Monday, August 28, 2017

Gift Caricature For Friend

Just Simple Surprise for Hers Friend

It's been a while blog didn't update as usual. When there are too much social platform, sure some point will slow down away. I'm surprise too when current caricature skill much more enhanced. And my website content much more firm current now. If compare half years ago. Wow...time is killing machine.

Photo Photo Photo...

When come to custom-draw caricature part, I always hold the ground, and direct client must giving, such such such photo to me. Then I only can proceed, if hit my requirements. This is to ensure order sanctification. Caricature Artist Malaysia - Triton Lim Artist, always always send the right info message to client, instead just taking whatever order where it's not should be done with certain unproper way. And I always let client know the Differences in between Artist vs Designer. So that client can understand and follow my requirements.


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