Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Reivew

How fast 2012 past. Here for my 2012 review.
With posting 2012 review. I can really see what happen in my life. My caricature career as well. Such a great courage must have to continue my career. "Wow...been up and down". You can view my 2011 review here.

The most unforgettable. This car hit my car. Near Sunway toll.

Etsy online shop. My dragon artwork pieces sold 1 only. Stop since after that. To think about what really people want from etsy. A lot Malaysian didn't know about that about Etsy. So small little amount.

The most happy moment. The great company I had ever meet.

Start disassemble the rubbish to group. Recycle. Reuse. Save the world. Save the planet. It's kind of habit. Just practice. And you will bring the difference to the world. Among of us.

Premium gift. Unique. Special. Great for collectable. Great to present for anniversary. Wedding. Valentine. And etc. I been searching some time for good manufacturer to produce such great item. Beside that, gift caricature drawing also grow. Grow with different type of my drawing style.

Media press interviewed by Tomato Newspaper. The Star Newspaper. Smart Info Magazine. Try view more here. Do you know what, some media really do his job well, interview and publish those real story. I email my introduction letter to those who are willing to interview me. Wait since 1 year plus. Some media only interview those who are famous and got many fans support. Without relationship introduction, they wouldn't even border you. This is really happen in media Malaysia.

Sciatica. It's happen since long hour work during Kose promotion. Now the pain still follow me. I don't know what is it. Why it's happen.

Facebook friend meet up. Photo above is Angeline(Baker) and Shelly(Singaopre). I'm great can meet up those Facebook friend who are willing to know each other well. And came out for meet. I hope I can meet more for my Facebook friend. Make more live with my Facebook. Not just chat message in Facebook only. I guests this is Facebook use for.

Trip. Consider my holiday with my honey. Great to bring my love to the mountain of Sungai Lembing. My own village. I'm from small village and leave in jungle city now. But I'm still me.

Studio open at Nov 2012. Challenging. Expenses increase. My charges fees still maintain. To all of your good. Within 1 year, hope to see a lot of you coming to visit. To understand what really is caricature. And to know what caricaturist in Malaysia can do. I always said "don't just follow the trend of fashion, we must follow art trend as well." This is my second year in my career. My kungfu of caricature drawing been hit a one stage. Standard and satisfying level. If I look back those days, my caricature drawing still row and unstable. You can see the difference nowadays. Thanks all of you still choosing me for your best event, best gift ever you had. Thanks.


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Obama Mug in Cute Caricature Version

My others porcelain paint in mug. Obama mug. In cute caricature drawing style of mine.
View my Lydia plate here. My first babe.

The most difficult part in painting mug is the surface. The surface curve.
Not easy on drawing and painting as well. Writing text also not easy.
Never try never learn. Each time put myself beyond.
View my mug order here if you wish to own one.
The mug is unique in handle design. Not many stock I have for this kind of mug.

This is different painting way compare with my normal painting caricature in flat surface.
Even color material, brush all different. Permanent once bake. Dishwasher safe.
That's why the cost not cheap.


Friday, December 21, 2012

Live Caricatures Cocktail Party Mont Kiara

It's simple cocktail held in Condo Mont Kiara.
No doubt when working with western client, always no delay on payment.
Some more he going to left Malaysia soon. Great memory moment must giving.

Great gift caricature to keep for all the staff.
Something really meaningful. True hand from caricaturist.
Always remember, keep my original as well for coloring future in case.

A lot of people saying that I'm young. Just graduate. Since first time ago.
Really don't understand. Cover cannot determine one person is.
I'm surprise. One of the lady asking me "AM I STILL SINGLE?" I'm laughing.
Anyway, hope you all received the great gift caricature from my hand.


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Jenny Tseng, Acrylic Painting

It is 30 x 48 inches. Big canvas size I did so far. Jenny Tseng, well known Cantonese singer.
View my last piece of artwork here, Andrew Garfield, The Amazing Spiderman.

Canvas expensive. Acrylic expensive. Brush expensive. Time expensive. Energy expensive.
Profession expensive. A lot of thing are expensive which you can't calculate by your own eyes.
I love Jenny voice. I do love hers body as well. Is hot. And maintain well.
I challenging myself to paint in bigger size canvas. It's not easy.
Once you get use to it. You will find the way how to manage painting in bigger size.
Note, it is expensive material you spent. Not include your talent yet.
Take my caricature class if you want to experience how to draw caricature in basic.


Friday, December 14, 2012

Wedding Gift Caricature

Congratulation to Chow and his lovely wife's marriage.
We know each other during TV2 interview. He do shooting and editing as well. Thanks to you.

Great wedding gift caricature to keep.
To remember the date of their happiness.
Something really special. Unique. Priceless. Worth collection.
IPhone keep update their generation. Why not your wedding ceremony, wedding dinner, ROM...
Let's do something different now. As you keep on new trend of IPhone.
Never thought about stay at the base ground. Right? What waiting for.
Check on my others Wedding Event I had done.


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Studio IOI Boulevard Puchong

My studio started from Nov 2012 in IOI Boulevard. Closed on Oct 2013.
Previously, my studio in my home. Home based.
Client not convenience come to visit for inquiry.
This is studio in IOI Boulevard. Simple. Space. Convenience. Basement parking.
Most of the renovation and decoration are DIY by myself. Some are recycle items.
I do hope you are welcome to witnessed the path I gone so far in caricature career.


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Mystartr Event

MystatTr is a Malaysia fund raising platform.
I'm here for my introduction fund raising project.
Do you still remember I always said keep my original as well?
The original is the everything. The master piece. The live one.

Yeah, you should keep it well. No matter when. No matter you want or not.
Keep it well. Keep it safe. Keep it as long as you are.
Color can add on using digital hand painting. Whenever you want. Promise original safe.
Below is the result digital paint.

一年即将过去,到底多少位马来西亚人真正认识到caricature呢?我的blog到底多少人读过呢?我的FB page到底又多少人follow呢?