Monday, July 29, 2013

Sulwhasoo Malaysia: Parkson Gurney Plaza Penang

Thanks Sulwhasoo Malaysia again.
Last time work with Sulwhasoo was in Pavilion KL. This time flight to Penang for Sulwhasoo product promotion event there. Latest event, work with Sulwhasoo One Utama can view here. You may take tour on my outstation event jobs in the past here. Sabah CepatWawasan. Langkawi Cape Mentelle. Johor wedding dinner.

Outstation job tremendous tired. Exhausting. Drink a lot of water as you can. If not somehow will get sick. Traveling so far for work. If anything happen, me as independent artist, have to cover all myself. Don't ask me why expensive. Me, not a staff from some company. Sick, got to work some time. There is no Medical Leave for me. Refer my Frequent Asked Questions.

Show you some of the situation during the day in Parkson Gurney Plaza Penang. Photo below is from Sulwhasoo Malaysia. Somehow I am great work with the company who are really willing to pay. The company which willing appreciate your talent. The company which have good staff. And also don't forget visit my funny post here, where I'm using Sulwhasoo.


Friday, July 26, 2013

Gift for Wedding Couple

Thanks Joanne having me for hers best friend's wedding gift.
Which was going to present to hers friend in Singapore.
She actually looking few caricaturist in Singapore. At the end, she look for me.
She said, my artwork more better than what she found in Singapore.
Really thanks for Joanne appreciation.

This BMW car's design is not appear in any market yet. I think.
Combination from few model of BMW. Simple, nice and majestic.

Somehow some client is Perfectionist.
I have to say, there is no Perfection in art's world. Respect always is.
Do not control what artist drawing. Artist are not Designer. Remember always.
Always believe what/who/which caricaturist you are looking for.
Otherwise, never go for it.


Sunday, July 21, 2013

Live Caricature MINI Paceman Malaysia

The making of MINI Paceman cartoon car.
These show you how the paper template make off.
Study from different MINI Paceman car. Draw few sketching.
Until satisfied with the title of the event.

MINI Paceman car design is very Q. Elegant. Stylish. Modern. Mini.
Therefore, while adding caricature in this body car. It's look more funny. More Q than usual.
Kind symbolic for MINI Malaysia.
Take tour of my last event in MINI showroom Bangsar here.

从草稿中,个人可以发现设计车的这位人物,把MINI Paceman发挥到极点。

Friday, July 19, 2013

Fuyoh Art Bazaar, Publika

Now the Fuyoh Publika here is different.
80% handmade/boutique/jewellery/others. 20% only art.
Totally different if compare with my first time here for Fuyoh Art Bazaar.

Since there are new person in charge Fuyoh now. All different now.
It was not easy to get a book now.
While I here in Jun Fuyoh. I realized 80% handmade/boutique/jewellery/others. 20% only art.
Totally different already compare with old time.


Saturday, July 13, 2013

Gift Caricature for Sapura Malaysia (3)

Thanks Venjii having me for the gift caricature.
This piece artwork will present to hers boss. Who are leaving back to France soon. That's mean my artwork is going fly to France. That's great. What a wonderful memorable gift. My 2nd piece gift caricature for Sapura was a boss birthday gift, view more here.

These are the sketching of him. Get more sketching. More understand his figure. This is how I drawing caricature from the photo. That's why I need more photo about one person.

我的作品飞出国外。飞到去法国。留名千里。 慢慢地。希望地。会有更多作品飞到国外去。

Monday, July 8, 2013

Sulwhasoo Malaysia, Parkson Pavilion KL

Thanks Sulwhasoo Malaysia having me for caricatures in the event.
Counter opening event in Parkson Pavilion KL.
Sulwhasoo is from Korea which it started up in 1966. I haven't born yet.
Traditional medicinal herbs, ginseng... you can found in Sulwhasoo product.

Sulwhasoo, I found very strong art culture behind the product.
In Korea, they have some kind art exhibition, art culture or with art relevant.
I love it so much. I mean open my eyes.
Like usual, guest having caricature during product purchase in the Parkson here.
This good actually. For the event. Don't forget take tour to Parkson Gurney Plaza Penang.


Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Daddy Gift, Labuan

Another piece artwork order from Labuan, East Malaysia.
Thanks Ms Tee. Thanks for your interest looking me over to West Malaysia here.

Simple present gift to a Dad and a daughter.
I haven't been to Labuan yet.
But feel great and thankful. Get order from Labuan.
I never think about it. But it's happen.
Here is the other piece fly to Labuan too.