Great experience for me drawing live digital caricature in Surface Pro.

The Surface Pro screen is larger than Ipad. Stylus pressure and sensitivity much more details and easy control than Wacom. But the finger gesture is less sensitive than Ipad. App interface is less interact for Tablet technology. There is a mini fan inside Surface Pro 3. One night I drawing at late night, I heard a weird wind sound. I thought is going raining outside & blowing wind.

Windows & Apple,不一样的系统世界。Samsung也要霸占市场。单看这些科技,这些媒体宣传、新闻报道,大家互相在创新,抢更多的市场,互相抄袭。没完没了。我们人民,就一直“被逼”要买新的。反而,我觉得,要是根据自己公司科技研究,真正深入与人有同一个共鸣的,走出自己的路,才是最好产品不过了。

Caricature for Nestle Malaysia

Thank you Emily. Thank you looking me back after so many years since The Star event. Gift caricature for hers boss. One of the Nestle boss. And this is my 2nd time back to Surian Tower. After my first gift caricature to Purina, Nestle.

Black & white, full body come with suite. Only one piece produced & drew by Caricature Artist Malaysia, Triton Lim Artist. No more 2nd piece. Hand draw piece. Photo always play important role, to giving artist, let us know more about your client face.


Friday, October 2, 2015

Private Birthday Party

Private Birthday Party consider is. Anyway, great & thanks to Summer family having me in your kid birthday party at PJ CENTRESTAGE. Whatever event held in cafe restaurant, the most scary & bothering me is, the "Lightness". Without enough lighting, drawing will be very painful for eyes.

So, only available update blog here with building, cafe and scenario only. Hope you guys ok. Because of privacy. Triton Lim Artist, Caricature Artist Malaysia, have to promise and follow. To respect the family. But you can view more of my last live caricature event here.


Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Stylus pen giving a lot of variety of control in sketching. Some people will said, why not use finger? Me, normally will ignore those people. These are technology of combination tools. Some you have to use certain stylus then only apply on certain APP. Without one of them, it doesn't work. Technology designed by developer. Digital Caricature Artist Malaysia, Triton Lim Artist, like me, only user of the App.

Live digital caricature,某些部分,我们是掌控不了的。有些科技,我们必须依照程序去实现。没有它,我们手上画出来的,将不会呈现在tablet银幕上。

Friday, September 18, 2015

Apprentice of Caricature Artist Malaysia

She is soap maker. She is special apprentice. Who draw Triton Lim, Caricature Artist Malaysia on the spot. This is Ogawa Malaysia having roadshow promotion in Mid Valley KL. Drawing a good caricature, must have good practicing. Then you will become a Professional Caricaturist.

All these long, I seldom drawn by others person. Now this is good opportunity to have one. Haha...she laughing until at the end. The result you can see from the photo above. I can experience with the feeling of a client who sit there and have drawn by artist. Comfortable not comfortable. Relax not relax. Moving around here and there. And so much reaction.


Surface Technology

Microsoft Surface come with Surface pen together. This is really good to have a Microsoft Windows OS on this tablet + laptop technology. In digital world, the technology always upgrade. So fast. 3~4 months one product will come out from each mobile tablet company. Surface pen sensitive ok. I quickly have a try on the Surface. haha...


Saturday, September 12, 2015

Digital Caricature Artist Malaysia-TritonLimArtistXStabilo

Thank you Stabilo Malaysia. Thank you the event organizer as well. Finally the video is done. Fantastic. Memory of ours hard work during stabilo event in Popular Bookfest KLCC. Thank you San Media who shooting and editing the video here. Thank you so much.


Sunday, September 6, 2015

Ogawa Malaysia

Thank you Ogawa Malaysia having me for live caricature in your roadshow events. Thank you Venus having me too. Great to have something different and unique gift to customer who come to visit Ogawa roadshow promotion in center court Mid Valley here.

Once upon a time, I did have a interview for job vacancy in health care machine products. During young age...haha. What to do, everything have to try, for surviving and get better of tomorrow. Really not easy to become a salesman. Haha...
There are two activity running on during roadshow here. One is soap making, one is live caricature. Customer sit on the Ogawa chair, had a testing feel. And the same time, caricature drawing began. 2 live experience customer they could get. What a surprise!

多谢Ogawa Malaysia。多谢Venus。感激万分。Ogawa Malaysia X Caricature Artist Malaysia Triton Lim Artist,产生有趣的气氛与风气。

Saturday, September 5, 2015

4R Template

What live digital caricature so power? Because you can import image easily as template in your 4R size photo paper. Super easy. Back to old time, for live traditional, we have to print out advance and prepare a certain of amount paper pieces. Now, just straight away insert and print. Haha... Thank you Stabilo Malaysia having me again. So proud be a live digital caricature artist Malaysia for Stabilo, TritonLimArtistXStabilo in your event.


Friday, August 21, 2015

The Values of Instant

From live traditional caricature to live digital caricature, the technology provide a great tools for better caricature drawing values. Timing requires become shorter and manage to produce coloring output. More faster. People get a digital color output. It become more exciting moment. More valuable. Coloring give extra value too to identifying a person figure. But what's the value behind the great technology equipment? I think is the value of achievement. I can tell I make the first step to move further on in live digital caricature.


Birthday Party at Stoked Restaurant Bar KL

Kind a surprise. When a client's friend from my past event, contact me for a live caricature in hers daughter birthday party in Stoked Restaurant Bar KL. And I met an another client here for 3rd time. What a consequence. Really surprise. Touching for me. But I got to concentrate during caricature, can't talk to much really. Only feel excited inside the heart.

This is kid birthday party. Where family members friends are invited to this restaurant. The crowd just right. Well decoration. Nice food. And I sit in-front of big window again for the 2nd time. Hahaha...since Fossil event is my 1st time sit in-front of big window.
Not only kid love caricature drawing. Adult also love it too. Memorable gift surprise for everyone family friends member here. The moment you get your caricature done, yours surprise is a big big compliment for me. This is the moment where photography can not get it.


Thursday, August 13, 2015

Paper Template Fossil

This is a paper template in standee framing form. Produced by Fossil. Used on during Foosil event, The Gardens Mid Valley. Which allow caricature drawing slide inside. And stand like a standee frame. Just simply and nice.

View more paper template ideas here. Useful for certain cases where some event need for different kind of ideas. What actually paper template used for? For put on branding logo, name of event, date, venue and so on. Represent your branding standard, in high value. And also enhancement from just drawing caricature on blank paper. Caricature artist Malaysia Triton Lim have a discussion meet up with Fossil before proceed with the paper template ideas.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Stabilo Malaysia

Thank you Stabilo Malaysia having me for the live digital caricature events in your booth counter promotion. Great experience in Popular Book Fair here KLCC Convention Center. Great friend I met here. They are smart college students. They are great event organizer/staffs. They are end users who support Stabilo products. And who happy with my digital caricature drawings. Thank you all. And never forget my 1st mentor here, Jon Casey. And never forget my wife who stand behind me. Thank you.

Great event combine with stabilo smartball pen technology on Ipad. Great attraction to end user/public who love to explore more stabilo products here. Most of the crowd, they love to spend certain amount to get the live digital caricature on spot. This is awesome attraction. Products publication hit, awareness products hit, and interaction in between stabilo with end users hit too. Wonderful.

What is the difference live digital and live traditional? Totally awesome technology with instant color print. Solve the traditional hand coloring problem. And it is combination technology skills, technology equipment and drawing skills you must have in live digital. One of the cool thing in digital drawing, "UNDO". No need any eraser here. Haha... Super cool. What you see from the screen is what you get in output.

感恩Stabilo公司。几个月来的联系,最终完成这次不简单任务。应该说在这一届的popular书展里,唯一一间文具公司使用高科技的活动,数码识颜绘,live digital caricature artist Malaysia by Triton Lim Artist。这样的活动,促使更多大众了解到stabilo的产品。也非常感恩这次的event organizer,厚待我们这些工作人员。同时请了我们吃日本餐。谢谢你。

Friday, August 7, 2015

Live Body Paint-Triton Lim Artist

When the time is come, everything will change. Dramatic change. You can't even think about it so much. You have to make a change. Must.

Live body paint in Malaysia, I don't think there are many professional artist doing this too. Mostly face painting. Doing something extraordinary in life, is been a part of my exploration. It take a lot of time to study. It take a lot time to get this tools in Malaysia. Generally people can't understand this easily.
It's an art. This is not a normal face painting. Totally come with artist style. Fun, humor, and temporary tattoo experience for you.

科技发展迅速,除了本身已经正式开起 live digital caricature Malaysia 路线,同时还要兼顾很多。希望样样能兼顾到恰当。

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Instant Print

Another video created. Showing you how live digital can bring instant print on spot. Subscribe Triton Lim Youtube here.

A lot people don't know what is live digital caricatures. Even most of the event organizer also no idea at all. Cooperation is important in between artist and organizer. In order to bring a clear caricature message to client. Not just bring over how much/quotation to client. No more going happen nowadays. People can search anywhere now.


Saturday, August 1, 2015

Live Digital Caricature Artist Malaysia - Triton Lim Artist

Back to those year, if you want make a short movie clip. You need so many equipment and so many software for editing. With the new technology now, a lot of the thing you can done.

My 1st video broadcast with my speech recording. Only in few second. Hahaha...Great experience. I'm on air. This youtube showing you what is "Live Digital Caricature" by Triton Lim Artist, Caricature Artist Malaysia. How is look like. How it work on your event.

Is it new in Malaysia? Yes. New. But in Malaysia, live digital caricature is slow than others countries. Because technology investment, expensive in Malaysia. Find out more my secondary website page, Digital Caricature Artist Malaysia - Triton Lim Artist.

蛮有特色的video制作。记得share给你身边朋友。Live digital caricature,可以说是掌握我第一阶段了。接下来,还有更多的节奏要掌握。更多资金要花费。

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Live Digital Caricature by Triton Lim Artist

My 1st video broadcast with my speech recording. Only in few second. Hahaha...Great experience. I'm on air. This youtube showing you what is "Live Digital Caricature" by Triton Lim Artist, Caricature Artist Malaysia. How is look like. How it work on your event.

Is it new in Malaysia? Yes. New. But in Malaysia, live digital caricature is slow than others countries. Because technology investment, expensive in Malaysia.

蛮有特色的video制作。记得share给你身边朋友。Live digital caricature,可以说是掌握我第一阶段了。接下来,还有更多的节奏要掌握。更多资金要花费。

Farewell Gift Caricature by TritonLimArtist

95% most of my commission order come from internet inquiry. 90% conversation through email. 90% online payment success. 95% client prefer this way rather than asking over the phone. 95% people browsing details & requirement through my blog here before order. Only 5% people still live in dinosaur world.

This is the hand drawing caricature. A present to a team member who are going to leave. Kind a warm, when a team member received a present gift on the last day. You should have this to your staffs. Once of a life. Rather than nothing. Rather than just normal party. This showing love of a company to worker. Far beyond than just appreciation certification.

Only one piece produced from Triton Lim Artist, Caricature Artist Malaysia. And this is the master piece. Truly 100% hand drawing. Priceless. I'm glad to draw a gift caricature to your team member. Great to know you as well.

对于smartphone科技发达,人类在寻找知讯使用变得懒散。所以某些顾客群,总是懒惰地说,可以call back我吗,我有事要直接问你。我的确不会这样做。我不要在作画时受到任何情绪干扰。二来、我的blog注明到很清楚详情了。唯一你得动动手指头去网业浏览。可以看得出,有心人,是没借口的。